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Worcestershire, England



Location : Latitude: 52.2311639, Longitude: -2.312622


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  Abt 1800Worcestershire, England I1748861641
2 Sarah E  1859Worcestershire, England I77402664099820
3 Bonaparte, Louis Lucien'the Philologist'  4 Jan 1813Worcestershire, England I7098272752
4 Boyden, Jane  Abt 1854Worcestershire, England I53191
5 Boyden, Samuel  Abt 1859Worcestershire, England I53192
6 Coley, Mary  Abt 1815Worcestershire, England I56801
7 Conway, Edwin  Abt 1610Worcestershire, England I1750688017
8 Conway, Edwin Jr.  Abt 1640Worcestershire, England I1750379824
9 Coxon, Mary  Abt 1760Worcestershire, England I22000507
10 Dickens, Alice  1 Sep 1862Worcestershire, England I12744
11 Dickens, Job  1766Worcestershire, England I77402664226040
12 Dudley, John  1802Worcestershire, England I101080
13 Eaves, May Court  Jan 1881Worcestershire, England I61182
14 England?, Margaret  Abt 1812Worcestershire, England I70506
15 Evans, Joseph  Abt 1848Worcestershire, England I73756
16 Fletcher, Caroline  1884Worcestershire, England I77402664105767
17 Hancox, Elizabeth  1865Worcestershire, England I57127
18 Hilbert, John Henry  Abt 1865Worcestershire, England I19032
19 Jenkyns, Richard Evander  Abt 1765Worcestershire, England I122014343
20 Jennings, Edward Alfred  1874Worcestershire, England I77402109327384
21 Peters, Henry Massey  1773Worcestershire, England I22001921
22 Peters, Jenny Aston  1771Worcestershire, England I22001923
23 Peters, Sarah  1779Worcestershire, England I22001920
24 Peters, Thomas  1740Worcestershire, England I22001841
25 Peters, Thomas  1769Worcestershire, England I22001922
26 Powis, Ann  Abt 1832Worcestershire, England I42982
27 Smith, Robert  Abt 1830Worcestershire, England I42981
28 Wales, Martha  Abt 1828Worcestershire, England I1748861642
29 Walker, Eliza  1835Worcestershire, England I70507
30 Walker, Joseph  1810Worcestershire, England I40146
31 Walldin, Sarah Eliza  1859Worcestershire, England I07977747048
32 Webb, Elizabeth  Abt 1786Worcestershire, England I57003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Sarah  Abt 1875Worcestershire, England I2436
2 Sarah  Abt 1898Worcestershire, England I2444
3 Amphlett, Ursula  1766Worcestershire, England I77402664226039
4 Astle(y), Hannah  28 May 1884Worcestershire, England I77402664228532
5 Attwood, Ann  1891Worcestershire, England I60452
6 Bisby, Mary  Abt 1720Worcestershire, England I55602
7 Bloxham, Edward  1896Worcestershire, England I58362
8 Cadby, Alice  Mar 1913Worcestershire, England I66196
9 de Beauchamp, Sir William Lord of Elmsley  5 Jun 1268Worcestershire, England I1750043278
10 Dickens, Job  1766Worcestershire, England I77402664226040
11 Edwards, Mary  Abt 1895Worcestershire, England I56819
12 Foulds, Lilly  1890Worcestershire, England I77402664100853
13 Grainger, Ethel  1972Worcestershire, England I58398
14 Hancox, Ann  Abt 1663Worcestershire, England I55595
15 Hancox, Betsy Page  Sep 1914Worcestershire, England I61172
16 Hancox, Charles  Mar 1883Worcestershire, England I61203
17 Hancox, Miriam  Abt 1955Worcestershire, England I56669
18 Hancox, Moses  Abt 1752Worcestershire, England I55603
19 Hancox, Thomas  Abt 1710Worcestershire, England I55592
20 Hancox, William  Feb 1777Worcestershire, England I55606
21 Hancox, William  Jun 1867Worcestershire, England I54868
22 Hancox, William  1901Worcestershire, England I60451
23 Hancox, William?  Abt 1710Worcestershire, England I55590
24 Haywood, Mary Jane  1928Worcestershire, England I57272
25 Large, John Wallace  1955Worcestershire, England I58394
26 Lyttleton, Jane  Bef 1601Worcestershire, England I77398329201977
27 Marriott, Randolph  2 Jun 1807Worcestershire, England I122019419
28 Neath, John  Abt 1820Worcestershire, England I66015
29 Noke, Mary Ann  Abt 1906Worcestershire, England I2459
30 Parkes, John  1818Worcestershire, England I40564
31 Robson, Sarah Lucy  1931Worcestershire, England I58364
32 Roome, Frank Arthur  13 Mar 1975Worcestershire, England I713064
33 Rushton, Martha Alice"Patti"  6 Apr 1935Worcestershire, England I22001412
34 Stevenson, Mary  Abt 1755Worcestershire, England I55605
35 Thomas, Eliza  1901Worcestershire, England I39324
36 Thomas, George  Abt 1897Worcestershire, England I2440
37 Thomas, George Edward  Abt 1921Worcestershire, England I2461
38 Thomas, Henry  1918Worcestershire, England I2445
39 Walker, Alice May  Abt 1964Worcestershire, England I1672
40 Walker, Charles  1871Worcestershire, England I42869
41 Walker, Charles Henry  Abt 1966Worcestershire, England I1673
42 Walker, EdithMary  Abt 1940Worcestershire, England I1652
43 Walker, Edward George  Abt 1947Worcestershire, England I1668
44 Walker, Florence  1967Worcestershire, England I1662
45 Walker, Margaret Ethel  Worcestershire, England I1671
46 Walker, Martha E  Abt 1978Worcestershire, England I1669
47 Walker, Rose H  1938Worcestershire, England I1651
48 Walker, Sarah  1818Worcestershire, England I40563
49 Walker, Winifred G  Abt 1961Worcestershire, England I1670
50 Walton, Ann  Abt 1825Worcestershire, England I66016

