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York, Yorkshire UK



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barker, George Henry  1859York, Yorkshire UK I113170
2 Bell, Dorothy Lilian  1908York, Yorkshire UK I113872
3 Bell, Edwin Noel  1913York, Yorkshire UK I113873
4 Bell, Muriel  1905York, Yorkshire UK I113871
5 Benson, Hannah   I113378
6 Bewlay, Ann  1775York, Yorkshire UK I114138
7 Bewlay, Ann Elizabeth  1830York, Yorkshire UK I114081
8 Bewlay, Edward  30 Jul 1807York, Yorkshire UK I113673
9 Bewlay, Elizabeth  15 Jan 1809York, Yorkshire UK I113674
10 Bewlay, Elizabeth  1852York, Yorkshire UK I114103
11 Bewlay, Frederick  1843York, Yorkshire UK I113630
12 Bewlay, Henry  8 Jan 1770York, Yorkshire UK I113697
13 Bewlay, Henry  25 Dec 1801York, Yorkshire UK I113610
14 Bewlay, Henry  25 Dec 1801York, Yorkshire UK I113626
15 Bewlay, Henry  1827York, Yorkshire UK I114078
16 Bewlay, Henry Watson  15 Jan 1840York, Yorkshire UK I113629
17 Bewlay, James  5 Dec 1805York, Yorkshire UK I113672
18 Bewlay, Jane  1824York, Yorkshire UK I114076
19 Bewlay, Jane  1849York, Yorkshire UK I114102
20 Bewlay, John  8 Jun 1799York, Yorkshire UK I113669
21 Bewlay, Lily  1881York, Yorkshire UK I114107
22 Bewlay, Mary Ann  1847York, Yorkshire UK I113631
23 Bewlay, Richard  7 Feb 1810York, Yorkshire UK I113675
24 Bewlay, Richard  1815York, Yorkshire UK I113676
25 Bewlay, Richard  1815York, Yorkshire UK I114075
26 Bewlay, Robert  1772York, Yorkshire UK I114137
27 Bewlay, Robert  22 May 1800York, Yorkshire UK I113670
28 Bewlay, Rose  30 Jul 1883York, Yorkshire UK I114109
29 Bewlay, Sarah  6 Feb 1803York, Yorkshire UK I113671
30 Bewlay, Sarah Ann  1835York, Yorkshire UK I113628
31 Bewlay, Thomas  1832York, Yorkshire UK I114083
32 Bewlay, Thomas  1857York, Yorkshire UK I114104
33 Bewlay, William  1833York, Yorkshire UK I113627
34 Booth, Hannah Mary  1857York, Yorkshire UK I114105
35 Brough, Eric J  27 Feb 1913York, Yorkshire UK I113179
36 Brough, Florence Gertrude (Twin)  1901York, Yorkshire UK I113185
37 Brough, Ivy  5 Aug 1905York, Yorkshire UK I113189
38 Brough, Joseph E.  26 Mar 1923York, Yorkshire UK I113195
39 Brough, Joseph Matthew (Twin)  1901York, Yorkshire UK I113186
40 Brough, Mary  15 Jan 1909York, Yorkshire UK I113193
41 Brough, Phyllis  11 Jun 1909York, Yorkshire UK I113191
42 Brough, Violet Ethel  23 Oct 1903York, Yorkshire UK I113187
43 Cawkill, Elizabeth  1815York, Yorkshire UK I113568
44 Cawkill, Harriet  1817York, Yorkshire UK I113608
45 Cawkill, Isabella  17 Jan 1812York, Yorkshire UK I113607
46 Cawkill, John  1820York, Yorkshire UK I113609
47 Connell, Sarah  1825York, Yorkshire UK I113811
48 Danby, Albert William  14 Nov 1908York, Yorkshire UK I113359
49 Danby, Harold Edwin  1907York, Yorkshire UK I113358
50 Danby, James Walter  21 Nov 1916York, Yorkshire UK I113361

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bewlay, Ann Elizabeth  25 Dec 1830York, Yorkshire UK I114081
2 Bewlay, Henry  8 Jul 1827York, Yorkshire UK I114078
3 Bewlay, Jane  30 May 1824York, Yorkshire UK I114076
4 Bewlay, Lily  3 Jul 1881York, Yorkshire UK I114107
5 Bewlay, Thomas  25 Dec 1832York, Yorkshire UK I114083
6 Cawkill, Elizabeth  5 Mar 1815York, Yorkshire UK I113568
7 Featherstone, John  30 May 1858York, Yorkshire UK I114111
8 Featherstone, Tom Strettell  21 Jul 1872York, Yorkshire UK I114123
9 Hodgson, Ada  25 Feb 1850York, Yorkshire UK I114171
10 Varey, Norman  15 Jan 1891York, Yorkshire UK I113876


