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East Yorkshire, England



County/Shire : Latitude: 53.8217331, Longitude: -0.4476928


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  Abt 1770East Yorkshire, England I40626
2 Arnold, Jenny  31 Jan 1912East Yorkshire, England I08150589059
3 Aske, Robert  1484East Yorkshire, England I60028
4 Bailey, Leonard  1859East Yorkshire, England I702308
5 Boyes, Bielby  Abt 1808East Yorkshire, England I81451
6 Bradley, Clara Lily  Jun 1910East Yorkshire, England I08534645599
7 Calvert, Francis  1828East Yorkshire, England I50001112
8 Chatterton  1861East Yorkshire, England I1750122584
9 Chatterton, Ada  1854East Yorkshire, England I1750122581
10 Chatterton, Ann Eliza  1830East Yorkshire, England I1750122599
11 Chatterton, Bertha  1857East Yorkshire, England I1750122582
12 Chatterton, Emma  1826East Yorkshire, England I1750122602
13 Chatterton, Lucy  1866East Yorkshire, England I1750122586
14 Chatterton, Margaret  1835East Yorkshire, England I1750122604
15 Chatterton, Mary L  1858East Yorkshire, England I1750122583
16 Dalton, Betty  1776East Yorkshire, England I90990
17 Escreet, Thomas  1776East Yorkshire, England I90989
18 Hamlin, Thomas  1636East Yorkshire, England I77402664091139
19 Hawksworth, John  Abt 1897East Yorkshire, England I51456
20 Hawksworth, Rose  Abt 1900East Yorkshire, England I51460
21 Jackson, Hannah  1740East Yorkshire, England I06949863125
22 Langrick, Anne  1805East Yorkshire, England I06949868437
23 Langrick, Anne  1816East Yorkshire, England I06949861125
24 Langrick, Elizabeth  1813East Yorkshire, England I06949868442
25 Langrick, Frances  1812East Yorkshire, England I06949861124
26 Langrick, Hannah  8 Mar 1767East Yorkshire, England I06949863127
27 Langrick, Hannah  1792East Yorkshire, England I06949868424
28 Langrick, John  1800East Yorkshire, England I06949868432
29 Langrick, Mary  1818East Yorkshire, England I06949868445
30 Langrick, Richard  6 Oct 1733East Yorkshire, England I06949861117
31 Langrick, Richard  1806East Yorkshire, England I06949861121
32 Langrick, Richard  1815East Yorkshire, England I06949868444
33 Langrick, Robert  1810East Yorkshire, England I06949868441
34 Langrick, Samuel  1690East Yorkshire, England I06949863123
35 Langrick, Samuel  1797East Yorkshire, England I06949868430
36 Langrick, Sarah  1795East Yorkshire, England I06949868428
37 Langrick, Sarah  1809East Yorkshire, England I06949861122
38 Langrick, Thomas  1804East Yorkshire, England I06949868435
39 Langrick, William  1777East Yorkshire, England I06949877565
40 Langrick, William  1794East Yorkshire, England I06949868426
41 Leeman, George Arthur  Abt 1903East Yorkshire, England I34354
42 Pearson, William  Abt 1770East Yorkshire, England I40625
43 Potter, Frank Sanderson  18 Jan 1893East Yorkshire, England I06960850819
44 Potter, Frederick  1895East Yorkshire, England I06960850820
45 Potter, Harold  1897East Yorkshire, England I06960850821
46 Potter, Stanley  1899East Yorkshire, England I06960850822
47 Potter, William  1872East Yorkshire, England I06960848991
48 Robinson, Ann Elizabeth  1830East Yorkshire, England I1750121244
49 Robinson, Elvina  1840East Yorkshire, England I1750121249
50 Robinson, John T  1844East Yorkshire, England I1750121251

