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Portsmouth, Hampshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 50.834333, Longitude: -1.053354


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1865Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I98693
2 Jane  1825Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1748477318
3 Andrews, Sophie  2005Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7739796655
4 Atton, Doris Irene Maud  23 Jun 1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I77400352428242
5 Axe, Daniel Benjamin  1984Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7738447707
6 Axe, Elaine Susan   I480050494
7 Axe, Emma Louise  1981Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7738447706
8 Badham, Clare Louise  1977Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7738448549
9 Baker, David Allenby   I480192548
10 Baker, Kirsty Joanne   I480192549
11 Bath, Mark John   I7001647123
12 Bennett, Christopher   I77402504117157
13 Blake, Fanny  Abt 1853Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1750245550
14 Blessed, Jabez  Abt 1817Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I57316
15 Borrowes, Clara Ellen  15 Dec 1855Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1750065058
16 Briers, Joseph  Abt 1857Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1748888034
17 Briggs, Charles Edward  1848Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I0592824944
18 Burke, Sally   I230005
19 Byron, William  1831Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I07802263755
20 Carr, Mary Jane  8 Dec 1867Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I77402664111325
21 Carter, Jane  Jun 1865Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I77402664094024
22 Carter, Vernon Kenneth  22 Jul 1924Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I48202
23 Chafer, David Alexander   I18011197
24 Chiffence, Ester  1851Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I480192603
25 Collingwood, Edna Violet  8 Apr 1898Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I110004
26 Crisell, Beryl B   I0752911754
27 Crisell, Brenda I   I0752911848
28 Cuyler, George Augustus  19 Jan 1827Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1750067008
29 Dearing, Daniel Sidney   I230001
30 Dowse, Doris Irene  1906Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I0481942635
31 Duckworth, Harry  1857Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I77402664098994
32 Dunbar, Uthred William  1903Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I98273
33 Fairbairn, Dorothy Janet  18 Feb 1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5940
34 Fairbairn, Edgar Ernest  12 Aug 1906Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5941
35 Fairbairn, Edna Eileen  8 Jul 1913Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5943
36 Fairbairn, William Andrew  25 Nov 1908Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5942
37 Foley, LilianMargaret  26 Jul 1907Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I77400352427093
38 Glasby, Albert Edward  14 Sep 1920Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I077402664080466
39 Glasby, Archie Reginald  28 Nov 1914Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I077402664080463
40 Glasby, George Richard A  12 Feb 1910Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I077402664080467
41 Glasby, Henrietta Sarann A  31 Aug 1918Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I077402664080469
42 Glasby, Kitty Rosina  21 Jul 1922Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I077402664080465
43 Glasby, William HL  Jun 1912Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7324
44 Grevett, Charles  1905Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1748490010
45 Grevett, Edward  1906Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1748490011
46 Grevett, Elsie  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1748490015
47 Grevett, Grace  1903Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1748490009
48 Grevett, Ivy  1907Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1748490012
49 Grevett, Joseph  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1748490016
50 Grevett, Nora  1909Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1748490014

