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Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England



Latitude: 52.1115210, Longitude: -0.1645830


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chesham, Alfred  1879Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095258
2 Chesham, Alice  1873Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095352
3 Chesham, David  1862Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095250
4 Chesham, Elizabeth  1850Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095248
5 Chesham, Elizabeth  13 Dec 1877Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095184
6 Chesham, Emma  1870Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095252
7 Chesham, Emma  1875Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095257
8 Chesham, George  1871Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095254
9 Chesham, Jane  1852Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095259
10 Chesham, Jane  1854Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095249
11 Chesham, Martha  1864Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095251
12 Chesham, Nathan  1848Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095247
13 Chesham, Sarah A  1846Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095246
14 Chesham, Sarah Ann  6 Oct 1880Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095181
15 Chesham, William  16 Jan 1857Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095183
16 Chessum, John  1776Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095255
17 Chessum, Nathan  1833Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095244
18 Chessum, Thomas  1736Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095937
19 Dart, Frances  Abt 1821Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500307576
20 Dart, Mary  1822Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500307575
21 Endersby, Alfred  14 Jan 1882?Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095407
22 Endersby, AnnMary  1843Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664096039
23 Endersby, Esther  28 Oct 1852Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095182
24 Endersby, Julia  1851Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095969
25 Endersby, Maria  1841Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664096040
26 Endersby, Sarah  1845Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095967
27 Endersby, Thomas  1850Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664096041
28 Endersby, Timothy  25 Jun 1822Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095443
29 Endersby, Timothy  1847Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095968
30 Endersby, William  Abt 1797Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095445
31 Endersby, William  1860Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095970
32 Ensby, Zillah  1819Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500307578
33 Gillions, Sarah  1790Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500307553
34 Ginn, Anne  1823Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500307563
35 Ginn, Charlotte  1815Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500307560
36 Ginn, David  Abt 1850Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500307573
37 Ginn, Elizabeth  1809Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500307561
38 Ginn, Frances  1819Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500307557
39 Ginn, George  Abt 1849Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500307572
40 Ginn, Jane  1784Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500305785
41 Ginn, Joseph  1783Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500305781
42 Ginn, Joseph  1817Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500307562
43 Ginn, Mary  1814Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500307559
44 Ginn, Sarah  1814Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500307558
45 Ginn, Simeon  Abt 1829Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500307554
46 Ginn, William  Abt 1822Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I3500307555
47 Matthews, Elizabeth  26 Apr 1770Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095448
48 Medlock, Arthur W  1860Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664096452
49 Medlock, David  1842Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664096069
50 Medlock, Eliza  1845Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664096078

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Endersby, William  21 May 1797Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095445


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bayley, Elizabeth  18 DecWrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095938
2 Chesham, Jane  20 MarWrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095259
3 Chessum, Nathan  1893Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095244
4 Chessum, Thomas  17 Feb Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095937


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Chesham, David  21stSept1862Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095250
2 Chesham, Elizabeth  24 Feb 1850Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095248
3 Chesham, Elizabeth  6 Jan 1878Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095184
4 Chesham, Emma  25 Sep 1870Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095252
5 Chesham, Emma  26 Sep 1875Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095257
6 Chesham, Jane  19 Dec 1852Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095259
7 Chesham, Jane  22 Jan 1854Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095249
8 Chesham, Martha  23 Oct 1864Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095251
9 Chesham, Sarah A  13/18 Dec 1846Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095246
10 Chesham, William  15 Feb 1857Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095183
11 Chessum, John  29 Dec 1776Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095255
12 Chessum, Nathan  28 Apr 1833Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England I77402664095244


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chesham / Endersby  23 Dec 1876Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England F3333819263
2 Chesham / Yarrow  11 Oct 1868Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England F3333818987
3 Chessum / Bayley  4 Jul 1760Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England F3333819397
4 Chessum / Dunham  3 Nov 1824Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England F3333819002
5 Chessum / Morley  26 Mar 1848Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England F3333819005
6 Endersby / Matthews  10 Dec 1792Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England F3333819230
7 Endersby / Patterson  25 Jun 1817Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England F3333819490
8 Ginn / Dart  1854Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England F1345573490
9 Ginn / Gillions  13 Sep 1808Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England F1345573486
10 Stratton / Ginn  1840Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire, England F1345573492