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Winkleigh, Devon, England



Latitude: 50.8558790, Longitude: -3.9462140


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashplant, Mary Ann  1843Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326845
2 Cole, Herbert J  1897Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326863
3 Cole, John  1868Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326860
4 Cole, Nathaniel W  1894Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326861
5 Cole, Winifred M  1895Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326862
6 Dart, Temprance  1754Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326484
7 Davey, Elizabeth Frances  1825Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326616
8 Genese, Matilda Emily  Mar 1877Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402434930339
9 Heywood, Walter  1840Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402486129959
10 Hunt, Alfred  1850Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937191
11 Hunt, Alfred  Abt 1859Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937252
12 Hunt, AnnaMaria  Abt 1853Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937232
13 Hunt, Cornelius  Abt 1847Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937187
14 Hunt, Emily  18 Dec 1858Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937342
15 Hunt, George  Abt 1843Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937167
16 Hunt, George  4 Nov 1863Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937391
17 Hunt, Grace  Abt 1838Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937146
18 Hunt, Harriett Westaway  Abt 1834Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109328601
19 Hunt, Henry  Abt 1846Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937177
20 Hunt, Henry W  Abt 1855Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937313
21 Hunt, John  Abt 1840Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937152
22 Hunt, John  Abt 1857Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937325
23 Hunt, Matilda Pauline  Abt 1856Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937241
24 Hunt, Nathaniel  17 Dec 1865Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109328646
25 Hunt, William  1811Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109328326
26 Hunt, William  1835Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109328645
27 Hunt, William  10 Oct 1860Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937356
28 Johns, Jane  1781Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326509
29 Keenor, Ann  1827Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326624
30 Luxton, Alfred  1 Mar 1891Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402489700291
31 Luxton, Moses  1 Apr 1829Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109331291
32 Luxton, William Henry  1863Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402489700210
33 Newcombe, Mary Ann  1831Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326595
34 Parish, Hannah  1862Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109328433
35 Parr, Ann  1803Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326569
36 Sanders, Emma  1862Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109327184
37 Webber, Maria  Abt 1827Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109328647
38 Weeks, Emma  1863Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402489700243
39 Westaway, Ann  1824Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326612
40 Westaway, Ann  1852Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326852
41 Westaway, Annie  1887Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109327241
42 Westaway, Damaris  12 Dec 1837Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326850
43 Westaway, Elizabeth  1785Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326520
44 Westaway, Elizabeth  5 Mar 1809Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326587
45 Westaway, Elizabeth  1818Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326622
46 Westaway, Elsie Mary  1899Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109328422
47 Westaway, Emma  1854Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326802
48 Westaway, George  1883Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109327242
49 Westaway, Grace  1856Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326854
50 Westaway, Henry  1829Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326625

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dart, Temprance  27 Jan 1790Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326484
2 Hunt, Alfred  1859Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937191
3 Luxton, Moses  1908Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109331291
4 Weeks, Emma  1 Sep 1894Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402489700243
5 Westaway, Hester Ann  1836Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326840
6 Westaway, Richard  1805Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326483
7 Westaway, William  1869Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326524


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Dart, Temprance  23 Dec 1754Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326484
2 Hunt, Harriett Westaway  4 May 1834Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109328601
3 Hunt, John  16 Feb 1840Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937152
4 Hunt, William  29 Nov 1835Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109328645
5 Hunt, William  9 Jul 1861Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402433937356
6 Luxton, Alfred  Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402489700291
7 Luxton, William Henry  27 Dec 1863Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402489700210
8 Weeks, Emma  Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402489700243
9 Westaway, Elizabeth  31 Jul 1785Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326520
10 Westaway, Elizabeth  25 Mar 1809Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326587
11 Westaway, Elizabeth  23 Jul 1818Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326622
12 Westaway, Henry  22 Nov 1829Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326625
13 Westaway, Hester Ann  27 Mar 1838Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326840
14 Westaway, Richard Down  5 Aug 1848Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326851
15 Westaway, Roger Dart  31 Jul 1787Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326522
16 Westaway, Temperance  29 Mar 1812Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326611
17 Westaway, William John  25 Aug 1855Winkleigh, Devon, England I77402109326804


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hunt / Webber  26 Nov 1856Winkleigh, Devon, England F3333808492
2 Hunt / Westaway  2 Oct 1833Winkleigh, Devon, England F3333807096
3 Westaway / Down  1848Winkleigh, Devon, England F3333807100
4 Westaway / Godfrey  9 Jul 1835Winkleigh, Devon, England F3333807098
5 Westaway / Johns  10 May 1808Winkleigh, Devon, England F3333807048
6 Westaway / Newcombe  9 Apr 1852Winkleigh, Devon, England F3333807087