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Harris, Eliza  1821Worcestershire, England I47572


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Banner, Thomas  Worcestershire, England I1750047252
2 Besford, Sir Alexander  Worcestershire, England I1750064085
3 Clare, Sir Francis  Worcestershire, England I1750059906
4 Lyttelton, Sir John Cavendish 9th Viscount Cobham  Worcestershire, England I7739094692
5 Packington, John  Worcestershire, England I1750062238
6 Rushout  Worcestershire, England I7739213084
7 Rushout, Anne  Worcestershire, England I7739213085
8 Rushout, Elizabeth  Worcestershire, England I7739213087
9 Rushout, Harriet  Worcestershire, England I7739189855
10 Washbourne, Norman  Worcestershire, England I1750051415
11 Wroth, John  Worcestershire, England I1750049612


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hancox /   Abt 1643Worcestershire, England F11596
2 Hancox / Attwood   Abt 1864Worcestershire, England F12222
3 Hancox / Baker  Abt 1832Worcestershire, England F11758
4 Hancox / Bishop  Abt 1875Worcestershire, England F12406
5 Hancox / Coley  Abt 1835Worcestershire, England F11756
6 Hancox / Harris  1891Worcestershire, England F12752
7 Hancox / Humphrys  Abt 1851Worcestershire, England F12403
8 Peters / Massey  2 Nov 1763Worcestershire, England F22000420
9 Rutter / Hancox  Abt 1885Worcestershire, England F11720
10 SCHWEITZER / Ellerby  1Q 1868Worcestershire, England F122014641
11 Walker /   Abt 1821Worcestershire, England F11015
12 Walker / England?  Abt 1833Worcestershire, England F15375
13 Walker / Vincent  Abt 1863Worcestershire, England F10964