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Hartlepool, County Durham, England



City/Town : Latitude: 54.6824924, Longitude: -1.2166969


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abdy, Enid   I0767968955
2 Ansbridge, Annie   I3500640436
3 Applegarth, Susan Gwendoline   I3500640216
4 Armstrong, George William  Between Apr-Jun 1894Hartlepool, County Durham, England I77729
5 Arnold, Jean   I3500640496
6 Arnold, Robert Walter  12 Apr 1902Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640276
7 Backhouse, Minnie  Jul 1881Hartlepool, County Durham, England I77402664090186
8 Bage, Edward  Mar 1895Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640275
9 Bage, Edward   I3500640492
10 Bage, Eric   I3500640493
11 Bage, Jane Isabella  Sep 1892Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640194
12 Bage, Ronald   I3500640494
13 Bage, Thomas W   I3500640196
14 Barber, Arthur G   I3500640339
15 Barber, Doreen  8 Apr 1922Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640478
16 Barber, Edwin L   I3500640340
17 Barber, Elsie  9 May 1909Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640342
18 Barber, Elsie May  19 May 1918Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640479
19 Barber, George G   I3500640341
20 Barber, John Henry  Mar 1870Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640178
21 Barber, Olive  11 Mar 1895Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640228
22 Barron, ElizabethM   I3500640438
23 Barsby, Robert  1871Hartlepool, County Durham, England I1748692958
24 Broadbery, Grace E   I77402664109463
25 Brough, John  Between Jul-Sep 1850Hartlepool, County Durham, England I80038
26 Browning, Emilly  Abt 1896Hartlepool, County Durham, England I60428504
27 Buttery, Catherine   I3500640299
28 Buttery, Clara   I3500640294
29 Buttery, Clara   I3500640300
30 Buttery, Dorothy  Jun 1919Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640302
31 Buttery, Dorothy O   I3500640305
32 Buttery, Elizabeth Jane   I3500640270
33 Buttery, Ellen  Mar 1934Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640307
34 Buttery, Frances   I3500640304
35 Buttery, George F   I3500640303
36 Buttery, Jane E   I3500640306
37 Buttery, John   I3500640296
38 Buttery, Robert W   I3500640293
39 Buttery, Thomas E   I3500640295
40 Buttery, Thomas H   I3500640301
41 Buttery, Thomas W   I3500640297
42 Carroll, DorisM  1918Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640502
43 Churchill, Olive   I3500640197
44 Cockcroft, Holly   I0748890920
45 Cockcroft, John   I77402334617310
46 Cockcroft, Sam   I0748890902
47 Collin, Robert   I3500640437
48 Collinson, Eunice  1881Hartlepool, County Durham, England I1749982657
49 Collinson, Eva  1882Hartlepool, County Durham, England I1749982658
50 Collinson, Margaret Elizabeth  1899Hartlepool, County Durham, England I1749982669

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Almond, Evelyn  1996Hartlepool, County Durham, England I0705322176
2 Arnold, Robert Walter  Jun 1984Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640276
3 Auton, Walter  Abt 1986Hartlepool, County Durham, England I34619258
4 Backhouse, Elizabeth  Mar 1921Hartlepool, County Durham, England I77402664091959
5 Bage, Edward  Mar 1958Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640275
6 Barber, Arthur Greaves  Jun 1925Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640338
7 Barber, Olive  29 Nov 1971Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640228
8 Benson, Annie Agatha Stewart  05 Jul 1934Hartlepool, County Durham, England I84165106
9 Benson, Sidney Garnet  Abt 1916Hartlepool, County Durham, England I59631378
10 Buttery, Dorothy  Mar 1920Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640302
11 Buttery, Ellen  Jun 1935Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640307
12 Buttery, Mary J  Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640155
13 Carroll, DorisM  Mar 1950Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640502
14 Carter, Elizabeth  1 Dec 1898Hartlepool, County Durham, England I0734628924
15 Cartwright, Margaret  9 May 2004Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640418
16 Colling, Margaret  Mar 1872Hartlepool, County Durham, England I52709248
17 Collinson, Eunice  1881Hartlepool, County Durham, England I1749982657
18 Collinson, NoraMatilda  1882Hartlepool, County Durham, England I1749982656
19 Comb, Margaret Jane  Abt 1938Hartlepool, County Durham, England I61470180
20 Coxon, Alice  Sep 1950Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640020
21 Coxon, Henrietta  Mar 1878Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640184
22 Coxon, Thomas  Sep 1916Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640018
23 Currell, BerthaMay  Dec 1950Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640141
24 Currell, Clara  Oct 1993Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640348
25 Currell, Eric  Mar 1932Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640352
26 Currell, Henry  Mar 1920Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640345
27 Currell, James Richard  Jul 1997Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640377
28 Currell, Joseph H  Dec 1928Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640346
29 Currell, Lillian  Mar 1993Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640268
30 Currell, Richard  Jun 1916Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640138
31 Currell, Richard H  Dec 1933Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640353
32 Currell, Richard H  Feb 1999Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640355
33 Currell, Ronald  Jun 1931Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640351
34 Currell, Tryhena  Dec 1901Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640142
35 Currell, Victoria  Sep 1945Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640354
36 Davison, Doreen  29 Dec 2000Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640261
37 Davison, Edwin  Nov 1986Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640264
38 Davison, John W  Nov 1985Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640263
39 Davison, Vera  Jan 1991Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640257
40 Deathers, Josephine  Apr 1992Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640365
41 Deathers, Robert  Sep 1959Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640364
42 Deathers, Robert  Dec 1961Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640366
43 Donnelly, Frederick  Mar 1977Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640331
44 Donnelly, Mary  Sep 1916Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640332
45 Emmerson, Eleanor  1863Hartlepool, County Durham, England I1750123406
46 Gall, Edith Jane  Jun 1920Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640394
47 Gall, Francis  Sep 1954Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640399
48 Gall, Irene  Mar 1924Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640396
49 Gall, Lily  Mar 2001Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640060
50 Gall, Mary Jane  Dec 1964Hartlepool, County Durham, England I3500640058

