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Taunton, Somerset, England



Latitude: 51.01465, Longitude: -3.10345


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alford, Lilian  Jun 1877Taunton, Somerset, England I3500642585
2 Arman, Claudia Alice   I1750403110
3 Backhouse, Horace Heptonstall MC  Between Jul and Sep 1885Taunton, Somerset, England I77402664090963
4 Blackmore, Mary Jane  Abt 1870Taunton, Somerset, England I1748853075
5 Boridge, Joanor Johane  Abt 1569Taunton, Somerset, England I21007648
6 Bowley, Jill  1960Taunton, Somerset, England I7738447562
7 Burridge, Charlotte Ann  Abt 1839Taunton, Somerset, England I1748845176
8 Carye, Elizabeth  Abt 1544Taunton, Somerset, England I21007658
9 Clark, EtheldredaMary Audrey  1871Taunton, Somerset, England I7739104073
10 Cogan, Elizabeth  Abt 1574Taunton, Somerset, England I21007661
11 Cogan, Henry  Abt 1566Taunton, Somerset, England I21007647
12 Cogan, Henry  6 Apr 1607Taunton, Somerset, England I21007652
13 Cogan, Johane  Abt 1591Taunton, Somerset, England I21007649
14 Cogan, John  Abt 1568Taunton, Somerset, England I21002023
15 Cogan, Mary  22 Nov 1595Taunton, Somerset, England I21004508
16 Cogan, Thomas  Abt 1572Taunton, Somerset, England I21002024
17 Criddle, Jane  1 Nov 1843Taunton, Somerset, England I18000803
18 Cross, William  1854Taunton, Somerset, England I3500301618
19 Davy, Mark AAnthony  5 Dec 1980Taunton, Somerset, England I1750181393
20 Dudderidge, Clifford Ernest  08 Mar 1907Taunton, Somerset, England I7001661281
21 Gibbs, ElizabethMary  18 Oct 1832Taunton, Somerset, England I1748693415
22 Glass(e), James  Abt 1591Taunton, Somerset, England I21012984
23 Glass(e), Richard  Abt 1616Taunton, Somerset, England I21012991
24 Harding, LionelMarwood  7 Oct 1901Taunton, Somerset, England I77400352429102
25 Hill, Ralph  1575Taunton, Somerset, England I21006158
26 Hunt, Elsie May  1895Taunton, Somerset, England I1748695169
27 Hunt, Leonard  26 Apr 1894Taunton, Somerset, England I1748695168
28 Lee, John  11 Dec 1802Taunton, Somerset, England I77402109324479
29 Lee, Susan   I36357
30 Margetts, EdithMyrtle  1 Sep 1909Taunton, Somerset, England I18030401
31 Margetts, Louise Rebecca B  1 Dec 1906Taunton, Somerset, England I18030400
32 Marks, Herbert Henry  20 Jan 1896Taunton, Somerset, England I1750055539
33 Parsons, Alice Rose  18 Sep 1870Taunton, Somerset, England I1748694371
34 Quantock, George  Abt 1796Taunton, Somerset, England I35022
35 Saunders, Mark  1837Taunton, Somerset, England I77400352427163
36 Taylor, Brian   I18037276
37 Taylor, Timothy   I18037277
38 Wills, HannahMaria  1 Sep 1843Taunton, Somerset, England I18029782


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cogan, Elizabeth  13 Mar 1597Taunton, Somerset, England I21002018
2 Cogan, Frances  24 Feb 1605Taunton, Somerset, England I21007651
3 Cogan, Grace  9 Oct 1600Taunton, Somerset, England I21002020
4 Cogan, Henry  24 Jan 1612Taunton, Somerset, England I21007652
5 Cogan, Jane  25 Mar 1599Taunton, Somerset, England I21002019
6 Cogan, John  16 Apr 1593Taunton, Somerset, England I21007650
7 Cogan, Judith  13 Jun 1594Taunton, Somerset, England I21006985
8 Cogan, Marian  10 Aug 1603Taunton, Somerset, England I21002022
9 Cogan, Mary  22 Nov 1595Taunton, Somerset, England I21004508
10 Cogan, Richard  17 Jan 1602Taunton, Somerset, England I21002021
11 Glass(e), Amy  10 Dec 1618Taunton, Somerset, England I21012981
12 Glass(e), Henry  11 Aug 1614Taunton, Somerset, England I21012982
13 Glass(e), Henry  26 Sep 1624Taunton, Somerset, England I21012983
14 Glass(e), Joan  28 Jan 1626/27Taunton, Somerset, England I21012986
15 Glass(e), Joan  2 Apr 1629Taunton, Somerset, England I21012987
16 Glass(e), Mary  2 Feb 1617/18Taunton, Somerset, England I21012989
17 Glass(e), Peter  28 Aug 1631Taunton, Somerset, England I21012990
18 Glass(e), Roger  7 Aug 1623Taunton, Somerset, England I21012992
19 Glass(e), Thamazen  26 Jan 1634/35Taunton, Somerset, England I21012993


