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Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England


Notes: The Merrie City coined from its medieval hostelries

City/Town : Latitude: 53.682965, Longitude: -1.499097


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnes  Abt 1542Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664227426
2 Alice  Abt 1544Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664227429
3 Ann  Abt 1807Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664086030
4 Anne  Abt 1695Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I30683
5 April   I479777553
6 Elizabeth  Abt 1733Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I22084
7 Elizabeth  1810Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664098402
8 Elizabeth  Abt 1862Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3499834751
9 Esther  Abt 1807Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I59719
10 Hannah  Abt 1658Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664227453
11 Jane  Abt 1836Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1749852834
12 Martha  Abt 1821Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I13766
13 Mary  Abt 1789Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748905468
14 Mary  Abt 1810Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748913789
15 Mary  Abt 1841Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1750123161
16 Phoebe  Abt 1795Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I7059
17 Sarah  Abt 1833Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I708878
18 Sarah J  Abt 1844Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I6833
19 Abbott, Frances E  Abt 1847Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I713870
20 Abdy, Alan K   I0764403225
21 Abdy, Gillian   I0764646435
22 Abdy, Michael   I0764646450
23 Abdy, Shirley   I0764646488
24 Abson, Caroline  Abt 1831Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I69599
25 Ackroyd, Elizabeth  Abt 1804Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748855405
26 Adams, John  1855Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I07785228164
27 Adams, Oliver Luke  1860Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I07785218748
28 Ainsworth, DorisM  1921Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I24624
29 Allen, Arthur  Abt 1900Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748838560
30 Allen, Claude  Abt 1897Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748838561
31 Allen, Edna  Abt 1899Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748838562
32 Allen, Elsie  Abt 1896Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748838563
33 Allen, Elsie  Abt 1896Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I46030540
34 Allen, Ethel  1891Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I479783565
35 Anderson, JeanMary   I3500298207
36 Anderson, John  1894Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500301994
37 Apperley, Albert Edward  1 Dec 1904Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I18028694
38 Apperley, Alice  1 Dec 1893Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I18024039
39 Apperley, Honor  1 Jun 1909Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I18024040
40 Apperley, Minnie Alice  1 Sep 1896Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I18033133
41 Appleford, William Percy  24 May 1866Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I102924
42 Appleyard, Ann  Abt 1806Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959923
43 Appleyard, Ann  Abt 1833Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959910
44 Appleyard, Eliza  Abt 1824Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959914
45 Appleyard, Ellen  Abt 1838Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959916
46 Appleyard, Emma  Abt 1831Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959911
47 Appleyard, George  Abt 1836Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959902
48 Appleyard, John  Abt 1801Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959920
49 Appleyard, John  Abt 1826Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959913
50 Appleyard, John Telford  2 Apr 1811Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959921

