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County Durham, England



Latitude: 54.68364, Longitude: -1.82018


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1710County Durham, England I77402664110456
2 Isabella  Abt 1814County Durham, England I122026485
3 Adamson, Mary  4 Mar 1920County Durham, England I192481781
4 Alderson, George  Abt 1853County Durham, England I20991944
5 Algood, Jane  INT (1695)County Durham, England I1749980544
6 Algood, Jane  Abt 1695County Durham, England I480041966
7 Almond, Madaline   I77402503627336
8 Apperley, James  1949County Durham, England I18028565
9 Apperley, Richard   I18028557
10 Armitage, Lily  14 Jun 1913County Durham, England I77402664089116
11 Askew, May  17 Aug 1917County Durham, England I42436
12 Aveyard, Edith  1880County Durham, England I1748488783
13 Bassett, John  1880County Durham, England I77402455290733
14 Benson, Anthony Charles Stewart  04 Feb 1872County Durham, England I75571636
15 Benson, Jennie  04 Jun 1913County Durham, England I13301339
16 Bolam, John  Dec 1941County Durham, England I83877
17 Bone, Gavin Williamson  Sep 1940County Durham, England I97361
18 Brown, Eva  Sep 1913County Durham, England I99129
19 Brown, Joseph  1844County Durham, England I99042
20 Callan, Vivian   I77402503627350
21 Carverhill, Joshua Richard   I18028826
22 Cawthorn, William  Abt 1760County Durham, England I480042788
23 Collin, Charlotte  1859County Durham, England I479780483
24 Collin, George  1857County Durham, England I479780482
25 Collin, Sarah  1860County Durham, England I479780484
26 Collin, William  1855County Durham, England I479780481
27 Cranmer, Robert  Abt 1762County Durham, England I96360868
28 Cumiskey, AlisonM   I18021802
29 Cumiskey, Kevin S   I18021801
30 Cumiskey, Paul   I18035601
31 Cumiskey, Phillip   I18034689
32 Cutts, Anna  Abt 1900County Durham, England I77402647588056
33 Cutts, George  Abt 1900County Durham, England I77402647588062
34 Cutts, Thomas  Abt 1900County Durham, England I77402647588074
35 Darbyshire, Alan  Sep 1945County Durham, England I85726
36 Darbyshire, George  Dec 1948County Durham, England I86465
37 Darbyshire, William  Dec 1943County Durham, England I86464
38 Darwood, Stanley  Abt 1926County Durham, England I0746504484
39 Deighton, Joseph  1903County Durham, England I22000526
40 Devine, Kenneth James   I77402664109623
41 Devine, Nicola Jane   I77402664109625
42 Dixon, Mary  1695County Durham, England I22001895
43 ETHERINGTON, Jane  Abt 1869County Durham, England I122021360
44 Ferens, James  18 Mar 1828County Durham, England I122023157
45 Ferens, Jane  17 Sep 1829County Durham, England I122023158
46 Ferens, Paul  4 Dec 1791County Durham, England I122022983
47 Furnaval, Louis  County Durham, England I77402647732009
48 Golightly, Ann  1651County Durham, England I77402664109725
49 Grimley, Andrew  Abt 1879County Durham, England I7057312
50 Hanson, Mary  1859County Durham, England I77402664098360

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Apperley, James  1 Dec 1949County Durham, England I18028565
2 Apperley, JamesMatthew  1 Feb 1918County Durham, England I18028277
3 Apperley, Margaret Jane  1 Mar 1977County Durham, England I18028561
4 Backhouse, Fred  30 Jan 1960County Durham, England I77402664087746
5 Bailey, James  Feb 2006County Durham, England I24031520
6 Benson, Anthony Charles Stewart  Abt 1953County Durham, England I75571636
7 Brown, Eva  Sep 1915County Durham, England I99129
8 Burfield, Henry Collingham  Apr-May-Jun 1939County Durham, England I22000267
9 Colling, Mathew  County Durham, England I61879540
10 Crinnall, Robert Alexander  26 Oct 1890County Durham, England I100526556
11 Danforth, Wright Ernest  1934County Durham, England I77402664092698
12 Ferens, Jane  11 Jan 1827County Durham, England I122023156
13 Ferens, Jane  11 Apr 1830County Durham, England I122023158
14 Ferens, Kate Elizabeth  1915County Durham, England I122022825
15 Ferens, Michael Radcliffe  6 Apr 1990County Durham, England I122023220
16 Ferens, Thomas Waller  1898County Durham, England I122017025
17 Ferens, William  30 May 1886County Durham, England I122023155
18 Fox, John Thomas  1976County Durham, England I0763170011
19 Grimley, Charles Unsworth  May 1990County Durham, England I69183056
20 Grimley, Margaret Agnes  21 Aug 1956County Durham, England I11527648
21 Grimley, Owen  07 Mar 1940County Durham, England I21164780
22 Hancox, Alfred Henry  1957County Durham, England I57057
23 Hancox, Ernest  1970County Durham, England I60491
24 Hancox, Ruth  1972County Durham, England I60485
25 Holmes, Edith  1 Apr 1998County Durham, England I18034515
26 Holmes, Mary Alice  1976County Durham, England I18034514
27 Hutchinson, Ann  Abt 1884County Durham, England I20335232
28 Jackson, Emily  Abt 1964County Durham, England I79988339
29 Leonard, Mary Wood  Between Jul and Sep 1953County Durham, England I77402664089762
30 Lumsdon, Edward Henderson  Aft 1911County Durham, England I42272
31 McGregor, RobertMc Farlane  Jun 1960County Durham, England I77402664110984
32 McWilliamsab, Eleanor  1972County Durham, England I57789140
33 Redfern, John Thomas  14 Aug 1947County Durham, England I18412417
34 Roberts, Esther  1973County Durham, England I0763179218
35 Routledge, Margaret  Abt 1864County Durham, England I41992
36 Smailes, Mathew  7 Dec 1869County Durham, England I86955
37 SPENCE, John  13 Mar 1778County Durham, England I77402664110233
38 SPENCE, Phoebe  23 Oct 1814County Durham, England I77402664110234
39 Thompson, Alexander  1906County Durham, England I77402664110288
40 Tindle, Elizabeth  Abt 1891County Durham, England I90801926
41 Tindle, Robert  Abt 1890County Durham, England I97607812
42 Tindle, Thomas Turner  06 May 1884County Durham, England I30817280
43 Vasey, Ebenezer  Dec 1891County Durham, England I121002555
44 Walker  20 Sep 1922County Durham, England I42435
45 Walker, Arthur  1979County Durham, England I42280
46 Walker, Cecilia  1999County Durham, England I42428
47 Walker, Dorothy  2001County Durham, England I42430
48 Walker, Elizabeth  2002County Durham, England I42429
49 Walker, Ethel  2000County Durham, England I42426
50 Walker, Ethel Jane  1977County Durham, England I42275