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Backhouse, Stephen  1838York, Yorkshire UK I113778
2 Barnes, Mary  1885York, Yorkshire UK I114079
3 Bell, Muriel  1907York, Yorkshire UK I113871
4 Bewlay, Ann  5 Jun 1775York, Yorkshire UK I114138
5 Bewlay, Ann Elizabeth  1888York, Yorkshire UK I114081
6 Bewlay, Frederick  1927York, Yorkshire UK I113630
7 Bewlay, Henry  1877York, Yorkshire UK I113610
8 Bewlay, Henry  1877York, Yorkshire UK I113626
9 Bewlay, Henry  1894York, Yorkshire UK I114078
10 Bewlay, Jane  1856York, Yorkshire UK I114102
11 Bewlay, John (Twin)  1862York, Yorkshire UK I114085
12 Bewlay, Mary Ann  29 Jan 1921York, Yorkshire UK I113631
13 Bewlay, Richard  20 Feb 1811York, Yorkshire UK I113675
14 Bewlay, Richard  Jul 1815York, Yorkshire UK I114075
15 Bewlay, Robert  Feb 1844York, Yorkshire UK I113670
16 Bewlay, Sarah Ann  1839York, Yorkshire UK I113628
17 Bewlay, Thomas  1883York, Yorkshire UK I114104
18 Booth, Hannah Mary  1885York, Yorkshire UK I114105
19 Brough, Florence Gertrude (Twin)  1901York, Yorkshire UK I113185
20 Brough, George Exley  1956York, Yorkshire UK I113174
21 Brough, Joseph Matthew (Twin)  1901York, Yorkshire UK I113186
22 Brough, Oliver  1959York, Yorkshire UK I113177
23 Brough, Vida  1948York, Yorkshire UK I113172
24 Cawkill, Ann  1882York, Yorkshire UK I113605
25 Cawkill, Harriet  1840York, Yorkshire UK I113608
26 Cawkill, Sarah  Feb 1837York, Yorkshire UK I113603
27 Cawkill, William  1814York, Yorkshire UK I113606
28 Cawkill, William  Aug 1841York, Yorkshire UK I113601
29 Cuthbert, George  1924York, Yorkshire UK I113965
30 Danby, James Walter  1976York, Yorkshire UK I113361
31 Danby, Monica  1920York, Yorkshire UK I113360
32 Dibb, Hannah  Mar 1838York, Yorkshire UK I113777
33 Dibb, Hannah  Mar 1838York, Yorkshire UK I114144
34 Dobson, Harry Hudson  1956York, Yorkshire UK I113296
35 Featherstone, Charles  1866York, Yorkshire UK I114116
36 Featherstone, Edward  1886York, Yorkshire UK I114110
37 Featherstone, Fred  1939York, Yorkshire UK I114117
38 Featherstone, Jane  21 Nov 1922York, Yorkshire UK I114114
39 Featherstone, Tom  1869York, Yorkshire UK I114120
40 Featherstone, Tom Strettell  1950York, Yorkshire UK I114123
41 Franks, Harry  1979York, Yorkshire UK I112326
42 Franks, Hilda  2004York, Yorkshire UK I112328
43 Hall, Nathan  1989York, Yorkshire UK I113199
44 Hodgson, Ada  1913York, Yorkshire UK I114171
45 Hutchinson, Sarah Woods  1876York, Yorkshire UK I106405
46 Jordan, Elizabeth  1882York, Yorkshire UK I113363
47 Lamb, Sarah  1936York, Yorkshire UK I113834
48 Metcalfe, Sarah  1913York, Yorkshire UK I113844
49 Moiser, Charles  1883York, Yorkshire UK I114180
50 Moiser, Edward  1873York, Yorkshire UK I113784

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Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bellerby / Smith  1933York, Yorkshire UK F27635
2 Bewlay / Mooring  1858York, Yorkshire UK F27999
3 Brough / Walker  1910York, Yorkshire UK F27634
4 Carwood / Brough  1931York, Yorkshire UK F27640
5 Coates / Lyth  1909York, Yorkshire UK F27929
6 Danby / Oxberry  1905York, Yorkshire UK F27721
7 Dutton / Varey  1908York, Yorkshire UK F27915
8 Featherstone / Attwood  16 Jan 1897York, Yorkshire UK F28011
9 Franks / Athom  1942York, Yorkshire UK F26714
10 Franks / Bedford  1929York, Yorkshire UK F26708
11 Franks / Erringtpn  1933York, Yorkshire UK F26706
12 Horner / Franks  1934York, Yorkshire UK F26713
13 Hutchinson / Woods  1867York, Yorkshire UK F25068
14 Hutchinson / Woods  1867York, Yorkshire UK F25069
15 Lancaster / Vary  1886York, Yorkshire UK F27913
16 Matchett / Brough  1932York, Yorkshire UK F27641
17 Metcalfe / Franks  1939York, Yorkshire UK F26720
18 Moiser / Hopwood  1843York, Yorkshire UK F28040
19 Peters / Cayton  1936York, Yorkshire UK F27923
20 Peters / Lund  1928York, Yorkshire UK F27922
21 Schofield / Moiser  1921York, Yorkshire UK F28035
22 Smith / Brough  1906York, Yorkshire UK F27632
23 Thacker / Bewlay  1847York, Yorkshire UK F27992
24 Vary / Lamb  1876York, Yorkshire UK F27910
25 Waites / Hudson  1894York, Yorkshire UK F27668
26 Woods / Hutchinson  1873York, Yorkshire UK F25075