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Tysoe, Warwickshire, England



Latitude: 52.09472659999999, Longitude: -1.5062285999999858


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Caela  Abt 1762Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I49998
2 Catharine  Abt 1784Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I49925
3 Elizabeth  1703Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I49804
4 Elizabeth  1811Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I77402664100392
5 Silvia  Abt 1828Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I49940
6 Susanna  1646Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I49788
7 Blackford, Betty  18 Nov 1714Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I49784
8 Brewer, Sarah  Aug 1788Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I49934
9 Caldicott (Coldicott), John  Abt 1819Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63381
10 Cox, Sarah  1770Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I55159
11 Danvers, Sarah  1729Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I55146
12 Davis, Job  Abt 1850Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I57993
13 Eglington, Ann  14 Nov 1677Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I49786
14 Freeman, Mary  Abt 1771Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58812
15 Greenaway, Hannah  1792Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I1862
16 Hancock, Ann  Abt 1829Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63522
17 Hancock, Daniel  Abt 1822Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63521
18 Hancock (Hancox), Alice  Abt Nov 1837Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63347
19 Hancock (Hancox), Andrew  Abt Feb 1844Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63351
20 Hancock (Hancox), Ann  Abt 1852Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63451
21 Hancock (Hancox), Benjamin  Abt Jul 1853Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63452
22 Hancock (Hancox), Caroline  Abt Nov 1845Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63499
23 Hancock (Hancox), Charlotte  Abt 1831Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63376
24 Hancock (Hancox), Daniel  Abt 1811Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63470
25 Hancock (Hancox), Daniel  Abt 1855Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63475
26 Hancock (Hancox), Dinah  Abt Nov 1836Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63346
27 Hancock (Hancox), Dinah  Abt 1838Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63366
28 Hancock (Hancox), Elijah  Abt Feb 1840Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63501
29 Hancock (Hancox), Elizabeth  Abt 1839Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63492
30 Hancock (Hancox), Elizabeth  Abt May 1849Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63352
31 Hancock (Hancox), Elizabeth  Abt 1860Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63480
32 Hancock (Hancox), Ellen  Abt 1833Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63364
33 Hancock (Hancox), Ellen  Abt 1835Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63377
34 Hancock (Hancox), Ellen  Abt 1858Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63476
35 Hancock (Hancox), Emily  Abt Mar 1854Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63397
36 Hancock (Hancox), Emma  Abt 1840Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63367
37 Hancock (Hancox), Emma?  Abt 1853Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63498
38 Hancock (Hancox), Ezekiel  Abt May 1846Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63350
39 Hancock (Hancox), George  Jun 1839Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63378
40 Hancock (Hancox), Hannah Wootton  Abt May 1827Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63447
41 Hancock (Hancox), Harriett  Abt 1844Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63474
42 Hancock (Hancox), James Hodgkins  Abt Jan 1841Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63349
43 Hancock (Hancox), Jesse?  Abt Nov 1843Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63503
44 Hancock (Hancox), Job  Abt Nov 1832Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63491
45 Hancock (Hancox), Job Edward  Abt Mar 1859Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63496
46 Hancock (Hancox), John  Jun 1839Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63379
47 Hancock (Hancox), Joseph  Abt 1801Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63373
48 Hancock (Hancox), Joseph Hodgkins  Abt 1839Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63348
49 Hancock (Hancox), Levi  Abt Dec 1834Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63449
50 Hancock (Hancox), Louisa  Abt Mar 1841Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63380

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Hancox, Edward  15 Jun 1729Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I55145
2 Walker, Lottyor Letty  5 Feb 1815Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I1864


