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Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany



City/Town : Latitude: 51.0509576, Longitude: 13.733658


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Augustus Duke of Saxe-Weissenfels  13 Aug 1614Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I7098276878
2 Augustus III(the Saxon) King of Poland  17 Oct 1696Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I7739821127
3 Frederick Augustus I(Augustus IIthe Strong) King of Poland  12 May 1670Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I7739821133
4 John (Johann) Georg (e) I Elector of Saxony  05 Mar 1585Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I7001644581
5 John Georg II Elector of Saxony  31 May 1613Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I7739821129
6 John Georg III Elector of Saxony  20 Jun 1647Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I7739821131
7 of Saxony, August  7 Sep 1589Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I43049
8 of Saxony, Elisabeth  04 Feb 1830Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I7001554813
9 of Saxony, Maria Josepha Amalia Queen consort of Spain  6 Dec 1803Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I100536
10 of Saxony, Marie Elisabeth  22 Nov 1610Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I7001650921
11 of Saxony, Sophia Eleonore  23 Nov 1609Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I7001644583
12 of Wettin, Anna Princess consort of Orange, Princess of Saxony  23 Dec 1544Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I72389
13 of Wettin, Anna Grand Duchess of Tuscany, Princess of Saxony  4 Jan 1836Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I72159
14 of Wettin, Dorothea Princess of Saxony  4 Oct 1563Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I72387
15 of Wettin, Frederick Augustus (Friedrich August) III King of Saxony  25 May 1865Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I72158
16 of Wettin, George King of Saxony  8 Aug 1832Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I72148
17 of Wettin, Johann (John) King of Saxony  12 Dec 1801Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I72147
18 of Wettin, Magdalene Sibylle Princess of Denmark; Duchess of Saxe-Altenburg  23 Dec 1617Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I72355
19 of Wettin, Maximilian Prince of Saxony  13 Apr 1759Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I72090
20 Wettin, Christian I Elector of Saxony  29 Oct 1560Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I7001644585


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Augustus III(the Saxon) King of Poland  5 Oct 1763Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I7739821127
2 Maria Antonia Electress of Saxony, Princess of Bavaria  23 Apr 1780Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I72093
3 Maria Josepha Benedikta Antonia Theresia Xaveria Philippine (Maria Józefa)  17 Nov 1757Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I7739821128
4 de Bragança, Maria Ana of Portugal  5 Feb 1884Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I72157
5 of Oldenburg, Anna (Anne) Electress of Saxony  1 Oct 1585Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I7001644584
6 of Wettin, Anna Princess consort of Orange, Princess of Saxony  18 Dec 1577Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I72389
7 of Wettin, Augustus Elector of Saxony  11 Feb 1586Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I1750608300
8 of Wettin, Henry (Heinrich) III'the Illustrious (der Erlauchte) Landgrave of Thuringia, Margrave of Meissen (Meißen) and Last Margrave IV of Lusatia  15 Feb 1288Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I72775
9 of Wettin, Maximilian Prince of Saxony  3 Jan 1838Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I72090
10 Wettin, Christian I Elector of Saxony  25 Sep 1591Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I7001644585


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Bonaparte, Napoléon I Emperor of the French, King of Italy  Between 26 Aug 1813 and 27 Aug 1813Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I7098268174
2 Spencer-Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard  Between 13 Feb 1945 and 15 Feb 1945Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany I1750124550


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   13 Nov 1638Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany F1944366706
2 / von Württemberg  16 Sep 1604Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany F1346095121
3 / Wettin  11 Dec 1523Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany F673023876
4 Habsburg-Lorraine / of Wettin  24 Nov 1856Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany F15880
5 Habsburg-Lotharingen /   4 Nov 1856Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany F672668213
6 of Sardinia / of Saxony  22 Apr 1850Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany F1346040125
7 of Saxony / of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel  1 Jan 1612Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany F4812
8 of Wettin /   20 Jun 1747Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany F15850
9 of Wettin / de Parma  9 May 1792Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany F15849
10 of Wettin / of Wettin  11 Oct 1652Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany F15987
11 of Wettin / Wittelsbach  21 Nov 1822Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany F15872
12 Oldenburg / of Saxony  21 Feb 1630Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany F1346103807