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Jenny  Jan 2003East Yorkshire, England I08150589059
2 ASHLEY, Katherine  1Q 1936East Yorkshire, England I122022925
3 Barker, Richard  Oct 1872East Yorkshire, England I77402664089149
4 Bellis, Walter  Sep 1957East Yorkshire, England I40283
5 Bowskill, Elizabeth  4 Apr 1879East Yorkshire, England I7098359451
6 Branton, John  Bef 1841East Yorkshire, England I90476
7 Branton, William  Bef 1871East Yorkshire, England I90286
8 Broderick, Emma  Mar 1888East Yorkshire, England I700248
9 Calvert, Sarah Ann  Jul 2002East Yorkshire, England I07746009393
10 Canty, Edward Smith  Sep 1854East Yorkshire, England I08581184644
11 Cooper, Barbara Louisa  May 2004East Yorkshire, England I15502
12 Crawforth, Matthew  1837East Yorkshire, England I91202
13 Dalton, Margaret  Jun 1892East Yorkshire, England I77402664226154
14 Dearing, Anthony  Feb 2004East Yorkshire, England I230037
15 Field, Harry  1 Mar 1915East Yorkshire, England I1748477525
16 Gardham, Roger  Jun 1876East Yorkshire, England I08159344847
17 HOLLIDAY, Christiana  Jun 1913East Yorkshire, England I122021454
18 Holtby, Ethel  Nov 2002East Yorkshire, England I101145
19 Johnson, Harriet  Dec 1912East Yorkshire, England I06853169944
20 Johnson, John  Mar 1869East Yorkshire, England I7738400676
21 Johnson, William  Jun 1872East Yorkshire, England I08547683900
22 Langdale, William  Jan 1900East Yorkshire, England I50000966
23 Langrick, Anne  1833East Yorkshire, England I06949861125
24 Langrick, Anne  1837East Yorkshire, England I06949868437
25 Langrick, Elizabeth  1840East Yorkshire, England I06949868442
26 Langrick, William  1846East Yorkshire, England I06949877565
27 Lund, William  Dec 1912East Yorkshire, England I07921329535
28 Marritt, Joseph  Dec 1887East Yorkshire, England I08522417775
29 Needham, Anne E  Sep 1911East Yorkshire, England I07860695648
30 Pantry, Albert  Jun 1881East Yorkshire, England I06325157421
31 Paver, Richard  Jun 1899East Yorkshire, England I08563690824
32 PEACOCK, Eliza  Oct 1911East Yorkshire, England I122021098
33 PEACOCK, Elizabeth Hannah  Apr 1881East Yorkshire, England I122021079
34 PRICE, Peter John  Apr 2004East Yorkshire, England I122023567
35 Rands, Elizabeth  Jun 1881East Yorkshire, England I08522416816
36 Render, Benjamin  Jun 1866East Yorkshire, England I08547093062
37 Render, Martha  Mar 1915East Yorkshire, England I08563693127
38 Saunderson, Hannah  Jun 1868East Yorkshire, England I08558941284
39 Saunderson, John  Mar 1861East Yorkshire, England I08558940251
40 Scrimshaw, Mehetabel  Jul 1895East Yorkshire, England I77402664226864
41 Shepherdson, Ann  Mar 2004East Yorkshire, England I77402664085008
42 Stainton, Hannah  Jun 1898East Yorkshire, England I77402101175576
43 Stowe, Joseph Hardwick  1964East Yorkshire, England I35833
44 Sutcliffe, John  Sep 1893East Yorkshire, England I08520232637
45 Sutcliffe, Margaret  Jun 1891East Yorkshire, England I08520231398
46 Sutcliffe, Maria  Dec 1874East Yorkshire, England I07909585347
47 Walker, Charles  Oct 1837East Yorkshire, England I77402664226394
48 Watson, Sarah  Jun 1906East Yorkshire, England I08360641039
49 West, Sarah  Mar 1883East Yorkshire, England I08550126931
50 Woodall, Matilda  Jan 1903East Yorkshire, England I122021382


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Temperton, Richard  Abt 1891East Yorkshire, England I34387
2 Whitehead, Bertha Harriet  Abt 1891East Yorkshire, England I34684


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Aske, Robert  13 Oct 1536East Yorkshire, England I60028


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Backhouse, Constance  02 Apr 1911East Yorkshire, England I77402664090276
2 Backhouse, Cyril  02 Apr 1911East Yorkshire, England I77402664090277
3 Backhouse, Eva  02 Apr 1911East Yorkshire, England I77402664091821
4 Backhouse, Gertrude  02 Apr 1911East Yorkshire, England I77402664093037
5 Backhouse, Herbert Eustace Percy  02 Apr 1911East Yorkshire, England I48077
6 Backhouse, John  02 Apr 1911East Yorkshire, England I77402664088045
7 Backhouse, John Alfred  02 Apr 1911East Yorkshire, England I77402664089965
8 Backhouse-Beaumont, Arthur J  02 Apr 1911East Yorkshire, England I77402664091345
9 Beaumont, Alice Harriet  02 Apr 1911East Yorkshire, England I77402664091814
10 Morritt, Ellis  13 Mar 1876East Yorkshire, England I08496282295
11 Pearson, Hutton Backhouse  02 Apr 1911East Yorkshire, England I77402664091746
12 Teale, Anne Maria  02 Apr 1911East Yorkshire, England I48038
13 Worthington, Florence Mary  02 Apr 1911East Yorkshire, England I1750131565
14 Worthington, Thomas Stockton  02 Apr 1911East Yorkshire, England I1750131503


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barker / Rowlin  Jul 1852East Yorkshire, England F3333815054
2 Gardiner / Unknown  Jun 1873East Yorkshire, England F19725
3 Harrison / Philipson  Sep 1862East Yorkshire, England F1943988317
4 Langdale / Smales  Mar 1861East Yorkshire, England F50000743
5 Langrick / Arklas  13 Dec 1714East Yorkshire, England F1345770397
6 Middlebrook / Bamford  Mar 1853East Yorkshire, England F1943988366
7 Neville / Sykes  Dec 1908East Yorkshire, England F1943988184
8 Pettitt / Sykes  1901East Yorkshire, England F1943988230
9 Pickering / Sykes  1907East Yorkshire, England F1943988228
10 Potter / Beacock  5 Oct 1892East Yorkshire, England F1345770413
11 Robinson / Parkinson  1861East Yorkshire, England F672667458
12 Sir . K.B.E / SANDERSON  3Q 1934East Yorkshire, England F122014366
13 Smith / Moody  Sep 1881East Yorkshire, England F1943988346
14 Sykes / Forsyth  1853East Yorkshire, England F1943987905