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Raddings, Samuel Spence  21 Nov 1877Hartlepool, County Durham, England I77402109314429


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Beadle, Isabella Ireland  1881Hartlepool, County Durham, England I77402664109361
2 Beadle, Newton  1891Hartlepool, County Durham, England I77402664109362
3 Gibson, Jane  1861Hartlepool, County Durham, England I0735658484
4 Goldsmith, George  1871Hartlepool, County Durham, England I1750123407
5 Goldsmith, Oliver  1871Hartlepool, County Durham, England I1750123403
6 Goldsmith, Oliver  1871Hartlepool, County Durham, England I1750123408
7 Gowland, Ann  1851Hartlepool, County Durham, England I0736378835
8 Gowland, Ann  1861Hartlepool, County Durham, England I0736378835
9 Larkin, Peace Eveline  1901Hartlepool, County Durham, England I07937312186
10 Marshall, Sarah  1881Hartlepool, County Durham, England I77402664109939
11 Marshall, Sarah  1891Hartlepool, County Durham, England I77402664109939
12 Storrow, Isabella  1871Hartlepool, County Durham, England I1750123405
13 Woodward, James  1861Hartlepool, County Durham, England I0735659039
14 Woodward, Rachel Ann  1861Hartlepool, County Durham, England I77402364952661
15 Woodward, Thomas  1861Hartlepool, County Durham, England I0734174994
16 Woodward, William  1861Hartlepool, County Durham, England I0697662071


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Stradling   F01826522
2 Abbey / Currell  1933Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769540
3 Abdy / Andrews  1924Hartlepool, County Durham, England F01826276
4 Arnold / Gall  Jun 1925Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769479
5 Bage / Gall  Jun 1920Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769478
6 Bage / Gall  Jun 1929Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769454
7 Barber / Garner   F1345769515
8 Barber / Kelsey  25 Dec 1893Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769407
9 Barber / Shipley  Mar 1907Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769494
10 Barber / Tully  1936Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769513
11 Burrell / Skelton  25 Dec 1856Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1988046
12 Buttery / Ansbridge  1937Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769517
13 Buttery / Barron  1939Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769519
14 Buttery / Caswell  1940Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769521
15 Buttery / Davison  Jun 1908Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769473
16 Buttery / Dawson  Mar 1916Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769482
17 Buttery / Keeley  Dec 1917Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769483
18 Buttery / Leece   F1345769520
19 Buttery / Winwood   F1345769524
20 Cockcroft / Stradling  Hartlepool, County Durham, England F3333806572
21 Collin / Buttery  1936Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769518
22 Collins / Wheetman  Sep 1927Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769472
23 Collinson / Mearns  1898Hartlepool, County Durham, England F672539111
24 Cornforth / Kelsey  Sep 1932Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769450
25 Cowan / Barber  1937Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769514
26 Coxon / Kelsey  Dec 1874Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769396
27 Currell / Kelsey  Sep 1893Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769431
28 Currell / Lennon  1943Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769531
29 Currell / Plant  Jun 1923Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769497
30 Currell / Scarborough   F1345769498
31 Davison / Donnelly   F1345769505
32 Davison / Kelsey  14 Jan 1914Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769445
33 Davison / Shipley  12 Jun 1915Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769446
34 Deathers / Brannen  1936Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769528
35 Deathers / Shipley  Sep 1912Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769499
36 Donnelly / Cartwright  14 Oct 1939Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769444
37 Donnelly / Shipley  Sep 1912Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769493
38 Douglas / Shipley  Sep 1930Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769495
39 Gall / Bage  Jun 1920Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769447
40 Gall / Dickinson  Dec 1919Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769456
41 Gall / Kelsey  26 Dec 1893Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769403
42 Geldart / Smith  1 Sep 1869Hartlepool, County Durham, England F28023628
43 Goldsmith / Amos  1887Hartlepool, County Durham, England F672667948
44 Goldsmith / Emmerson  1859Hartlepool, County Durham, England F672667946
45 Goldsmith / Storrow  1865Hartlepool, County Durham, England F672667947
46 Gormley / Buttery   F1345769523
47 Gummersall / Vasey  23 Mar 1859Hartlepool, County Durham, England F121002489
48 Hadfield / Thomson  1937Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769486
49 Hancox / Hodgman  Mar 1901Hartlepool, County Durham, England F11789
50 Hann / Currell  4 Apr 1931Hartlepool, County Durham, England F1345769481

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