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Westoning, Bedfordshire, England



Latitude: 51.9827320, Longitude: -0.4955390


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  Abt 1798Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090731
2 Aldridge, Harry  Mar 1871Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090460
3 Aldridge, William  06 Apr 1817Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664092526
4 Aldridge, William  10 Oct 1846Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664093725
5 Asbury, Alice  28 Jul 1816Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090989
6 Asbury, Elizabeth  Jan 1839Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664091979
7 Asbury, Joseph  1833Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664087637
8 Asbury, Marey Ann  11 Feb 1831Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088175
9 Asbury, Martha  Jan 1848Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664093013
10 Asbury, William  Abt 1810Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664093504
11 Asbury, William  1834Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088156
12 Aspray, Elizabeth  17 Mar 1795Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089840
13 Aspray, Fanny  01 Sep 1764Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090232
14 Aspray, Fanny  23 Nov 1792Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088800
15 Aspray, James  01 Dec 1776Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089993
16 Aspray, John  01 Jun 1774Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664093493
17 Aspray, John  01 Jun 1780Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664092850
18 Aspray, John  03 Jul 1790Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664091836
19 Aspray, Mary  1771Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664092387
20 Aspray, Samuel  1732Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664092843
21 Aspray, William  01 Dec 1766Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090549
22 Asprey, Fanny  23 Nov 1792Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090922
23 Asprey, Stephen  1751Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664093768
24 Baker, John  Abt 1825Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664093588
25 Bonner, Alice Naomi  Between Jan and Mar 1876Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664092736
26 Bonner, Ann  13 Jul 1836Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664091966
27 Bonner, Beatrice Ethel  15 Jun 1896Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088862
28 Bonner, Edward  1828Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089105
29 Bonner, Elizabeth  1853Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088112
30 Bonner, Emma Elizabeth  Jun 1872Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088434
31 Bonner, James  23 Nov 1801Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664091433
32 Bonner, John  25 Nov 1804Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664092594
33 Bonner, Joseph  15 Feb 1809Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664092601
34 Bonner, Lillian  Between Jan and Mar 1884Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090118
35 Bonner, Mary Ann  1855Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088958
36 Bonner, Mary Jane  Between Oct and Dec 1880Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664092961
37 Bonner, Naomi  1840Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089330
38 Bonner, Sarah Ann  Abt 1870Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664091897
39 Bonner, William  22 Dec 1797Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089628
40 Bonner, William  1835Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090854
41 Burrows, Edwin  18 Mar 1880Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088642
42 Burrows, Elisabeth  Between Jul and Sep 1846Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664091870
43 Burrows, Joseph  Abt 1819Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664091185
44 Burrows, Sarah  1820Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089175
45 Carter, Elizabeth  1806Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664091632
46 Chance, Ann  Sep 1838Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090780
47 Chance, Thomas  1849Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664087955
48 Cousins, Susannah  1823Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088669
49 Grey, Sarah  Abt 1805Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089600
50 King, Naomi  1830Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090701

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aspray, Fanny  Sep 1848Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088800
2 Aspray, James  01 Sep 1780Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089993
3 Aspray, John  01 Jun 1775Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664093493
4 Aspray, John  01 Jun 1780Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664092850
5 Aspray, Samuel  06 Nov 1770Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664091581
6 Asprey, Fanny  1848Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090922
7 Lummus, Mary Ann  Dec 1892Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090063
8 Odell, Abraham  1774Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664087679
9 Odell, Ann  04 Dec 1784Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090336
10 Odell, Judith  1780Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664093751
11 Odell, Mary  Mar 1773Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664091536
12 Oldstock, Mary  13 Jun 1767Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664093533


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ann  1851Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090731
2 Ann  1861Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090731
3 Aldridge, William  1871Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664093725
4 Asbury, Elizabeth  1841Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664091979
5 Asbury, Joseph  1841Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664087637
6 Asbury, Marey Ann  1841Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088175
7 Bonner, Alice Naomi  1901Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664092736
8 Bonner, Ann  1851Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664091966
9 Bonner, Crawley  1851Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088003
10 Bonner, Edward  1851Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089105
11 Bonner, Edward  1851Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089105
12 Bonner, Edward  1861Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089105
13 Bonner, Elizabeth  1861Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088112
14 Bonner, Jane  1881Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088640
15 Bonner, Lillian  1901Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090118
16 Bonner, Mary Ann  1861Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088958
17 Bonner, Mary Jane  1901Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664092961
18 Bonner, Naomi  1851Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089330
19 Bonner, William  1851Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089628
20 Bonner, William  1851Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089628
21 Bonner, William  1861Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089628
22 Bonner, William  1871Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089628
23 Bonner, William  1891Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090854
24 Bonner, William  1901Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090854
25 Burrows, Edwin  1881Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088642
26 Burrows, Edwin  1881Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664088642
27 Burrows, George William  1881Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664087783
28 Carter, Elizabeth  1841Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664091632
29 Kingham, Mary  1841Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664089719
30 Odell, William  1851Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664092575
31 Odell, William  1861Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664092575
32 Short, John  1841Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090964
33 Short, John  1851Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664090964
34 Short, Sarah  1851Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664092818
35 Short, William  1851Westoning, Bedfordshire, England I77402664092409


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aspray / Day  19 Nov 1789Westoning, Bedfordshire, England F3333815432
2 Aspray / Odell  24 Dec 1761Westoning, Bedfordshire, England F3333815954
3 Bonner / Kingham  Between Oct and Dec 1851Westoning, Bedfordshire, England F3333815756
4 Carter / Rawley  30 Jul 1792Westoning, Bedfordshire, England F3333814934
5 Cousins / Odell  31 Mar 1823Westoning, Bedfordshire, England F3333815608
6 Hakes / Aspray  28 Sep 1797Westoning, Bedfordshire, England F3333816073
7 Odell / Morris  05 Nov 1795Westoning, Bedfordshire, England F3333816251
8 Odell / Oldstock  24 Oct 1738Westoning, Bedfordshire, England F3333814733