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Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand



City/Town : Latitude: -44.4, Longitude: 171.25


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLCOTT, Gerald David  6 Apr 1937Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122014973
2 BISHOP, David Cecil  10 Jan 1939Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023328
3 DALE, Charlotte Annie  3 Sep 1876Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122027121
4 KIRKLAND, James (Jim) Inglis  3 May 1905Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023436
5 Koller, Claude Thurston  29 Jan 1908Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I1748517036
6 MacKAY, Alexander (Sandy) Ross  2 Jun 1908Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023406
7 MacKAY, Jean Ross  1905Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023402
8 MacKAY, Margaret Catherine Ross  10 Jan 1910Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023408
9 MacKAY, Mona Ross  13 Aug 1903Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023400
10 MacKAY, Murray Ross  1906Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023404
11 REID, Cecily Margaret  5 DEC1960Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023371
12 Smith, Bernard (Laddie)  1895Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023302
13 Smith, Cecil Rawhiti (Ra)  28 Feb 1901Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023315
14 Smith, Cecily Ruri  18 Sep 1914Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023337
15 Smith, Ethel Gertrude (Gertie)  15 Apr 1897Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122022967
16 Smith, Lois AgnesMc Kenzie  3 Mar 1901Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023303
17 Temperton, Bernice Harriet  11 Apr 1882Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I712230
18 Temperton, Constance Emily  4 Dec 1880Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I712239
19 Temperton, Eunice Elizabeth  19 Mar 1884Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I712258
20 Walker, Clara  1860Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122022050


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allott, William  11 Jul 1910Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I77402664111401
2 Allott, William  11 Jul 1934Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I77402664111387
3 Armstrong, EllaMary  19 Feb 1979Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I43901
4 Barker, Margaret Elsie  1972Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023374
5 Barnes, Fanny Jane  Nov 1916Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I848
6 Blank, Edward Charles  2 Aug 1964Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I480034330
7 Cross, Arnold Franklin  3 Feb 1967Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I64970
8 Duffell, Charles Edward  19 Dec 1940Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I77402664111413
9 Ellis, Susan  Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I479778106
10 Ellis, Susan  Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I1748479608
11 Exley, Harpin  28 Mar 1888Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I479777664
12 Ferens, Ruth Eleanor (Eleanor)  29 May 1979Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122022963
13 GRENVILLE, Louis Neville  7 May 1919Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122027715
14 HIGGINS, Frederick William  23 Apr 1982Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122015175
15 Hore, Jessie May  2 Oct 1987Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I77402664111436
16 Jaquiery, Walter Herbert  29 Dec 1966Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I843
17 McNIVEN, Annie Elizabeth  22 Sep 1958Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023314
18 McNIVEN, James  18 Oct 1898Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023323
19 MILWARD, George Robert  1978Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023055
20 REID, Cecily Margaret  5 Dec 1960Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023371
21 ROWNTREE, Sarah Louisa  20 Sep 1914Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023073
22 Saul, Sarah  19 Apr 1908Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I1748838759
23 Smith, Alexander Searle  18 Jun 1948Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122022965
24 Smith, Cecil Edmund  19 Apr 1925Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023313
25 Smith, Mary Ada  8 Aug 1890Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023298
26 Smith, Mona Vera  9 Jan 1974Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023331
27 Smith, Oliver Rowntree (Ollie)  1984Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122022971


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Fanny Jane  22 Nov 1916Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I848
2 Jaquiery, Walter Herbert  31 Dec 1966Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I843
3 Saul, Sarah  21 Apr 1908Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I1748838759


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Temperton, Laurence Harold  Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I712313


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Smith, Alexander Bruce  1890Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I122023072
2 Temperton, George  20 Jan 1880Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand I1750219025


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 D'ATH / Smith  123 Feb 1921Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand F122014392
2 KIRKLAND / Smith  24 JUL1902Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand F122014446
3 Scrimgeour / Meares  Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand F672144671
4 Simpson / Dale  12 Jun 1862Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand F3333813197
5 Smith / WICKSTEED  17 Aug 1903Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand F122014439
6 Vercoe / GARDINER  27 Mar 1860Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand F122014033