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Doncaster, Yorkshire UK



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Audas, Herbert  6 Jan 1907Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111602
2 Baxter, Jack Ridgill  1915Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112534
3 Baxter, Robert Howitt  29 Sep 1918Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112535
4 Boothman, Albert  1872Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111493
5 Boothman, Cecil Arthur  1892Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111500
6 Boothman, Edith Mary  1876Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111510
7 Boothman, Joseph Trippett  28 Feb 1882Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111497
8 Boothman, Leonora Alice  1878Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111511
9 Boothman, Mary Elizabeth  1874Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111509
10 Boothman, Mary Elizabeth  1877Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111495
11 Boothman, Mary Ellis  1879Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111512
12 Boothman, Stephen  1880Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111496
13 Boothman, Susannah Maria  1874Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111494
14 Boothman, Thomas William  27 Feb 1873Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111508
15 Boothman, Walter  28 Dec 1884Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111498
16 Deeble, Elsie  1898Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112396
17 Deeble, Horace  1896Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112395
18 Duckitt, John Dobson  21 Jan 1899Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I114044
19 Hawbrook, John William  1894Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111471
20 Hawksworth, Emily  1910Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112526
21 Holden, Susannah  1859Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111889
22 Neale, Ann  31 Aug 1849Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111507
23 Rawson, Alfred Edwin  1854Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112590
24 Rawson, Charles Harvey  1850Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112588
25 Rawson, Charles Septimus  12 Mar 1894Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112607
26 Rawson, Constance Helen  26 Jul 1898Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112608
27 Rawson, Dorothy Mona (Twin)  9 Aug 1890Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112604
28 Rawson, Florence Louise  15 Jan 1887Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112596
29 Rawson, Gertrude Millicent  23 May 1901Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112609
30 Rawson, Gladys Adeline  24 Oct 1891Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112606
31 Rawson, Harry Oliver  1856Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112591
32 Rawson, Jessie Dorothy Hetheringham  1883Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112594
33 Rawson, John Frederick Bardwell  22 Jun 1888Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112603
34 Rawson, Louisa Ann  1852Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112589
35 Rawson, Reginald Alfred (Twin)  9 Aug 1890Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112605
36 Rawson, Winifred Alice  8 Feb 1885Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112595
37 Rawson M.A., Theophilus John  1848Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112587
38 Ridgill, Freda Taylor  1904Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112021
39 Ridgill, Freda Taylor  1904Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112517
40 Ridgill, Phyllis  1905Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112518
41 Ridgill, Wilfred  4 May 1908Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112520
42 Stanley, Christiana  1902Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111566
43 Stanley, Fred  1892Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111564
44 Stanley, Harry  1897Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111565
45 Stanley, Mabel  1906Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111567
46 Varley, John Henry  1873Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112735


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Audas, Sabina Grace  22 Jan 1967Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111598
2 Boothman, Edith Mary  1877Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111510
3 Boothman, Mary Elizabeth  1875Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111509
4 Boothman, Mary Ellis  1880Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111512
5 Brayshaw, Laura Frances Ann  1946Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I114554
6 Chester, Emma  1921Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112580
7 Coult, George William  1944Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111792
8 Crookes, Clara  1900Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I123054053
9 Deeble, Reuben  1949Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112361
10 Fish, Ann  1913Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111530
11 Froomes, Maria  1920Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112585
12 Genn, Annie Auckland  Dec 1933Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112439
13 Genn, William Ridgill  1910Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112438
14 Gillott, Dorothy May  1907Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112533
15 Hanson, Margaret  1917Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I123054975
16 Hatton, Florence Bennett  1936Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112496
17 Hawksworth, Lucy  1977Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112525
18 Heatherington, Mary Alice  1923Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112593
19 Hobson, William  Feb 1914Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I123013466
20 Isle, Charles William  1922Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111533
21 Isle, Hannah Elizabeth  10 May 1970Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111536
22 Lister, Annette Agnes  1924Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112492
23 Ramsey, Thomas  1969Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111675
24 Rawson, Alfred Edwin  1859Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112590
25 Rawson, Charles Harvey  1908Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112588
26 Rawson, Dorothy Mona (Twin)  Oct 1890Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112604
27 Rawson, Edith  1960Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112631
28 Rawson, Edwin Charles  1901Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112566
29 Rawson, Fanny  1918Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112583
30 Rawson, Florence Louise  5 Jun 1970Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112596
31 Rawson, Frederica Annie  1915Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112627
32 Rawson, Harry Oliver  1926Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112591
33 Rawson, Joseph Solkhill (Sockhill)  1911Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112573
34 Rawson, Louisa Ann  1915Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112589
35 Rawson, Reginald Alfred (Twin)  Mar 1891Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112605
36 Rawson, Thomas  1916Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112571
37 Revill, Caroline  1905Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112586
38 Ridgill, Freda Taylor  Aug 1904Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112021
39 Ridgill, Freda Taylor  Aug 1904Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112517
40 Ridgill, Herbert  24 Feb 1954Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I123057352
41 Ridgill, Mary Ellen  1938Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112575
42 Ridgill, Phyllis  1909Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112518
43 Ridgill, Ruth  1948Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I123013468
44 Ridgill, Wilfred  1909Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112520
45 Ridgill, William  1912Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I123013550
46 Roberts, Jane  1921Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112615
47 Rowing, Emma  1929Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111491
48 Stanley, Hannah Eliza  1939Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111467
49 Taylor, Mary Ann  23 Jan 1939Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I123018530
50 Tomes, Ernest Cyril  20 May 1982Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I112509

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Isle, Charles William  21 Aug 1922Doncaster, Yorkshire UK I111533


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boothman / Rowing  1868Doncaster, Yorkshire UK F26383
2 Boothman / Steers  1890Doncaster, Yorkshire UK F26384
3 Deeble / Ridgill  1916Doncaster, Yorkshire UK F26760
4 Hawbrook / Stanley  1885Doncaster, Yorkshire UK F26379
5 Massey / Barnes  1929Doncaster, Yorkshire UK F26762
6 Stanley / Holgate  1860Doncaster, Yorkshire UK F26397