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Appleyard, Ann  16 Sep 1833Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959910
2 Appleyard, Eliza  22 Nov 1824Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959914
3 Appleyard, Ellen  13 Aug 1838Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959916
4 Appleyard, Emma  7 Feb 1831Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959911
5 Appleyard, George  11 Jan 1836Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959902
6 Appleyard, John  2 Oct 1826Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959913
7 Appleyard, Samuel  5 Jul 1830Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959915
8 Appleyard, Sarah Hannah  2 Jan 1843Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959912
9 Arnold, Elizabeth Ellen  20 Aug 1824Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748851268
10 Arran, Arthur Winch  19 Sep 1852Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I69662
11 Arran, Lily  21 Mar 1884Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I69690
12 Arran, Sarah  11 May 1862Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I69661
13 Arrand, Alfred  2 Sep 1877Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500387373
14 Arrand, Tom  2 Sep 1877Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500387107
15 Bramham, Robert  9 Oct 1826Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664085973
16 England, Ann  2 Dec 1831Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77400352420533
17 England, Emma  16 Mar 1829Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77400352422246
18 England, Maria  12 Apr 1830Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77400352420532
19 England, Samuel Giles  3 Mar 1834Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77400352420538
20 England, Sarah  14 Jun 1843Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77400352420539
21 Grace, Walter Abraham  15 Aug 1848Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I13922
22 Haldane, Emily Grace  20 Feb 1846Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I13863
23 Haldane, Fanny  22 Mar 1844Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I13864
24 Haldane, Martha Elizabeth  30 Nov 1840Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I13867
25 Haldane, Mary  11 Apr 1842Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I13868
26 Haldane, Sarah Ann  23 Nov 1838Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748876407
27 Harrand, Arthur  29 Nov 1857Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I69621
28 Harrand, Emily  4 Nov 1855Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I69620
29 Harrand, Maria  19 Mar 1854Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I69605
30 Harrand, Maria  4 Apr 1858Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I69607
31 Harrand, Sarah  28 Sep 1845Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I69601
32 Hartley, Charlotte  19 Jan 1824Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I54998
33 Horn, Eliza  16 Nov 1816Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1750248936
34 Jackson, Alfred  13 Jan 1840Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3499833255
35 Jackson, Frederick  21 Dec 1840Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3499833258
36 Land, James  15 Aug 1740Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664086150
37 Land, Joshua  23 Oct 1793Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664086035
38 Lumb, Thomas  5 Nov 1814Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1749418445
39 Lumb, Thomas  5 Nov 1814Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3499831644
40 Oakes, Alfred  6 Feb 1819Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I9391
41 Oakes, Amos  10 Sep 1827Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I56576
42 Oakes, Eunice  19 Oct 1816Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I56580
43 Oakes, Frederick  5 May 1817Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I56581
44 Oakes, George  20 Apr 1824Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I56585
45 Oakes, George  12 Nov 1838Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I9398
46 Oakes, James  28 Jul 1821Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1750214980
47 Oates, Ann  6 Jan 1640Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I22400
48 Oates, Elizabeth  19 Jan 1748Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748515419
49 Oates, Francis  16 Jun 1721Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I22389
50 Oates, Grace  4 Mar 1633Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I22413

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alice  Jan 1626Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664227429
2 Ann  c Nov 1877Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664086030
3 Hannah  19 Aug 1742Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664227453
4 Hannah  Nov 1869Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664085976
5 Martha  Jun 1888Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I8394
6 Mary  1882Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77400352422290
7 Abdy, Ernest Frederick  1992Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I0764646395
8 Abdy, George  1939Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I0763364584
9 Anderson, John  1978Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500301994
10 Anne, Joan  1575Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I21003833
11 Apperley, Alice  1 Dec 1893Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I18024039
12 Apperley, Richard William  1 Sep 1904Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I18021596
13 Appleyard, John  4 Mar 1810Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959920
14 Appleyard, Richard  1879Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748959908
15 Armitage, Mary Matilda  Apr 1912Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089118
16 Arran, Arthur  27 Jul 1970Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I69677
17 Arran, Emma  Q1 1875Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I69641
18 Arran, Walter  Q1 1952Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I69676
19 Arrand, David  Q1 1852Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I69576
20 Asquith, John  Jun 1885Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I18038943
21 Auty, Joseph  03 Aug 1905Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664094050
22 Aveyard, Peter  1959Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748488751
23 Axe, Elizabeth  Between Jul-Sep 1885Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I480033354
24 Axe, Martha  Between Jan-Mar 1921Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I480033373
25 Axe, Robert Briggs  30 Jun 1948Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I480033371
26 Backhouse, Bridget Shaw  Between Jan and Mar 1884Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088675
27 Backhouse, Elizabeth  Between Jan and Mar 1933Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088437
28 Backhouse, Hilda  Sep 1973Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090272
29 Backhouse, Isaac  02 Jul 1773Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091663
30 Backhouse, Isaac  Mar 1780Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092807
31 Backhouse, Joe  Mar 1896Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093344
32 Backhouse, Joseph  Q4 1850Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093927
33 Backhouse, Mary  Nov 1773Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090461
34 Backhouse, Sarah Hannah  Jun 1916Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I47288
35 Backhouse, Thomas  1918Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089325
36 Backhouse, William  Between Jan and Mar 1933Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092122
37 Backhouse, William  Jan 1845Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088654
38 Barker, Elizabeth  Dec 1948Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I672193
39 Bassingdale, George Clifford  Between Oct and Dec 1956Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088442
40 Batty, William  2 Sep 1799Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748845197
41 Baxter, Elizabeth Faith  Jun 1900Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I5894
42 Baxter, Mary  ?? ?? 1906Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I7738448554
43 Bell, Elizabeth  17 Nov 2010Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664109379
44 Bennett, Selina  Jan 1903Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090124
45 Blackburn, Ann  1871Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500304519
46 Blackburn, Elizabeth  1880Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1749982920
47 Bonville, William 6th Baron Lord Harrington  31 Dec 1460Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1749990998
48 Bonville, William  31 Dec 1460Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1750052503
49 Bramham, Byron  11 Aug 1972Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664085960
50 Bramham, Robert  Feb 1908Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664085973