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Axe, Dorothy Louisa  12 Oct 1946Taunton, Somerset, England I1748592675
2 Barlow, Dorothy Mabel  Jun 2001Taunton, Somerset, England I77402664092711
3 Bowles, Edgar Walter  2000Taunton, Somerset, England I480039418
4 Bowley, Miriam Annie  15 Jan 2003Taunton, Somerset, England I7738447494
5 Bown, Rosanna  1895Taunton, Somerset, England I1748488326
6 Bruce, Anne Mary  18 Oct 2006Taunton, Somerset, England I556902
7 Chattell, Ada  4 Nov 2002Taunton, Somerset, England I81240
8 Cogan, Henry  1 Dec 1612Taunton, Somerset, England I21007647
9 Dudderidge, Clifford Ernest  3 Aug 1955Taunton, Somerset, England I7001661281
10 Edwards, Judith Rita  Aug 1995Taunton, Somerset, England I81241
11 Edwards, William Ernest  Between Oct-Dec 1980Taunton, Somerset, England I81235
12 Fussey, Frank  1 May 1987Taunton, Somerset, England I480039432
13 Glass(e), James  22 Feb 1638/39Taunton, Somerset, England I21012984
14 Hampson, John Ivor  Jul 1991Taunton, Somerset, England I66957
15 Hartry, Audrey Winifred  28 Aug 1996Taunton, Somerset, England I480039431
16 Hartry, Kenneth Albert  2003Taunton, Somerset, England I480039545
17 Holman, Valerie Heather  Between Jan-Mar 1979Taunton, Somerset, England I7738447496
18 Notley, Ellen Catherine  7 Nov 1908Taunton, Somerset, England I15576
19 Rees, Ronald  31 Jul 2002Taunton, Somerset, England I1750127525
20 Saunders, Mark  Between Jan-Mar 1901Taunton, Somerset, England I77400352427163
21 Simmonds, Winnie Jael  Apr 2003Taunton, Somerset, England I1750175227
22 Stiles, Robert Blatchford  Oct 1997Taunton, Somerset, England I480043034
23 Stowe, Lucy Hardwick  May 1997Taunton, Somerset, England I35834
24 Surtees, William Edward  Abt Jan 1889Taunton, Somerset, England I1750047623
25 Westaway, Henry  1938Taunton, Somerset, England I77402109326811


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Arundell, Blanche Mary  Taunton, Somerset, England I526421


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hill, Robert  Taunton, Somerset, England I75241


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andrews / Batt  Between Apr and Jun 1839Taunton, Somerset, England F672310305
2 Andrews / Scarborough  Between Oct and Dec 1864Taunton, Somerset, England F672314248
3 Bowley / Holman   F1943986592
4 Cogan / Boridge  30 Nov 1590Taunton, Somerset, England F21002900
5 Dudderidge / Axe  07 Jul 1933Taunton, Somerset, England F1346160255
6 Floyd / Margetts  1 Jun 1939Taunton, Somerset, England F28023299
7 Hancock /   Jun 1893Taunton, Somerset, England F11748
8 Hiles / Upham  1847Taunton, Somerset, England F90363
9 Holme / Cooper  1898Taunton, Somerset, England F672538935
10 Hunt / Holway  08 Jan 1894Taunton, Somerset, England F672264350
11 Margetts / Burrows  1 Jun 1920Taunton, Somerset, England F28021330
12 Margetts / Tappy-Gielen  1 Sep 1948Taunton, Somerset, England F28023298
13 Morle / Ash  1877Taunton, Somerset, England F271200
14 Perratt / Sherwood  13 Apr 1737Taunton, Somerset, England F672132474