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Tonbridge, Kent, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.195899, Longitude: 0.274965


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Axe, Richard Edward   I1748697569
2 Barden, Ann  1823Tonbridge, Kent, England I0680737478
3 Barnaby, Elizabeth  15 Apr 1804Tonbridge, Kent, England I0727234226
4 Brewer, John  1817Tonbridge, Kent, England I3500311564
5 Brewer, Richard  1821Tonbridge, Kent, England I3500311565
6 Brewer, Sarah  1820Tonbridge, Kent, England I3500311566
7 Brown, Susanna  Abt 1826Tonbridge, Kent, England I77402504768699
8 Carr, Anthea Rita   I77402664093835
9 Cleland, John H  Jun 1936Tonbridge, Kent, England I77402664225752
10 Cleland, Margaret Greta  Mar 1934Tonbridge, Kent, England I77402664225746
11 Colgate, Caroline  27 Aug 1823Tonbridge, Kent, England I3500305555
12 Colgate, Henry  30 Nov 1825Tonbridge, Kent, England I3500305550
13 Colgate, Thomas  1754Tonbridge, Kent, England I3500307340
14 Colgate, Thomas  1790Tonbridge, Kent, England I3500305549
15 Colgate, Thomas  22 Oct 1819Tonbridge, Kent, England I3500305552
16 Colgate, William  1 Jun 1821Tonbridge, Kent, England I3500305554
17 de Clare, Adelisa  Abt 1069Tonbridge, Kent, England I1748534780
18 de Clare, Agnes  Abt 1112Tonbridge, Kent, England I1748534878
19 de Clare, Baldwin  Abt 1114Tonbridge, Kent, England I1748534879
20 de Clare, Basilia  Abt 1116Tonbridge, Kent, England I1748534880
21 de Clare, Gilbert 1st Earl of Pembroke  21 Sep 1086Tonbridge, Kent, England I1748534877
22 de Clare, Sir Thomas Lord of Thomond  Abt 1246/7Tonbridge, Kent, England I1749991114
23 de Clare, Walter Lord of Nether Gwent  Abt 1060Tonbridge, Kent, England I1748534778
24 Eastland, Elizabeth  1759Tonbridge, Kent, England I3500307341
25 FitzGilbert de Clare, Richard'the Strongbow' 2nd Earl of Pembroke  Abt 1110/30Tonbridge, Kent, England I1748533940
26 FitzRichard de Clare, Richard Abbot of Ely  1062Tonbridge, Kent, England I1748535535
27 FitzRichard de Clare, Robert I Lord of Little Dunmow  Abt 1064/80Tonbridge, Kent, England I1748534779
28 FitzRichard de Clare, Roger Sn. de Bienfaite  Abt 1058Tonbridge, Kent, England I1748534777
29 FitzRichard de Clare, Rohesia (Rohaise ,Rohese)  Abt 1055/67Tonbridge, Kent, England I1748533938
30 Hancox, Emma L   I55982
31 Hindle, Clara  1874Tonbridge, Kent, England I0682077817
32 Hindle, Ethelred  1870Tonbridge, Kent, England I0682077767
33 Hindle, Lavinia  1872Tonbridge, Kent, England I0682077779
34 Hollamby, Mildred  Abt 1848Tonbridge, Kent, England I0682080407
35 Hook, Christine  Dec 1943Tonbridge, Kent, England I85614
36 Hook, Elaine A  Sep 1961Tonbridge, Kent, England I85608
37 Larkin, Elizabeth  22 Sep 1867Tonbridge, Kent, England I14036
38 Larkin, Henry  18 Feb 1865Tonbridge, Kent, England  I14035
39 Larkin, Stephen Thomas  07 Sep 1856 -Tonbridge, Kent, England I13960
40 Musselwhite, Clive Richard   I77400352434822
41 Parker, Albert Edward  Mar 1864Tonbridge, Kent, England I56547
42 Parr, Frank Douglas  Jun 1910Tonbridge, Kent, England I98125
43 Parr, Montague Weston  Jun 1910Tonbridge, Kent, England I98124
44 Peasland, (Dorothy) Joan T  Jun 1917Tonbridge, Kent, England I93970
45 Powles, CeciliaMary Herklots  11 Nov 1894Tonbridge, Kent, England I99522
46 Sales, Elizabeth  Apr 1734Tonbridge, Kent, England I0682588584
47 Sales, Emma  1849Tonbridge, Kent, England I0682077670
48 Sales, Frances  1844Tonbridge, Kent, England I0682077655
49 Sales, Georgiana  Abt 1851Tonbridge, Kent, England I0682077679
50 Sales, Joseph  14 Feb 1733Tonbridge, Kent, England I0682588539