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Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Alice  18 Jan 1626Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664227429
2 Hannah  23 Aug 1742Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664227453
3 Empson, Jane Elizabeth  16 Mar 1953Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I80822
4 Fox, Sidney  Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I639
5 Harrand, Arthur  3 Jan 1858Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I69621
6 Harrand, William  14 Aug 1855Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I69619
7 Johnson, Alan  30 Mar 1757Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1750347283
8 Lockwood, Thomas  c Aug 1897Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I45094774
9 Oates, Edward  27 May 1750Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I21853
10 Pickersgill, Horace Empson  8 Dec 1917Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I81025
11 Pickersgill, Mary Elizabeth  4 Oct 1943Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I81024
12 Pickersgill, Percival  26 Sep 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I81023
13 Rayner, Dorothy  6 Feb 1670Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664227431
14 Taylor, Ann  Apr 1897Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I45101870
15 Walker, Edward  15 Sep 1652Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664227430
16 Walker, William  8 Mar 1620Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664227428
17 Watson, Gervase  15 Feb 1912Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I23404


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Johnson, Nancy  17 Apr 1775Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I08581250061
2 Land, Ann Parker  10 Jul 1824Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I200432796
3 Land, Joseph  25 Dec 1822Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I200434129
4 Land, Mary  19 Apr 1829Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I200433733
5 Land, Naomi  25 Dec 1826Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I200433531
6 Nichols, Robert  19 Nov 1809Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I08546884042


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Barker, Richard J  1881Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I479971221
2 Coggan, Mary  1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1749979620


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Plantagenet, Richard 3rd Duke of York, 6th Earl of March  30 Dec 1460Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1749983724

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Glasby, Charles  24 Aug 1915Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I077402664081563


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Barker, Richard J  1881Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I479971221
2 Bingley, Vason  1891Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3499892301
3 Burnley, Joseph Ackland  2 Apr 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500682296
4 Cowling, Arthur  2 Apr 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500681832
5 Cowling, George W  5 Apr 1891Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500681827
6 Cowling, Harry  5 Apr 1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500681828
7 Cowling, Harry  2 Apr 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500681828
8 Cowling, John  3 Apr 1881Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I23963
9 Cowling, John  5 Apr 1891Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I23963
10 Cowling, John  5 Apr 1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I23963
11 Cowling, John  2 Apr 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I23963
12 Cowling, John Kelsey  5 Apr 1891Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500681829
13 Cowling, John Kelsey  5 Apr 1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500681829
14 Cowling, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500681826
15 Cowling, Oliver  5 Apr 1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500681831
16 Cowling, Oliver  2 Apr 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500681831
17 Ellis, Bernard  1984Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I480032852
18 FitzEssulf, Jordan  1174Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1750061502
19 FitzRaven, William  Between 1148 and 1159Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500724139
20 Gascoigne (Gaskon), William  30 Dec 1460Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664081319
21 Marchant, John  1861Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77400352427808
22 Oates, Josias  Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I21780
23 Robinson, James  Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I38522
24 Wales, Charles  1871Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I1748861653