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arrand, Frank Henry  Q2 1970Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3500287756
2 Axe, Rupert Leigh  30 Oct 1994Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I480032806
3 Bedford, Emily  2007Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3500306246
4 Brabyn, Harry  1 Jun 1972Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I18029355
5 Bush, James Timothy  16 Oct 1906Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I650031
6 Chinn, William Boothby  13 Dec 2005Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4001
7 Collins, DorisMary G  Between Apr-Jun 1919Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I59700
8 Cowd, Donald Gilbert Thomas  15 Oct 1985Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1750131067
9 Coy, VioletMary  1 May 1998Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I77402664095017
10 Cuyler, EdithMaude  Mar 1955Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1750067024
11 de Gaunt, Maurice  30 Apr 1230Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1750058528
12 Dearing, Norman  16th March 1993Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I230006
13 Eley, Edith  Between Jan-Mar 1982Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I48977
14 Flemington, Eliza Ann  21 Jul 1939Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1750852119
15 Forrest, Winifred Violet  2000Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I0766381570
16 Gale, Ellen Frances  1919Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I55047
17 Glasby, Albert Edward  Feb 1995Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I077402664080466
18 Grevett, Ivy  1908Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1748490012
19 Grevett, Samuel  1908Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1748490013
20 Harvey, John  28 Jun 1794Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I122022176
21 Hill, Stephen  31 Jul 1957Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I0481942250
22 Jamieson, Maureen Doris  1940Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I77402664086417
23 Lander, George James  15 Jul 1988Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I0481942636
24 Lawrence, Lily Mabel  Jun 1963Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I77402664228772
25 Lawrence, Thomas Restell  1925Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I77402664228762
26 Lawrence, William  Jan 1903Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I77402664228759
27 Lloyd, Edward  9 Feb 1971Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I28967
28 Lloyd, Lilly Lavinia  23 Dec 1929Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I28972
29 Margetts, Lionel Joseph  1 Mar 1928Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I18024241
30 Martin, John  1746Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1750384795
31 Maw, Frank Ashton  Juntr 1975Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I479756303
32 Maw, Wilfred Harry  Martr 1981Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I479756302
33 OWEN, Eileen Clara  Dec 1959Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I122024037
34 Poole, Gladys  12 Nov 2008Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I230002
35 Porritt, Frederick Jacob  Q1 1904Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I77402664088480
36 Scovell, George  1 Sep 1915Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I39197
37 sherwood, Doris  Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I480192597
38 Sidebottom, Eveline (Evelyn)  Dec 1943Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I94386
39 Smith, Herbert George  20 Aug 1997Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I77402448803494
40 Steel, Ronald Henry  Mar 1984Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I77400352426685
41 Stride, William Kelsey  Mar 1902Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I480192929
42 Temperton, Joseph Allenby  1991Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I36659
43 Thomas, EileenMary  Dec 2005Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I28395
44 Thomas, Flora Alice  1909Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I22338
45 Thomas, Hilda Lillian  1978Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I35516
46 Thomas, Teresa Alice Rachel  Dec 1976Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I28318
47 Topping, Cyril Arrand  1988Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1750019202
48 Vaughan, Vera Kathleen  Between Oct-Dec 1907Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I77400352426914
49 Vella, Victoria Georgina  2003Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I077402664081450
50 Villiers, George 1st Duke of Buckingham, 1st Earl of Coventry  23 Aug 1628Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1750676654

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Borrowes, Clara Ellen  Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1750065058


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Pitchfork, William  2 Apr 1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1748852761


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Remmington, John  2 Jun 1836Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I77402664089455


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Robert II'Curthose' Prince of England, Duke of Normandy  1101Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1748535088
2 Plantagenet, Edward III King of England, Pretence King of France, Duke of Aquitaine, Lord of Ireland  1338Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1748540462
3 Plantagenet, Edward III King of England, Pretence King of France, Duke of Aquitaine, Lord of Ireland  11 Jul 1346Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1748540462

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Naylor, Samuel  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I97971


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Jacques, Henry Ripley  1881Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3499861197
2 Temperton, Joseph Allenby  Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I36659


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hood-Tibbits, Samuel 3rd Viscount Hood of Whitley  Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7739208974
2 Sims, Alfred  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I05830800418
3 Turgoose, Alice Mary  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I077402664081096


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Axe / Pawley   F1943986666
2 Aylen / Cooper  Dec 1906Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F15500
3 Badham /   1986Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F3333813186
4 Baring / Grey  7 Apr 1825Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1944207553
5 Barlow / Collingwood  1920Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F25985
6 Bath / Jelf   F1346100342
7 Beal / Sidebottom  Mar 1916Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F22007
8 Booth / Margetts  1 Jun 1919Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F28024998
9 Boustead / Foley  Between Jul-Sep 1935Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1944438226
10 Cooper / Williams  Q2 1922Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1944438311
11 Dearing / Burke   F230001
12 Dearing / Jones   F230002
13 Dowse / Purkis  14 Oct 1867Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F01829140
14 Glasby / Ellender  Sep 1909Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F3333811467
15 Glasby / Sanderson  1952Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F3333811632
16 Glasby / Vella  1942Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F3333811640
17 Hazlehurst / Kimber   F7747
18 Joll /   Sep 1908Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F886372
19 Kay / Loftus  Jun 1971Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F21667
20 Lawrence / BUSSELL  Abt 1873Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F3333885057
21 Lloyd /   1902Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F7776
22 Margetts / Risdon  1 Jun 1933Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F28024751
23 Mathews / Hamilton  29 Dec 1914Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F672630997
24 Maw / Lewthwaite  Dectr 1931Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F673126874
25 Maw / Owens  Jun 1972Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F672790758
26 Noel / Grey  13 May 1817Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1944150432
27 Parker / TETT  Sep 1933Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F3333885248
28 Stevenson / Margetts  1 Sep 1924Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F28025163
29 Strange / Templeman   F91118
30 Talbot / Thomas  Sep 1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1348
31 Vaughan / Boothby  27 Dec 1903Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1944438166
32 Yeatman / Thomas  Jul 1898Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1352


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Dearing / Jones   F230002
2 Hazlehurst / Kimber   F7747