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Selby, Yorkshire UK



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Briggs, Ann  1858Selby, Yorkshire UK I112054
2 Briggs, Benjamin  27 Sep 1812Selby, Yorkshire UK I112045
3 Briggs, Benjamin  1846Selby, Yorkshire UK I112051
4 Briggs, James  1843Selby, Yorkshire UK I112050
5 Briggs, Joseph  1853Selby, Yorkshire UK I112052
6 Briggs, Joseph  1855Selby, Yorkshire UK I112053
7 Briggs, Mary  1836Selby, Yorkshire UK I112047
8 Briggs, Mary Elizabeth  1850Selby, Yorkshire UK I112044
9 Briggs, Thomas  1840Selby, Yorkshire UK I112049
10 Briggs, William  1838Selby, Yorkshire UK I112048
11 Calvert, Ada  10 May 1889Selby, Yorkshire UK I112296
12 Calvert, Alice  1885Selby, Yorkshire UK I112295
13 Calvert, George William  1883Selby, Yorkshire UK I112294
14 Calvert, Thomas  22 Jul 1892Selby, Yorkshire UK I112297
15 Calvert, William  1854Selby, Yorkshire UK I112145
16 Eccles, Edith  1893Selby, Yorkshire UK I112059
17 Eccles, Eli  1827Selby, Yorkshire UK I112038
18 Eccles, Hannah Mary  1858Selby, Yorkshire UK I112042
19 Eccles, Henry  1849Selby, Yorkshire UK I112039
20 Eccles, Herbert  1889Selby, Yorkshire UK I112056
21 Eccles, Jane Ann  1898Selby, Yorkshire UK I112060
22 Eccles, John  1854Selby, Yorkshire UK I112041
23 Eccles, Reuben  1862Selby, Yorkshire UK I112043
24 Eccles, Walter  1890Selby, Yorkshire UK I112057
25 Eccles, William  1852Selby, Yorkshire UK I112040
26 Franks, Elsie  1 Jun 1914Selby, Yorkshire UK I112323
27 Franks, Thomas  1913Selby, Yorkshire UK I112322
28 Graham, Mary  Dec 1834Selby, Yorkshire UK I106417
29 Hinsley, Annie  1877Selby, Yorkshire UK I112075
30 Hinsley, Edith  1878Selby, Yorkshire UK I112076
31 Hinsley, John  1880Selby, Yorkshire UK I112077
32 Hutchinson, Alfred  1860Selby, Yorkshire UK I106390
33 Hutchinson, Alfred Septimus  1838Selby, Yorkshire UK I106365
34 Hutchinson, Arthur  1845Selby, Yorkshire UK I106388
35 Hutchinson, Bruce  1863Selby, Yorkshire UK I106420
36 Hutchinson, Charles  28 Mar 1836Selby, Yorkshire UK I106364
37 Hutchinson, Charles  1865Selby, Yorkshire UK I106407
38 Hutchinson, Deborah Massey  8 Dec 1832Selby, Yorkshire UK I106362
39 Hutchinson, Edmund  1870Selby, Yorkshire UK I106396
40 Hutchinson, Edward  9 May 1834Selby, Yorkshire UK I106363
41 Hutchinson, Elizabeth Sarah  1842Selby, Yorkshire UK I106387
42 Hutchinson, Elizabeth Selby  1866Selby, Yorkshire UK I106423
43 Hutchinson, Emily  1868Selby, Yorkshire UK I106395
44 Hutchinson, Ernest  1862Selby, Yorkshire UK I106391
45 Hutchinson, Francis  1840Selby, Yorkshire UK I106366
46 Hutchinson, Graham  1860Selby, Yorkshire UK I106419
47 Hutchinson, Henry  20 Aug 1829Selby, Yorkshire UK I106360
48 Hutchinson, Jesse  1866Selby, Yorkshire UK I106394
49 Hutchinson, John Henry  1864Selby, Yorkshire UK I106393
50 Hutchinson, Lewis  1870Selby, Yorkshire UK I106411