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Bentley, John  12 Dec 1879Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77400352429337
2 Chafer, William Henry  9 Feb 1961Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I18011302
3 Dodsworth, Ellen  3 Apr 1964Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I077402664081093
4 Dransfield, James  17 Feb 1876Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I22000567
5 DYKES, Arthur Bennett  22 Jan 1934Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I122019294
6 Edlin, Edith  25 Oct 1962Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I077402664081171
7 Fotherby, Fred  10 Jul 1961Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I688246
8 Glasby, Frederick William  17 Jan 1944Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I077402664081083
9 Glasby, Gerald Alston  4 Mar 1949Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I077402664081663
10 Glasby, John  19 Jun 1959Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I077402664081150
11 Maw, Annie  10 Jul 1961Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I688247
12 Maw, Edward  15 Jul 1957Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I672305
13 Maw, George Arthur  17 Oct 1956Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I666382
14 Maw, George Edward  15 Jul 1957Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I680067
15 Maw, Herbert Gibson  26 Jan 1939Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I672301
16 Maw, Robert John  26 Jan 1939Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I672306
17 Maw, Robert John  10 Jul 1961Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I672306
18 Milnes, Benjamin  13 Jan 1879Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664226442
19 Scott, William  25 Mar 1892Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664226158
20 Smith, Susan Hannah  27 Jul 1955Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I077402664081156


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Backhouse, Alice  Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093874
2 Backhouse, Andrew  Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092636
3 Backhouse, Edelbert  1891Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088975
4 Backhouse, Edith Catherine  02 Apr 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091938
5 Backhouse, Edward  02 Apr 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091005
6 Backhouse, Eliza  1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089004
7 Backhouse, Elizabeth  1861Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093821
8 Backhouse, Elizabeth  1871Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093821
9 Backhouse, Elizabeth  1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088437
10 Backhouse, Elizabeth  1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088437
11 Backhouse, Ethel  1881Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091624
12 Backhouse, Ethel  1881Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091624
13 Backhouse, Etheline  Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088514
14 Backhouse, Helena  1881Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092900
15 Backhouse, Helena  1891Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092900
16 Backhouse, Herbert  1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093129
17 Backhouse, Herbert  02 Apr 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093129
18 Backhouse, Joseph Hall  Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089889
19 Backhouse, Lilian  1891Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092671
20 Backhouse, Lucy  02 Apr 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091258
21 Backhouse, Mark  Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090444
22 Backhouse, Mary  1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089418
23 Backhouse, Reginald  02 Apr 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090151
24 Backhouse, Thomas  1861Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089785
25 Backhouse, Thomas  1871Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089785
26 Backhouse, Thomas  1871Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089785
27 Backhouse, Thomas  1881Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089978
28 Backhouse, Thomas  1881Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089978
29 Backhouse, Thomas  1881Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089785
30 Backhouse, Thomas  1891Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089978
31 Backhouse, Thomas  1891Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089785
32 Backhouse, Thomas  1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089978
33 Backhouse, Thomas  02 Apr 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088452
34 Backhouse, William  Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088515
35 Backhouse, William  1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092122
36 Backhouse, William  02 Apr 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092122
37 Blacker, Hannah  1861Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I08433393011
38 Blake, Norma Violet  1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I480096112
39 Brook, Sophia  1841Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I480096130
40 Brunton, Ada  1891Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I08004125201
41 Brunton, Ada  1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I08004125201
42 Buckley, Arthur  1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088329
43 Buckley, Ellen  1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091104
44 Buckley, Ellen  1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091104
45 Burnley, Ernest  5 Apr 1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500681833
46 Burnley, Ernest  2 Apr 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500681833
47 Burnley, Frank  2 Apr 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500682297
48 Burnley, Nellie  2 Apr 1911Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I3500682298
49 Calvert, James Thompson  1861Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I08482759291
50 Calvert, Sarah Ann  1901Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I08482761941

