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Worthing, West Sussex, England



Location : Latitude: 50.818083, Longitude: -0.3570556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barber, Hazel   I479984922
2 Blackshall, Annie  Abt 1876Worthing, West Sussex, England I1750290530
3 Brabyn, Nigel Peter   I18022726
4 Briscoe, Walter William  Abt Jan 1901Worthing, West Sussex, England I1750042687
5 Campbell, Glenys E  Dec 1938Worthing, West Sussex, England I77402664079731
6 Carter, Ann  1869Worthing, West Sussex, England I1748479267
7 Carter, Caroline E  1875Worthing, West Sussex, England I1748479268
8 Carter, Edwin  1872Worthing, West Sussex, England I1748479269
9 Carter, Ellen  1877Worthing, West Sussex, England I1748479270
10 Carter, George  1867Worthing, West Sussex, England I1748479271
11 Carter, Mary  1863Worthing, West Sussex, England I1748479272
12 Cawkwell, Brian  Sep 1951Worthing, West Sussex, England I66074
13 Cawkwell, Christine J  Jun 1948Worthing, West Sussex, England I66073
14 Cawkwell, Deidre J  Mar 1956Worthing, West Sussex, England I66076
15 Cawkwell, Douglas  Jun 1947Worthing, West Sussex, England I66071
16 Cawkwell, Josephine E  Mar 1943Worthing, West Sussex, England I66070
17 Cawkwell, Katharine A  Dec 1940Worthing, West Sussex, England I66068
18 Cawkwell, Martin  Mar 1953Worthing, West Sussex, England I66075
19 Cawkwell, Patricia  Dec 1941Worthing, West Sussex, England I66069
20 Cawkwell, Raymond  Jun 1947Worthing, West Sussex, England I66072
21 Cawkwell, Ronald  Dec 1938Worthing, West Sussex, England I66067
22 Coy, Christopher R   I77402664104501
23 Coy, Maureen JC   I77402664104290
24 Glasby, Kerry   I077402664082873
25 Glasby, Stacy   I077402664082874
26 Grevett, Charles  1841Worthing, West Sussex, England I1748486409
27 Hall, Jessica Anne   I077402664082880
28 Hall, LewisMartin   I077402664082879
29 Mears, Ellen  Abt 1839Worthing, West Sussex, England I33587
30 MILES, MARIA  1819Worthing, West Sussex, England I77402664101498
31 Musselwhite  Aug 2013Worthing, West Sussex, England I49272
32 Muzeen, Scott   I077402664082877
33 Muzeen, Steven   I077402664082875
34 Payne, Margaret Rose  6 Jun 1858Worthing, West Sussex, England I711501
35 Phillips, Nesta  Mar 1943Worthing, West Sussex, England I83721
36 Sale, George Charles  1867Worthing, West Sussex, England I77402504768722
37 Smith, Alfred C  Abt 1898Worthing, West Sussex, England I1748487581
38 Thomas, Charles Henry  6 Apr 1905Worthing, West Sussex, England I77402664228648
39 Thomas, EdithMary  1866Worthing, West Sussex, England I20177
40 Thomas, Ernest Alfred Johnson  1869Worthing, West Sussex, England I20162
41 Tucker, Sarah  1774Worthing, West Sussex, England I77402664084764
42 Turner, Louisa  1811Worthing, West Sussex, England I77402664084762
43 Vollans, Dora  Abt 1887Worthing, West Sussex, England I712544
44 Vollans, Edith Violet  1890Worthing, West Sussex, England I712546
45 Vollans, Lilian  Abt 1886Worthing, West Sussex, England I712572
46 Wackerly, Wallace R  1907Worthing, West Sussex, England I77402664101768
47 Wingfield  Abt 1901Worthing, West Sussex, England I1750290531


