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Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.613694, Longitude: -1.353542


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1815Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I38784
2 Joseph Fox  1909Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664086763
3 Abdy, Arthur Percy   I0764857526
4 Abdy, Fred  1883Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I0763364515
5 Abdy, Janet E   I0764645909
6 Abdy, Mary Elizabeth  1894Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I0764857405
7 Abdy, Philip I   I0764645867
8 Abdy, William James  2 May 1929Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402394151700
9 Andrews, Elaine A  1956Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402102176042
10 Andrews, Janice M  1958Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402102176043
11 Andrews, Neil  1968Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402102176045
12 Andrews, Nigel  1964Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402102176044
13 Ardron, Brian   I77402664094287
14 Arrand, Alice  8 Feb 1896Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1750346279
15 Arrand, Elsie  6 Jun 1892Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1750346278
16 Arrand, Frank  Q2 1898Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I3500598722
17 Arrand, Fred  Q2 1891Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I3500598721
18 Arrand, Godfrey  1890Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I3500598666
19 Arrand, Harry  Abt 1900Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1750346280
20 Arrand, Richard  Q2 1895Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I69738
21 Atherton, Carol   I480080560
22 Axe, Beverley Jane   I1748515416
23 Axe, Dale Ronald   I480095149
24 Axe, Darren Peter   I480232077
25 Axe, Dawn   I1748477335
26 Axe, Dean George   I480095147
27 Axe, Gary Lee   I1748477336
28 Axe, Jean   I480080576
29 Axe, John T   I480063038
30 Axe, Melanie Jane   I480095148
31 Axe, Ronald  04 Nov 1914Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I480033404
32 Axe, Ronald   I480080558
33 Axe, Roy   I480080559
34 Backhouse, Arnold  30 Mar 1910Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664091010
35 Bailey, June  1939Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664083303
36 Banner, Craig Donald   I77402664107629
37 Banner, Lynn   I77402664107627
38 Banner, Paula   I77402664107628
39 Barker, Evelyn  29 Jan 1910Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I480039080
40 Barrass, Alan William  1949Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664094824
41 Barrass, Georgina  1945Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664094823
42 Barrass, Jane  1955Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664094828
43 Barrass, John R  Sep 1943Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664094822
44 Barrass, Linda  1952Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664094826
45 Barrass, Mavis Irene  1939Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664094821
46 Barrass, Stephen  Dec 1953Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664094827
47 Barrass, Valerie  1950Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664094825
48 Barton, James  Abt 1851Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1750250681
49 Belcher, Edwin  29 Mar 1929Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664083507
50 Bell, David   I077402664082135

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Arrand, Fred  29 Jul 1891Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I3500598721
2 Arrand, Richard  21 Jul 1895Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I69738
3 Arrand, William  19 Oct 1890Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I3500598720
4 Downing, Harriet  19 May 1805Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1748857405
5 Downing, Jane Maria  17 May 1807Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1748857406
6 Downing, Sarah  22 May 1809Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1748857284
7 Jinks, Maureen   I77402664094286
8 Newsome, James  15 Sep 1811Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I38714
9 Oates, Jonas  22 May 1831Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I21698
10 Oates, Thomas  19 May 1833Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I22396


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abdy, Herbert  1913Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I0762662915
2 Abdy, Mary Elizabeth  1894Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I0764857405
3 Arrand, Frances Violet  Dec 1900Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1748857021
4 Arrand, Frank  Q4 1960Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I3500598722
5 Arrand, Richard  Q4 1895Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I69738
6 Axe, William Henry  Bef Jan 1907Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I480033402
7 Backhouse, Arnold  Mar 1970Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664091010
8 Backhouse, Christopher  14 Jul 1919Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664088203
9 Backhouse, George  1881Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664091592
10 Barrass, John  19 Nov 1958Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1750248675
11 Barrass, John R  Between Jan-Mar 1944Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664094822
12 Barrass, Stephen  Between Oct-Dec 1953Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664094827
13 Booth, Annie  05 May 1923Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I3500598717
14 Brooks, Mary Louisa  Aug 2000Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I7124651113
15 Brooksbank, Mary Elizabeth  1916Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I46604
16 Burgon, Mary Ellen  Between and Apr 1953Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664088020
17 Burton, FrancesMary  2 Apr 1953Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I49869
18 Caddick, Thomas  Sep 1921Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I66884
19 Dawson, James Stanley  1967Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I110662
20 Dobson, Charles  1 Jul 1966Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I4087
21 Evans, John Henry  Between Oct-Dec 1962Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I80040
22 Fretwell, George Robert  1900Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I20269
23 Garness, Thomas Alfred  Jun 1891Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I5782
24 Glasby, Charlotte Elizabeth  Sep 1882Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I077402664080741
25 Grayson, Elizabeth  14 Mar 1761Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664103978
26 Green, John William  1877Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I06938109366
27 Haldenby, Walter  1941Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1750123595
28 Haldenby, William Newton  1941Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I38670
29 Hayselden, Edith Harriet  1949Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664095043
30 Helliwell, Norman  Between Apr-Jun 1969Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402109324857
31 Hird, Grace Marian  May 1954Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I650195
32 Leggott, Kate Amelia  1929Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1748850441
33 Leggott, William Arthur  1955Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I479783355
34 Lewis, Richard Henry  1944Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I39552
35 Marshall, Roland  23 Jul 2007Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I7124651118
36 Moore, Emily  1969Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I480033385
37 Newby, Elizabeth  29 Mar 1873Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I38703
38 Northedge, Jane  Mar 1953Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I645673
39 Oates, Charlotte  Jun 1884Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402109314164
40 Oates, George William H  4 Jan 1958Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I49868
41 Oates, James Ramsden  Sep 1935Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I3500640222
42 Oxley, Robert  1871Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77400352423878
43 Penty, William  11 Sep 1870Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I49259
44 Penty, William  Between Apr-Jun 1898Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I49263
45 Pilkington, Charlotte  24 Mar 1916Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664088046
46 Richards, Sarah  13 Aug 1924Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664085969
47 Ridgill, Thomas Wilfred  29 Jun 1958Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I7124651114
48 Rusling, Edna Irene  23 Mar 1946Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664094284
49 Senior, Muriel  1923Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1750019108
50 Shay, Thomas  Sep 1899Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1904