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Briggs, Ann  10 Jun 1858Selby, Yorkshire UK I112054
2 Briggs, Benjamin  15 Mar 1846Selby, Yorkshire UK I112051
3 Briggs, James  1 Oct 1843Selby, Yorkshire UK I112050
4 Briggs, Joseph  18 Mar 1855Selby, Yorkshire UK I112053
5 Briggs, Mary  4 Jul 1836Selby, Yorkshire UK I112047
6 Briggs, Mary Elizabeth  3 Mar 1850Selby, Yorkshire UK I112044
7 Hutchinson, Henry  20 Aug 1829Selby, Yorkshire UK I106360
8 Thompson, Ann  1 Dec 1877Selby, Yorkshire UK I112872


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barker, George  1909Selby, Yorkshire UK I113023
2 Brewster, John  1944Selby, Yorkshire UK I113061
3 Briggs, Benjamin  1876Selby, Yorkshire UK I112045
4 Briggs, James  1844Selby, Yorkshire UK I112050
5 Briggs, Joseph  1853Selby, Yorkshire UK I112052
6 Briggs, Joseph  1927Selby, Yorkshire UK I112053
7 Briggs, William  1900Selby, Yorkshire UK I112048
8 Calvert, Ada  1957Selby, Yorkshire UK I112296
9 Calvert, George William  1961Selby, Yorkshire UK I112294
10 Calvert, Thomas  1947Selby, Yorkshire UK I112297
11 Calvert, William  1929Selby, Yorkshire UK I112145
12 Cawkwell, Ann  1865Selby, Yorkshire UK I112037
13 Eccles, Edith  1903Selby, Yorkshire UK I112059
14 Eccles, Eli  1880Selby, Yorkshire UK I112038
15 Eccles, Hannah Mary  1858Selby, Yorkshire UK I112042
16 Eccles, Henry  1900Selby, Yorkshire UK I112039
17 Eccles, Herbert  1889Selby, Yorkshire UK I112056
18 Eccles, John  1862Selby, Yorkshire UK I112041
19 Eccles, Reuben  1926Selby, Yorkshire UK I112043
20 Eccles, Walter  1954Selby, Yorkshire UK I112057
21 Eccles, William  1862Selby, Yorkshire UK I112040
22 Hutchinson, Alfred Septimus  1848Selby, Yorkshire UK I106365
23 Hutchinson, Jonathan  1872Selby, Yorkshire UK I106357
24 Massey, Elizabeth  1869Selby, Yorkshire UK I106358
25 Wardell, Ann Maria  1890Selby, Yorkshire UK I112046


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Briggs, James  13 Aug 1844Selby, Yorkshire UK I112050
2 Briggs, Joseph  25 Dec 1853Selby, Yorkshire UK I112052
3 Briggs, Joseph  27 Dec 1927Selby, Yorkshire UK I112053
4 Briggs, William  11 Jul 1900Selby, Yorkshire UK I112048
5 Calvert, William  1 Jun 1929Selby, Yorkshire UK I112145
6 Cawkwell, Ann  14 Feb 1865Selby, Yorkshire UK I112037
7 Eccles, Edith  20 Aug 1903Selby, Yorkshire UK I112059
8 Eccles, Eli  16 Apr 1880Selby, Yorkshire UK I112038
9 Eccles, Hannah Mary  16 Dec 1858Selby, Yorkshire UK I112042
10 Eccles, Henry  11 Jul 1900Selby, Yorkshire UK I112039
11 Eccles, Herbert  19 Feb 1889Selby, Yorkshire UK I112056
12 Eccles, John  21 Jan 1862Selby, Yorkshire UK I112041
13 Eccles, Reuben  26 Jan 1926Selby, Yorkshire UK I112043
14 Eccles, Walter  23 Oct 1954Selby, Yorkshire UK I112057
15 Eccles, William  1 Oct 1862Selby, Yorkshire UK I112040


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Eccles / Brown  23 Oct 1929Selby, Yorkshire UK F26550
2 Eccles / Cawkwell  27 Aug 1848Selby, Yorkshire UK F26546
3 Eccles / Lofthouse  1888Selby, Yorkshire UK F26549
4 Hembrough / Tillison  16 Feb 1728Selby, Yorkshire UK F27599
5 Spencer / Calvert  27 Jul 1915Selby, Yorkshire UK F26687
6 Tomlinson / Pettinger  1889Selby, Yorkshire UK F27584