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Whangarei New Zealand



Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Michael John  18 Jun 1960Whangarei New Zealand I122016821
2 Clarke, Donald Graham  9 Sep 1933Whangarei New Zealand I122015872
3 Cliff, Clifton Eric BURGESS  2 Aug 1923Whangarei New Zealand I122017523
4 Drinnan, Emanuel Clyde  14 Sep 1948Whangarei New Zealand I122015928
5 JENKINS, May  11 Jun 1920Whangarei New Zealand I122014584
6 KEATLEY, LillianMary (Peggy)  31 Oct 1928Whangarei New Zealand I122018631
7 McCATHIE, Lynnette Cecil  26 Dec 1942Whangarei New Zealand I122015889
8 McCATHIE, Shirley Kay  15 Jun 1950Whangarei New Zealand I122015891
9 SOTHERN, Eric David   I122017507
10 SOTHERN, JeanMavis   I122017508
11 SOTHERN, Kathleen  10 Dec 1924Whangarei New Zealand I122017509
12 Spinley, Alton Royal (Duke)  1925Whangarei New Zealand I122014835
13 Spinley, Charles (Copper) William  12 Apr 1923Whangarei New Zealand I122014834
14 Watson, Alice Lauristina Jessie  9 Mar 1913Whangarei New Zealand I122015500


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALDERTON, George Frederick  3 Sep 1965Whangarei New Zealand I122018603
2 ALDERTON, George Frederick Richard (Dick)  10 Dec 1993Whangarei New Zealand I122018606
3 ALEXANDER, Henry C  1 Jan 1971Whangarei New Zealand I122011655
4 BELCHER, John Francis Arthur  1968Whangarei New Zealand I122021965
5 BRAMBLE, John Bennett  08 Aug 1965Whangarei New Zealand I122026732
6 CARMONT, Reginald George  22 Apr 2012Whangarei New Zealand I122016673
7 Clarke, Samuel Watson  1977Whangarei New Zealand I122017980
8 Cliff, Clifton Eric BURGESS  4 Mar 1995Whangarei New Zealand I122017523
9 COWAN, Catherine Lochead  31 May 1949Whangarei New Zealand I122018602
10 DALBETH, Gordon Frederick  15 Jun 1988Whangarei New Zealand I122017920
11 DASSLER, Dawn Annette  19 SEPT 1995Whangarei New Zealand I122019137
12 DELL, William Josiah  12 Mar 1960Whangarei New Zealand I122011989
13 Drinnan, Emanuel Clyde  3 Oct 1965Whangarei New Zealand I122015928
14 Drinnan, Logan Stanley  11 Sep 2008Whangarei New Zealand I122015836
15 FULLER, Shirley Dorothy  10 Sep 2009Whangarei New Zealand I122026437
16 GODFREY, Ernest Ingram (Ingy&Hank)  4 Jul 2002Whangarei New Zealand I122017968
17 HINDS, John James  25 Sep 1958Whangarei New Zealand I122016161
18 HOLTON, Alfred John Cyril (Cyril)  11 May 1994Whangarei New Zealand I122015869
19 JENKINS, George Maurice James  24 Dec 1955Whangarei New Zealand I122014580
20 JENKINS, May  12 Mar 2002Whangarei New Zealand I122014584
21 JENKINS, Walter  24 Mar 1988Whangarei New Zealand I122014583
22 KING, William Ward (Bill)  15 May 2001Whangarei New Zealand I122010610
23 KUHNE, Margaret Sarah Ann Grace  22 Aug 1953Whangarei New Zealand I122026717
24 Le Vinia, Lovina (Venie) JENKINS  6 Aug 2013Whangarei New Zealand I122014582
25 MACE, Jocelyn Stella  20 Mar 1996Whangarei New Zealand I122010126
26 McAULAY, HectorMurdoch  23 Jul 1951Whangarei New Zealand I122014480
27 MEYER, Leo Caspar  30 Jul 1968Whangarei New Zealand I122026718
28 MOORHEAD, Lenard Melvon  30 Jul 2000Whangarei New Zealand I122026726
29 NEALE, John George  13 May 1949Whangarei New Zealand I122015358
30 PENNING, Norma  5 Jan 2012Whangarei New Zealand I122010623
31 PULHAM, Nancy June  Whangarei New Zealand I122017977
32 PULLMAN, John Webb  28 Aug 1977Whangarei New Zealand I122017549
33 RIKYS, Gordon Cyril  26 Jul 1993Whangarei New Zealand I122016325
34 Shanks, Earl Campbell  25 Jul 2013Whangarei New Zealand I122016419
35 Shanks, Jane Elizabeth (Jeannie)  7 Sep 1964Whangarei New Zealand I122018718
36 Silva, Ruth Pamela (Pam)  6 Mar 1993Whangarei New Zealand I122016653
37 Watson, Alice Lauristina Jessie  1994Whangarei New Zealand I122015500


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Drinnan / CLYDE  29 Dec 1944Whangarei New Zealand F122011896