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Uckfield, East Sussex, England



Latitude: 50.97246, Longitude: 0.09712


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allcharne, Isacke  1636Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500301097
2 Allchorne, Abraham  1660Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500301101
3 Allchorne, Elizabeth  1673Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500301105
4 Allchorne, George  1664Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500301103
5 Allchorne, Isack  1662Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500301102
6 Allchorne, Mary  1656Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500301099
7 Allchorne, Meaire  1658Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500301100
8 Allchorne, Richard  1667Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500301104
9 Allchorne, Richard  Abt 1680UCKFIELD, East Sussex, England I3500297237
10 Belchanger, Mary  1680UCKFIELD, East Sussex, England I3500297236
11 Brabyn, Emma Louise   I18029433
12 Brabyn, Philippa Laura   I18022822
13 Brabyn, Shelley Anne   I18029944
14 Longhurst, George Henry  1913Uckfield, East Sussex, England I80310
15 Sales, George  1849Uckfield, East Sussex, England I0680256196
16 Thomas, Benjamin  Abt 1850Uckfield, East Sussex, England I61097
17 Thomas, Eliza  Abt 1857Uckfield, East Sussex, England I61263
18 Thomas, Ellen  Abt 1865Uckfield, East Sussex, England I61099
19 Thomas, Iris Naomi Castell  9 Jan 1921Uckfield, East Sussex, England I77402664228668
20 Thomas, James  Abt 1779Uckfield, East Sussex, England I61089
21 Thomas, Mildred Crouch  Dec 1888Uckfield, East Sussex, England I8168
22 Thomas, Minnie  Dec 1888Uckfield, East Sussex, England I20601
23 Thomas, Richard  Abt 1850Uckfield, East Sussex, England I61098
24 Wood, Lucy Ann  1803Uckfield, East Sussex, England I479781434


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jemima  Abt 17 Sep 1941Uckfield, East Sussex, England I1750710788
2 Allcharne, Isacke  14 Jan 1698Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500301097
3 Allcharne, Mary  6 Jun 1671Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500310202
4 Allchorne, Abraham  1661Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500301101
5 Allchorne, Elizabeth  1676Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500301105
6 Allchorne, Isack  1662Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500301102
7 Allchorne, Meaire  1658Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500301100
8 Baker, William  Between Jan-Mar 1935Uckfield, East Sussex, England I1750249053
9 Baker, William  Between Oct-Dec 1957Uckfield, East Sussex, England I1750249055
10 Belles, Helen Artie Tarleton  Sep 1937Uckfield, East Sussex, England I35265
11 Betts, Patience Treby  2005Uckfield, East Sussex, England I100596
12 Drury, Heber  30 Oct 1905Uckfield, East Sussex, England I88206
13 Earl, Elizabeth  1710Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500301098
14 Harmer, Samuel James  Abt 27 Nov 1954Uckfield, East Sussex, England I1750710777
15 Kenward, Edward  1903Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500305391
16 Kenward, Frank  1891Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500305393
17 Kenward, William  1827Uckfield, East Sussex, England I3500305402
18 Norman, Thomas  1842Uckfield, East Sussex, England I1750403702
19 Satchell, MargaretMay  Sep 1979Uckfield, East Sussex, England I84670
20 Thomas, James  1870Uckfield, East Sussex, England I77402664228243


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Thomas, Samuel  Apr 1871Uckfield, East Sussex, England I61265


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Wickens  1 Dec 1897Uckfield, East Sussex, England F3333808251
2 Alchorne / Belchanger  19 Sep 1700Uckfield, East Sussex, England F672133258
3 Allcharne / Earl  1657Uckfield, East Sussex, England F1345571988
4 Allchorne / Belchanger  19 Sep 1700Uckfield, East Sussex, England F1345571040
5 Brabyn / Bristow   F28021679
6 Powell / Drury  22 Aug 1888Uckfield, East Sussex, England F21596
7 Thomas /   Abt 1843Uckfield, East Sussex, England F12371
8 Thomas / Stevenson  Abt 1935Uckfield, East Sussex, England F3333885024