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 EmiliaM  Dec 1934Tonbridge, Kent, England I18039904
2 Arnott, Scott  1954Tonbridge, Kent, England I99187
3 Aspray, May  Sep 1970Tonbridge, Kent, England I77402664089217
4 Backhouse, Sarah Ann  Between Jan and Mar 1939Tonbridge, Kent, England I77402664091712
5 Brown, Margaret Ogilvie  8 Dec 1879Tonbridge, Kent, England I1750058288
6 Browne, John Francis Archibald  1978Tonbridge, Kent, England I99596
7 Campking, Thomas  1895Tonbridge, Kent, England I1748484113
8 Carrington, Mary  1910Tonbridge, Kent, England I1748484085
9 Cheeseman, Jane  1845Tonbridge, Kent, England I77402664084701
10 Corderoy, Florence Emily  Dec 1957Tonbridge, Kent, England I77400352432084
11 Crosley, HelenMay  Between Jul-Sep 1972Tonbridge, Kent, England I1748697563
12 Drury, Elizabeth Constance  1961Tonbridge, Kent, England I88210
13 Edwards, Arthur Hancock  Dec 1924Tonbridge, Kent, England I18040507
14 Hallifax, Constance Bagot  Abt Feb 1892Tonbridge, Kent, England I1750043834
15 Harmer, Charles William  Dec 1972Tonbridge, Kent, England I1750710816
16 Herklots, James Gibson Craig  4 Aug 1905Tonbridge, Kent, England I99504
17 Herklots, Violet Constance  1967Tonbridge, Kent, England I99218
18 Jenner, Lucy  11 Nov 1862Tonbridge, Kent, England I13779
19 Larkin, Jane Ann  Jun 1940Tonbridge, Kent, England I14034
20 Longley, Emma  1960Tonbridge, Kent, England I15505
21 Magens, Cecilia  Mar 1858Tonbridge, Kent, England I75989
22 Maw, Elizabeth Lilian  7 Sep 1942Tonbridge, Kent, England I1750857137
23 Maw, Gertrude Susette  Juntr 1929Tonbridge, Kent, England I1750857177
24 Maw, Martha Helen  30 Aug 1941Tonbridge, Kent, England I1750857136
25 Maw, Sarah Octivia  30 May 1934Tonbridge, Kent, England I1750857138
26 Nicolas, KathleenMabel  1959Tonbridge, Kent, England I99137
27 Nicolas, Norah Elise  1970Tonbridge, Kent, England I99138
28 Pease, Alfred John  Jun 1934Tonbridge, Kent, England I18039341
29 Pease, Eleanor Louise  Sep 1911Tonbridge, Kent, England I18040498
30 Powell, Charles Watson  1937Tonbridge, Kent, England I88214
31 Powys, Jane Lucy  4 Dec 1905Tonbridge, Kent, England I1750046928
32 Sales, Charlotte  1831Tonbridge, Kent, England I0681487678
33 Sales, Joseph  1856Tonbridge, Kent, England I0680696559
34 Sawyer, Aileen  Between Jul-Sep 1932Tonbridge, Kent, England I25044
35 Seth-Smith, Newton  1934Tonbridge, Kent, England I102510
36 Shoebridge, Frances  1847Tonbridge, Kent, England I77402504767825
37 TAPP, Edward  8 Feb 1931Tonbridge, Kent, England I122027213
38 Taylor, Emma  15 Jan 1908Tonbridge, Kent, England I1750403747
39 Taylor, William  1869Tonbridge, Kent, England I77402664084700
40 Temple, Arthue Lumley  1951Tonbridge, Kent, England I99599
41 Thomas, Cissie Margaret  30 Mar 1978Tonbridge, Kent, England I15506
42 Thomas, George James  17 Feb 1953Tonbridge, Kent, England I15503
43 Thomas, John  28 Jan 1899Tonbridge, Kent, England I14038
44 Twysden, Francis James  16 Aug 1854Tonbridge, Kent, England I1750046212
45 Vos, Dorothy Emma  1967Tonbridge, Kent, England I97983


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 de Audley, Margaret Countess of Gloucester, Baroness Audley  Tonbridge, Kent, England I1750019103
2 Stafford, William Earl of Stafford  Tonbridge, Kent, England I1750049456


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Sales, William  25 Dec 1730Tonbridge, Kent, England I77402311882580


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Giles, Anslow  1851Tonbridge, Kent, England I77402664089886
2 Judde, John  Tonbridge, Kent, England I1750053937
3 Pring, Jacob  1841Tonbridge, Kent, England I77402664092376
4 Towner, Samuel  1871Tonbridge, Kent, England I77402664093440
5 Vane, John  Tonbridge, Kent, England I1750060927


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Backhouse / Pring  Jan 1882Tonbridge, Kent, England F3333815949
2 Bagley / Court  1910Tonbridge, Kent, England F21405
3 Carr / Boorman  Jun 1878Tonbridge, Kent, England F12355
4 Cumberbatch / Chaloner  13 Apr 1819Tonbridge, Kent, England F15179
5 de Clare / de Bellomont  Bef 1130Tonbridge, Kent, England F672152078
6 Freeman / Waters  1875Tonbridge, Kent, England F1944440476
7 Harmer / Waters  Mar 1912Tonbridge, Kent, England F673064882
8 Margetts / Hudson   F28022542
9 Norman / Carrick  Dec 1857Tonbridge, Kent, England F672928332
10 Pougatch / Clifton  Mar 1962Tonbridge, Kent, England F13771
11 Sawyer / Whiting  1931Tonbridge, Kent, England F1467
12 Taylor / Cheeseman  12 Oct 1829Tonbridge, Kent, England F3333813650
13 Thomas / Springett  15 Apr 1854Tonbridge, Kent, England F697
14 Thomas / Whiffin  Jun 1885Tonbridge, Kent, England F12332
15 Upton / Batten  11 Oct 1746Tonbridge, Kent, England F1345572772
16 Webster / Jenner  Jun 1908Tonbridge, Kent, England F672609131
17 Whenday / Harmer   F673064883
18 Whieldon / Burton   F28026175