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Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Airdrie, Christina  1867Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109008
2 Airdrie, Sarah  1850Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109006
3 Black, Margaret  1852Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108944
4 Dinnell, Agnes Black  26 May 1878Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108947
5 Dinnell, Alexander  1853Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108786
6 Dinnell, Alexander  1853Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108921
7 Dinnell, Catherine  8 Nov 1862Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108547
8 Dinnell, Catherine  1 Jul 1881Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108555
9 Dinnell, Christina  1824Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109004
10 Dinnell, George  1841Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108915
11 Dinnell, George  1845Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108782
12 Dinnell, George Alexander  1877Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108990
13 Dinnell, George Gardner  1848Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108919
14 Dinnell, Hannah Hunter  1882Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108949
15 Dinnell, Henry  1834Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109322
16 Dinnell, Isabella  1837Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109319
17 Dinnell, Isabella  19 Feb 1880Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108992
18 Dinnell, James  21 Nov 1866Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108549
19 Dinnell, Jane  19 Apr 1840Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108546
20 Dinnell, Jane  1850Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108785
21 Dinnell, Jane Henderson  1878Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108991
22 Dinnell, Janet  1846Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108783
23 Dinnell, Janet  1848Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108839
24 Dinnell, Joanna  1848Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108784
25 Dinnell, Joanna Gardiner  1882Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108994
26 Dinnell, John  1843Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108916
27 Dinnell, John  1851Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108920
28 Dinnell, John  21 Oct 1883Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108556
29 Dinnell, Margaret  1813Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109014
30 Dinnell, Margaret  1885Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108950
31 Dinnell, Mary  1841Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108780
32 Dinnell, Mary Ellen Agnes  1887Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108951
33 Dinnell, Mary Robertson  1844Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108917
34 Dinnell, Robert  1840Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109320
35 Dinnell, Sarah  1816Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109003
36 Dinnell, Sarah Campbell  4 Mar 1880Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108948
37 Dinnell, Sarah Jean Isabell  1846Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108918
38 Dinnell, Sarah Scambel  17 Feb 1859Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108923
39 Dinnell, Sarah Scampbell  1843Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108781
40 Dinnell, Thomas Dobson  1881Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108993
41 Dinnell, William Black  23 Sep 1876Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108946
42 Dinnell, William McCredie  17 Jul 1873Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108552
43 Dinnell (Anderson), John  7 Dec 1870Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108586
44 Dinnell (Black), Annie  25 Dec 1870Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108551
45 Dinnell (Drape), Isabella Drape  21 Dec 1864Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108548
46 Dinnell (Hughan), Jane  25 Jun 1868Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108550
47 Dinnell (Later Donald & McDonald), James  26 Dec 1879Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108554
48 Dinnell (Later Donald), Alexander  5 Feb 1875Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108553
49 Dinnell (Natural son), James  13 Aug 1811Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108557
50 Dinnell (Natural son), John  25 Dec 1864Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108587

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Dinnell, Alexander  17 Apr 1853Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108786
2 Dinnell, Alexander  30 May 1853Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108921
3 Dinnell, George  5 Aug 1831Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109321
4 Dinnell, George  17 Oct 1843Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108915
5 Dinnell, George  23 Feb 1845Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108782
6 Dinnell, George Gardner  30 Jan 1848Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108919
7 Dinnell, Jane  26 Apr 1840Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108546
8 Dinnell, Jane  1 Dec 1850Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108785
9 Dinnell, Janet  13 Dec 1846Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108783
10 Dinnell, Joanna  5 Nov 1848Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108784
11 Dinnell, John  8 Jul 1828Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109318
12 Dinnell, John  12 Feb 1843Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108916
13 Dinnell, John  24 Feb 1851Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108920
14 Dinnell, Mary  10 Oct 1841Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108780
15 Dinnell, Mary Robertson  6 Oct 1844Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108917
16 Dinnell, Sarah Jean Isabell  25 Oct 1846Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108918
17 Dinnell, Sarah Scampbell  23 Apr 1843Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108781
18 Dinnell (Natural son), James  27 Aug 1811Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108557
19 Gardener, George  15 Apr 1810Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108953
20 Gardener, John  15 Jan 1815Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108789
21 Gardener, Stewart  5 Jan 1811Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108943
22 Hughan, Robert  9 Apr 1835Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108737
23 Stewart, Ann  7 May 1837Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109288
24 Wylie, Alexander  24 Mar 1840Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109018
25 Wylie, Christina Dinnell (Twin)  27 Jan 1842Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109019
26 Wylie, James Chambers  8 Jul 1849Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109024
27 Wylie, Margaret (Twin)  27 Jan 1842Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109020
28 Wylie, Sarah Dinnell  28 Aug 1836Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109016


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Black, Agnes  2 Mar 1876Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108558
2 Dinnell, Alexander  30 May 1895Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108567
3 Dinnell, Catherine  19 Mar 1865Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108547
4 Dinnell, George  by 1855Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108915
5 Dinnell, George  5 Dec 1929Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108782
6 Dinnell, Isabella  24 Apr 1881Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108992
7 Dinnell, James  28 Nov 1866Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108549
8 Dinnell, Jane Henderson  13 Nov 1876Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108989
9 Dinnell, John  by 1851Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108916
10 Dinnell, John  22 Mar 1866Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108563
11 Dinnell, John  28 Oct 1883Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108556
12 Dinnell, Mary Robertson  by 1855Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108917
13 Dinnell, Sarah  10 Jul 1890Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109003
14 Dinnell, Sarah Jean Isabell  by 1855Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108918
15 Dinnell, William McCredie  28 Jan 1875Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108552
16 Dinnell (Black), Annie  18 Feb 1872Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108551
17 Dinnell (Drape), Isabella Drape  14 Dec 1875Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108548
18 Dinnell (Natural son), James  15 Feb 1890Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108557
19 Dinnell (Natural son), John  9 Nov 1866Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108587
20 Dinnell (Nicholson), James Black  10 Jan 1869Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108584
21 Gardner, Janet  23 Aug 1874Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108941
22 Heron, Robert  7 Dec 1885Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109304
23 Hughan, Anthony Candish  17 Feb 1936Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108838
24 Martin, Elizabeth McNeillie  1969Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I107941
25 Nicholson, Agnes Black  11 Nov 1938Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I108623
26 Stewart, Sarah  by 1840Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109010
27 Stewart (Natural son), Joseph  14 Nov 1897Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland I109009


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dinnell / Black  29 Sep 1874Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland F25727
2 Dinnell / Lancaster  10 Dec 1872Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland F25734
3 Garrick / Nicholson  10 Oct 1911Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland F25697
4 Stewart (Natural son) / Dinnell  28 Mar 1837Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland F25739
5 Whiteford / Dinnell  13 Apr 1877Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland F25726
6 Wylie / Dinnell  17 Jan 1836Whithorn, Wigtown Scotland F25740