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Bunting, Henry  17 Jan 1919Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I077402664080880
2 Glasby, Charles Frederick  23 Aug 1934 Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I077402664081131
3 Glasby, Daniel Randal  11 Aug 1937Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I077402664081129
4 Glasby, Ernest Walker  18 Sep 1924Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I077402664081057
5 Glasby, Herbert  21 Oct 1919Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I077402664081154
6 Hinchliff, Martha Ann Sykes  6 May 1940Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England I077402664081152


Matches 1 to 50 of 299

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   Dec 1837Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672434331
2 / Robinson  Sep 1870Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672429802
3 / Baines  Between Apr-Jun 1934Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F3333812416
4 Abdy / Johnson   F01826746
5 Abdy / Render  1920Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F01826727
6 Abdy / Smith   F01826829
7 Allen / Preston  Mar 1894Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672310407
8 Appleyard / Trotter  Between Oct and Dec 1871Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672319818
9 Archer / Fox  14 Feb 1942Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F26606
10 Arran / Haigh  29 Apr 1855Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F14878
11 Arran / Winch  2 May 1852Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F14886
12 Ashton / Winter  Between Apr and Jun 1866Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F1944271841
13 Asquith / Nussey  Jun 1883Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F28025531
14 Atkinson / Hayley  Dec 1891Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F2132
15 Atkinson / Hinchcliffe  Between Oct and Dec 1859Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672313348
16 Auty / Lodge  1882Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F3333816766
17 Aveyard / Holmes  27 Sep 1801Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672326448
18 Aveyard / Lofthouse  1847Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F1841722
19 Aveyard / Wilsher  29 Sep 1936Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672133631
20 Aviard / Briggs  05 Sep 1655Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F1842087
21 Barnard / Fozard  1874Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F3333820507
22 Bassingdale / Horne  Between Oct and Dec 1925Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F3333814854
23 Batty / Collinson  Jun 1856Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F553520
24 Batty / Dawson  Between Jan and Mar 1854Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672311859
25 Batty / Hartley  1 Jan 1816Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672311856
26 Batty / Hodgson  Sep 1839Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F553522
27 Batty / White  13 Oct 1817Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672311861
28 Baxter / Griffiths   F3333822347
29 Bayldon / Green  Dectr 1841Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672837825
30 Beaumont / Dews  Between Oct and Dec 1895Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F1345467950
31 Beaumont / Greenwood  Dec 1845Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F31744
32 Beaumont / Hartley  Dec 1848Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672322214
33 Beaumont / Hirst  Abt 1879Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F1853
34 Beaumont / Longley  Sep 1847Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F921
35 Beaumont / Milnthorp  Jun 1883Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672323495
36 Bedford / Scholey  15 Dec 1839Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672807722
37 Bellwood / Oates  Between Oct and Dec 1871Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F1345467749
38 Benson / Benson  1 Dec 1895Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F3333820021
39 Berry / Haigh  Jun 1850Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F3252
40 Berry / Waring  Jun 1890Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F658
41 Booker / Gould  Between Jul and Sep 1886Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672313533
42 Booker / Smith  Between Jan and Mar 1879Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672313555
43 Booth / Burn  Between Jan and Mar 1862Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672304969
44 Boothman / Cook  Between Oct and Dec 1879Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F1345467320
45 Braim / Saul  Between Jul and Sep 1846Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672313265
46 Braime / Haldane  Between Apr and Jun 1863Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F3782
47 Bramham / Chafer  26 Apr 1886Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F3333814106
48 Bramham / Haigh  10 Aug 1851Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F3333814110
49 Bramham / Lockwood  25 Mar 1916Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F3333814104
50 Bramham / Mortimer  Between Jan and Mar 1875Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F672310431

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Brown / Bell  2005Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F3333822456
2 Jackson / Bell  2000Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England F3333822737