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Christine  Jan 1994Worthing, West Sussex, England I69110289
2 Atkins, Richard Wilson  13 Jan 1994Worthing, West Sussex, England I78310
3 Axe, Aldred John  1992Worthing, West Sussex, England I480038915
4 Axe, Bernard George  2006Worthing, West Sussex, England I480094976
5 Axe, Dorothy May  Between Oct-Dec 1983Worthing, West Sussex, England I22972
6 Blakey, Florence Emily  29 Sep 1964Worthing, West Sussex, England I99438119
7 Boniface, Elizabeth  22 Aug 1933Worthing, West Sussex, England I1748487557
8 Chantler, Mary Theodora  18 Feb 1979Worthing, West Sussex, England I1748486942
9 Court, Elizabeth Harriette  15 Jul 1956Worthing, West Sussex, England I88731
10 COX, Albert William John  Aug 1985Worthing, West Sussex, England I122023875
11 COX, Winifred EdithMay  Mar 2005Worthing, West Sussex, England I122023877
12 Coy, James Thomas William  1974Worthing, West Sussex, England I77402664097411
13 Downey, Margaret  1 Dec 1953Worthing, West Sussex, England I18031361
14 Drury, Mabel Frances  1963Worthing, West Sussex, England I88212
15 Dubock, Frank Edward  Between Oct-Dec 1953Worthing, West Sussex, England I12864
16 Dutch, Constance Winifred  13 Jun 2000Worthing, West Sussex, England I78309
17 Glasby, Edgar  Mar 1999Worthing, West Sussex, England I077402664081440
18 HEARN, Violet Amy  Jul 2001Worthing, West Sussex, England I122023876
19 Hornsby, PamelaMargaret  05 Sep 2004Worthing, West Sussex, England I1197328
20 Jepson, Arnold  1978Worthing, West Sussex, England I06781938688
21 Lane, Wilmot Osborne  2004Worthing, West Sussex, England I88907856
22 Law, Arthur Dudley  1 Feb 1830Worthing, West Sussex, England I7739196759
23 Ledbetter, Ellen  May 2000Worthing, West Sussex, England I52325
24 Lett, John  1844Worthing, West Sussex, England I94117
25 Maw, Eric  Septr 1968Worthing, West Sussex, England I1750863882
26 Maw, Helen Alice  Dectr 1946Worthing, West Sussex, England I1750857185
27 Maw, Percival Trentham  Martr 1940Worthing, West Sussex, England I1750857140
28 Mole, Gordon Robert  Oct 1997Worthing, West Sussex, England I24693
29 Mole, Percy Arthur  Oct 1988Worthing, West Sussex, England I1417
30 Olivier, Gerard Kerr  Mar 1939Worthing, West Sussex, England I77402664082083
31 OUGHTRED, Monica  3Q 1989Worthing, West Sussex, England I122023234
32 OWEN, Caroline Louisa  Jun 1944Worthing, West Sussex, England I122024035
33 Packe, Blanche Gordon  Nov 1996Worthing, West Sussex, England I1748697513
34 Parker, Ellen Louisa  19 Jan 1961Worthing, West Sussex, England I1313
35 Pay, Susannah  12 Feb 1939Worthing, West Sussex, England I24675
36 Peter, Dora Anne  1950Worthing, West Sussex, England I102809
37 Saddler, Margaret Isabella  Dec 1987Worthing, West Sussex, England I77402664082991
38 SANDERSON, William Heny  16 Jun 1964Worthing, West Sussex, England I122021155
39 Shaw, George Edward  Between Jul-Sep 1979Worthing, West Sussex, England I23255
40 Shaw, Percy Jocelyn  1977Worthing, West Sussex, England I88763
41 Slater, Lily Elizabeth  Mar 1973Worthing, West Sussex, England I077402664080907
42 Sykes, Eric William  Apr 1998Worthing, West Sussex, England I78412312
43 Thomas, Alice Jane  Mar 1940Worthing, West Sussex, England I20189
44 Thomas, Charles Edward Smart  Sep 1947Worthing, West Sussex, England I20184
45 Thomas, Charles Henry  8 Jan 1971Worthing, West Sussex, England I77402664228648
46 Thomas, Ivy Violet R  1988Worthing, West Sussex, England I38771
47 Thomas, SusannahMary  Mar 1939Worthing, West Sussex, England I77402664112039
48 Thomas, Winifred May  Dec 1986Worthing, West Sussex, England I24678
49 Tucker, Sarah  8 Jul 1842Worthing, West Sussex, England I77402664084764
50 Tullett, William  1917Worthing, West Sussex, England I1748487548

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Blakey, Florence Emily  10/11/1964Worthing, West Sussex, England I99438119


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bell / Coy   F3333821552
2 Carr / Glasby   F3333812119
3 Cawkwell / Murphy  Mar 1938Worthing, West Sussex, England F13720
4 Coy / Bere   F3333821589
5 Coy / HASLETT  1936Worthing, West Sussex, England F3333819741
6 Hall / Glasby   F3333812120
7 Medhurst / Platts  Dec 1939Worthing, West Sussex, England F1944438499
8 Vollans / Payne  14 May 1886Worthing, West Sussex, England F271769
9 Wildash / Hammond  Mar 1941Worthing, West Sussex, England F1345827369
10 Wingfield / Tucker  12 Sep 1797Worthing, West Sussex, England F3333813685