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Sheffield, Yorkshire UK



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Annie Holmes  16 Mar 1898Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110782
2 Mary  1795Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110487
3 Atkin, Sarah Ann  1863Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110840
4 Bagshaw, Clara  26 Jun 1877Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110855
5 Barkby, Constance Katherine  1908Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110473
6 Barkby, Frank  31 Aug 1884Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110472
7 Barkby, Marjorie D.  1915Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110475
8 Barkby, Winifred Dorothy  1910Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110474
9 Baughan, Alice  19 Sep 1873Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110952
10 Baxter, Annie Elizabeth  20 Apr 1899Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110575
11 Boot, Albert James  10 May 1863Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110485
12 Boot, Albert Stanley  1890Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110551
13 Boot, Alice  1859Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110483
14 Boot, Alice  21 Mar 1885Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110550
15 Boot, Alice Lilian  1882Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110374
16 Boot, Annie  1889Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110533
17 Boot, Annie Elizabeth  26 Feb 1853Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110480
18 Boot, Beatrice Annie  1886Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110376
19 Boot, Charles  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110484
20 Boot, Dennis  23 Jul 1931Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110577
21 Boot, Edward  1894Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110529
22 Boot, Eileen  9 Mar 1923Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110784
23 Boot, Emily Ethel  1885Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110526
24 Boot, Emma  1857Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110482
25 Boot, Emmeline Day  1880Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110373
26 Boot, Evelyn Marjorie  17 Jul 1919Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110780
27 Boot, Fanny  9 Apr 1849Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110479
28 Boot, Frederick Bernard  1891Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110552
29 Boot, George Harry  4 Sep 1896Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110555
30 Boot, Gertrude Stanton  1904Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110538
31 Boot, Harold  1928Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110576
32 Boot, Henry Albert  1 Mar 1922Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110781
33 Boot, James Gordon  17 Feb 1928Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110785
34 Boot, James William  1882Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110549
35 Boot, John Henry  1884Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110375
36 Boot, Kate Alice  1884Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110525
37 Boot, Kate Ann  11 Oct 1876Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110371
38 Boot, Kate Ellen  26 Jan 1893Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110535
39 Boot, Marjorie  10 Oct 1921Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110783
40 Boot, Mary Jane  9 Jul 1847Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110478
41 Boot, Maud  5 Apr 1893Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110553
42 Boot, Ruth Mace  1882Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110524
43 Boot, Sarah Louis  21 Jan 1890Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110527
44 Boot, Thomas  1820Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110799
45 Boot, William  1794Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110486
46 Boot, William  1855Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110481
47 Boot, William  1891Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110528
48 Boot, William Abraham  1879Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110372
49 Boot, Winifred Ellen  30 Aug 1893Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110554
50 Brammer, Alice  1923Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110762

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Sellars, Ann  19 Nov 1786Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110331


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Annie Holmes  1970Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110782
2 Atkin, Sarah Ann  1920Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110840
3 Bagshaw, Clara  1956Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110855
4 Barkby, Frank  1940Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110472
5 Baxter, Annie Elizabeth  1963Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110575
6 Boot, Albert James  1940Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110485
7 Boot, Albert Stanley  1894Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110551
8 Boot, Alice  1953Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110550
9 Boot, Alice Lilian  1885Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110374
10 Boot, Annie Emily  1934Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110513
11 Boot, Arthur  1917Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110509
12 Boot, Beatrice Annie  1886Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110376
13 Boot, Charles  1863Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110484
14 Boot, Fanny  1852Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110479
15 Boot, Frederick Bernard  1948Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110552
16 Boot, George Harry  1940Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110555
17 Boot, Henry Albert  1973Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110781
18 Boot, James Gordon  1999Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110785
19 Boot, John Henry  1885Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110375
20 Boot, John Henry  1920Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110370
21 Boot, Kate Ann  1944Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110371
22 Boot, Lydia Lucy  1933Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110515
23 Boot, Maud  1893Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110553
24 Boot, Sarah Louis  1985Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110527
25 Boot, Thomas  1820Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110799
26 Boot, William  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110486
27 Boot, William  1866Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110476
28 Boot, William  1914Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110481
29 Boot, William Abraham  1880Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110372
30 Brammer, Cyril  1988Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110757
31 Brammer, Jennie  1934Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110761
32 Brammer, John Arthur  1908Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110756
33 Brammer, John Arthur  1946Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110755
34 Brown, Edith  1914Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110844
35 Butler, Ann  1884Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110477
36 Coupland1859, Thomas Pagden  1930Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110839
37 Darwin, Henry  1988Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110465
38 Ditchfield, Samuel James  1929Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110818
39 Fisher, Frederick Edmund  1925Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110358
40 Fisher, Gwendolyn  1992Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110454
41 Fisher, Herbert  1933Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110359
42 Fletcher, Hannah Lilian  1930Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110453
43 Gulson, Edith Annie  1968Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110928
44 Gulson, Emma  1877Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110924
45 Gulson, Emma  1882Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110927
46 Gulson, Henry  1929Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110912
47 Gulson, John Harold  1984Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110932
48 Gulson, Samuel Cliff  1937Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110922
49 Gulson, Waltham  1885Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110925
50 Gulson, Wilfred Henry  1882Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110926

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Fisher, Frederick Edmund  7 Jun 1925Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110358
2 Machin, Joseph Henry  29 Sep 1908Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110365
3 Sellars, Matilda  6 Feb 1926Sheffield, Yorkshire UK I110351


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Darwin / Reaney  1925Sheffield, Yorkshire UK F26098
2 Harrison / Simons  1936Sheffield, Yorkshire UK F26228
3 Jackson / Gulson  1923Sheffield, Yorkshire UK F26224
4 Reaney / Nixon  1937Sheffield, Yorkshire UK F26100
5 Whitehouse / Gulson  1921Sheffield, Yorkshire UK F26223
6 Yearsley / Reaney  1933Sheffield, Yorkshire UK F26099