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Walker  21 Sep 1922County Durham, England I42435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Hampson, Patricia Rosemary   I77402416617704
2 Woodward, Roberta Denise   I77402549671625


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 STOBS, Ann  1712County Durham, England I77402664110250
2 Watson, Margaret  1670County Durham, England I77402664110366
3 Watson, Margaret  1670County Durham, England I77402664110366
4 Wearmouth, Elizabeth Billingham  1646County Durham, England I77402664110375
5 Wearmouth, Elizabeth Billingham  1646County Durham, England I77402664110375
6 Wearmouth, Elizabeth Billingham  1646County Durham, England I77402664110375
7 Wearmouth, William  1668County Durham, England I77402664110382


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Ferens, Henry Edwin  4 Aug 1933County Durham, England I122022995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Digby, Sophia Charlotte  County Durham, England I7739252823
2 Hoban, Owen  1941County Durham, England I43207805
3 Lambton, Beatrix Louisa  County Durham, England I7739103907
4 Lambton, Lieutenant Commander D'Arcy  County Durham, England I7739261072
5 Lambton, Frederick William  County Durham, England I7739130627


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Apperley / Leeming   F28022240
2 Barrass / Revell  26 Apr 1912County Durham, England F672807384
3 Beadle / Marshall  Apr 1877County Durham, England F3333822507
4 Brown / Nicholson  Aug 1941County Durham, England F99005
5 Carverhill / Holmes   F28023070
6 Cawley / Williams  1928County Durham, England F1830658
7 Chambers / Reynolds  Sep 1942County Durham, England F829022
8 CHRISP / BRUNTON  1930County Durham, England F122015372
9 Conlin / Boyle  1947County Durham, England F3333819045
10 Cumiskey / Hamill   F28022849
11 Darbyshire / Combey  Jun 1939County Durham, England F20683
12 Devine / Bell  Mar 1967County Durham, England F3333822850
13 Elliott / Guire   F28026478
14 Fagan / Unsworth  01/03/1879County Durham, England F92338647
15 Harrod / Woodward  27 Aug 1904County Durham, England F01826514
16 Heslop / Alderson  1868County Durham, England F38307911
17 Holmes / GARFOOT  1 Dec 1939County Durham, England F28021876
18 Holmes / Hall   F28021877
19 Holmes / Shaw   F28023768
20 Holtby / Hall  Jul 1946County Durham, England F100022
21 Jukes / Brunton  Mar 1981County Durham, England F21556
22 Lee / Holmes   F28023069
23 Lockie / Sample  Mar 1942County Durham, England F28024825
24 Lumsdon / Walker  1883County Durham, England F3835
25 McKee / Guire  1934County Durham, England F28025786
26 Parker / Jackson   F19020101
27 Parker / Thomson   F19020102
28 Patterson / Apperley  26 Dec 1925County Durham, England F19020740
29 Simpson / Hagger   F28023789
30 Simpson / Hamill   F28023788
31 Smith / Cumiskey   F19020936
32 Stobbs / Raine  Abt 1837County Durham, England F3333822561
33 Swinbank / Firbank   F1830660
34 Symcox / Henderson  Sep 1940County Durham, England F6824
35 Toas / Jackson  1897County Durham, England F67528329
36 Todd / Apperley  1 Mar 1927County Durham, England F19020403
37 Walker / Oates  1941County Durham, England F3923
38 Walker / Wood  1914County Durham, England F3948
39 Wearmouth / SPENCE  19 Oct 1793County Durham, England F3333822670
40 Wearmouth / Watson  1691County Durham, England F3333822690