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Catharine  Abt 1840Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I49925
2 Elizabeth  Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I49804
3 Susanna  Abt 1710Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I49788
4 Blackford, Betty  2 Aug 1768Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I49784
5 Brewer, Sarah  Abt 1840Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I49934
6 Cox, Sarah  21 Jul 1852Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I55159
7 Eglington, Ann  25 Dec 1759Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I49786
8 Freeman, Mary  Nov 1804Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58812
9 Greenaway, Hannah  1868Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I1862
10 Hancock (Hancox), Levi  8 Dec 1842Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63449
11 Hancock (Hancox), Thomas  20 Oct 1838Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63497
12 Hancox, Benjamin  18 Sep 1871Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I61162
13 Hancox, Charlotte  1891Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I55168
14 Hancox, Edward  Aug 1758Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58791
15 Hancox, Edward  22 Feb 1815Tysoe, Warwickshire, England  I55145
16 Hancox, Edward  1885Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I57878
17 Hancox, Edward  1886Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I55164
18 Hancox, Elizabeth  18 Nov 1901Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I57989
19 Hancox, Elizabeth  1922Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I55232
20 Hancox, Emma  1758Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58792
21 Hancox, Francis  4 Jan 1847Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I55151
22 Hancox, Francis  Aft 1871Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I55163
23 Hancox, Francis  1908Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I57812
24 Hancox, George  6 Jun 1843Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I61170
25 Hancox, James  Abt 1815Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58807
26 Hancox, Jane  Jan 1911Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I61167
27 Hancox, Job  Abt 1820Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58811
28 Hancox, John  Abt 1800Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I57984
29 Hancox, John  Apr 1831Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58785
30 Hancox, John  11 May 1847Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63244
31 Hancox, John  1872Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58760
32 Hancox, John  1881Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I55165
33 Hancox, Joseph  1812Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I55155
34 Hancox, Joseph  1816Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58790
35 Hancox, Mary  Abt 1810Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58789
36 Hancox, Mary  Bef 1839Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63131
37 Hancox, Mary  Apr 1896Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58758
38 Hancox, Mary Ann  1865Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I61164
39 Hancox, Nehemiah  29 Jan 1835Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58769
40 Hancox, Prudence  1897Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I55199
41 Hancox, Richard  1776Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I55154
42 Hancox, Richard  1791Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58786
43 Hancox, Robert  22 Nov 1841Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I63241
44 Hancox, Robert  1858Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58810
45 Hancox, Samuel  1833Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58809
46 Hancox, Sarah  1880Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58757
47 Hancox, Thomas  4 Dec 1779Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I57995
48 Hancox, Thomas  Dec 1804Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I55160
49 Hancox, Thomas  1807Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I55166
50 Hancox, Thomas  1831Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58787

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Basset, Margaret  Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I1750049449
2 Freeman, Mary  22 Nov 1804Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I58812
3 Walker, HannahMD  29 Jul 1855Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I49999
4 Walker, Richard  13 Aug 1837Tysoe, Warwickshire, England I49933


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dixon / Walker  5 Jul 1854Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F10857
2 Hancock (Hancox) /   Abt 1855Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F13001
3 Hancox /   Abt 1876Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F12209
4 Hancox / Bennett  24 May 1824Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F12912
5 Hancox / Page  1 Sep 1859Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F12392
6 Hancox / Palmer  5 Nov 1820Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F12393
7 Hancox / Rouse  1 Sep 1859Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F12396
8 Hancox / Unknown  Abt 1790Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F12966
9 Hancox / Webb  7 Jan 1833Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F11533
10 Mansil or Mansel / Walker  2 Oct 1736Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F10850
11 Spencer / Walker  Apr 1851Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F10856
12 Walker /   1666Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F10846
13 Walker /   Abt 1738Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F10849
14 Walker / Blackford  19 Nov 1735Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F10844
15 Walker / Eglington  30 Sep 1697Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F10845
16 Walker / Hewins  1 May 1715Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F10848
17 Walker / Hodgkins  4 Sep 1820Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F10851
18 Walker / Pratt  1 Feb 1780Tysoe, Warwickshire, England F10843