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Rusling, Edna Irene  Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664094284
2 Rusling, Walter  24th Nov 1958Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664094281
3 Unwin, Martha Elizabeth  Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664094283


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Elliott, George  6 Jan 1796Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1750130639
2 Taylor, William  15 May 1791Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664105990
3 Turton, Charles  13 Oct 1747Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664107398


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wardell, Sarah Ann  Abt 1845Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I05799185451


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Arrand, Thomas  1891/1901Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I52708


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Barton, Thomas  1851Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1748858656
2 Barton, William  1851Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1748858646
3 Pinder, William  1871Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1750250015
4 Wood, Phyllis  1901Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1748890756
5 Wood, William  1861Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I59418


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Emily  02 Apr 1911Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664090019
2 Sarah  1861Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664091284
3 Backhouse, Alfred  02 Apr 1911Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664089907
4 Backhouse, Arnold  02 Apr 1911Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664091010
5 Backhouse, Hilda  02 Apr 1911Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664091949
6 Backhouse, Sidney  02 Apr 1911Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664088488
7 Backhouse, Walter  1901Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664088408
8 Cromack, William  1861Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664090364
9 Crummack, Mary  1861Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664090965
10 Haldenby, Ada  1881Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1750123587
11 Haldenby, Ernest Newton  1881Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1750123585
12 Haldenby, William Newton  1881Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I1750123588
13 Leonard, Mary Wood  1891Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664089762
14 Leonard, Mary Wood  1901Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664089762
15 Leonard, Thomas  1891Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664090091
16 Millward, Sarah  1891Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I77402664093006
17 Newton, ElizabethMary  1881Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I38669
18 Oates, George William H  1911Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I49868
19 Slater, James  1922Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England I077402664081562


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Shay  Jun 1889Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F1965
2 Abdy / Ashton   F01826260
3 Abdy / Handley  1893Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F01826714
4 Abdy / Swift  1883Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F01826713
5 Addis / Leggott  1905Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F3333821554
6 Andrews / Farmer   F3333768222
7 Archer / Farr  1912Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F1943988220
8 Arnold / Kenyon  Between Oct and Dec 1885Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F672807304
9 Arrand / Clayton  Q4 1929Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F14935
10 Arrand / Madin  Dec 1911Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F1345646774
11 Athron / Swift  Dec 1890Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F623
12 Axe / Groom   F1841279
13 Axe / Hall   F1830832
14 Axe / Taylor  1937Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F1827219
15 Banner / Pinder   F3333822263
16 Barrass / Godfrey  Between Apr-Jun 1938Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F3333817015
17 Barrass / Wright   F3333817037
18 Beaumont / Smith  Dec 1878Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F920
19 Bennett / Parkin  1899Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F1944437623
20 Berry / Sampson  Mar 1859Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F1943964929
21 Booker / Alvy  Between Jul and Sep 1880Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F672313530
22 Booker / Guest  6 Jun 1892Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F672313529
23 Briggs / Booker  Between Oct and Dec 1870Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F672313546
24 Challenger / Thompson  1904Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F3333821384
25 Clegg / Mitchell  Between Oct and Dec 1858Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F672313253
26 Cooper /   1895Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F3333821468
27 Crowcroft / Greenfield  Between Apr and Jun 1857Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F672313411
28 Crowcroft / Simpson  9 Jan 1808Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F672314950
29 Davison / Marshall  Between Jul and Sep 1890Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F672807915
30 de Cerjat / Winn  Mar 1862Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F18771
31 Dolby / Roebuck  Nov 1917Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F20586
32 Downing / Brook  19 May 1800Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F672308416
33 Elliott / Jackson  9 Mar 1799Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F672670355
34 Farmery / Cupitt  1933Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F28994
35 Foster / Pinder   F3333822264
36 Gibson / Oates  Dec 1917Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F10733
37 Glasby / Oxley  26 Dec 1903Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F3333811665
38 Goodall / Thompson  1902Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F3333821511
39 Green / Slater  17 Apr 1922Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F3333811853
40 Griffiths / Powell  Jul 1943Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F3333822346
41 Haldenby / Mawson  Dec 1891Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F27498
42 Haldenby / Sampson  Jun 1892Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F27554
43 Halligan / Moxon  1936Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F3333821069
44 Heptonstall / Langfield  Between Oct and Dec 1875Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F672313006
45 Herrod / Linley  Sep 1931Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F1944366755
46 Heywood / Swinbank  Sep 1959Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F21239
47 Hughes / Hughes (Ramsbottom)  1903Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F3333811917
48 Jinks / Hook  Jun 1899Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F3333816847
49 Jinks / Rusling  Jun 1936Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F3333816845
50 Kitchen / Wood  Dec 1876Hemsworth, South Yorkshire, England F31758

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