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Latitude: 52.46998, Longitude: -3.83038


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Catherine  Abt 1818Wales? I0731957672
2 Sarah (Eliza)  Abt 1858Wales? I87841
3 Cox, George  1897Wales? I480030636
4 Davies, Mr. Thomas Henry  3 Sep 1887Wales? I77400352426860
5 Green, George  Abt 1814Wales? I0731957671
6 Haydon, Gwendolynne Claire  Abt 1900Wales? I66812
7 Hughes, Elizabeth  Abt 1785Wales? I37769
8 Jones, Sarah  1666Wales? I1750403219
9 Laurence, Mary  1752Wales? I77402664227348
10 Milward, Jane  Abt 1753Wales? I37792
11 Niles, John  Abt 1603Wales? I1749992002
12 Regan, WilliamM  Abt 1925Wales? I61993
13 Thacker, Thomas  1878Wales? I59640
14 Thomas, David  1876Wales? I77402664228594
15 Walker, William  1774Wales? I77402664227346


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jane  Abt 1880Wales? I77402664228112
2 Belcher, Sarah  Abt 1848Wales? I15044
3 Chatterton, Mary  Abt 1925Wales? I77402664228068
4 Cook, Gwendoline Clare  Apr 1981Wales? I77402664228048
5 Hughes, John Richard  8 Feb 1979Wales? I18604
6 MATTHEWS, George Henry J  Abt 1948Wales? I7293
7 Thomas, Amelia Ann  Abt 1935Wales? I77402664228073
8 Thomas, Anne  Abt 1930Wales? I77402664228119
9 Thomas, Elizabeth  Abt 11930Wales? I77402664228115
10 Thomas, Elizabeth Ellen  Abt 1932Wales? I77402664228072
11 Thomas, Emily E  Abt 1917Wales? I77402664228040
12 Thomas, Enid  Abt 1955Wales? I77402664228046
13 Thomas, Evan JSmith  Abt 1950Wales? I77402664228075
14 Thomas, Frederick C  Abt 1915Wales? I77402664228043
15 Thomas, HelenaM  Abt 1991Wales? I9586
16 Thomas, James  Abt 1900Wales? I19522
17 Thomas, James  Abt 1900Wales? I34713
18 Thomas, John William  Abt 1840Wales? I15043
19 Thomas, Joseph George  1935Wales? I77402664228050
20 Thomas, Letitia  20 Sep 1898Wales? I77402664228147
21 Thomas, Lowry  Abt 1901Wales? I77402664228113
22 Thomas, Margaret  Abt 1920Wales? I77402664228117
23 Thomas, Morvyn Lloyd  11 Jan 1997Wales? I18603
24 Thomas, Os___Mark  Abt 1900Wales? I19524
25 Thomas, Owen  1930Wales? I77402664228120
26 Thomas, Rosamond Mary  Abt 1979Wales? I9587
27 Thomas, William  1 Oct 1921Wales? I77402664228067
28 Thomas, William  Abt 1925Wales? I19525
29 Thomas, William Clement  Abt 1976Wales? I9600
30 Thomas, William George  Abt 1975Wales? I77402664228052
31 Thomas, William Owen  Abt 1915Wales? I77402664228039
32 Thomas, William Owen  Abt 1960Wales? I77402664228047
33 Thomas, William Wyndham  Abt 1945Wales? I77402664228074
34 Underwood, Mary W  Abt 1930Wales? I3162
35 Wilkins, Lydia  Abt 1910Wales? I34714
36 Williams, SarahMaria  Abt 1922Wales? I77402664228044


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hughes / Thomas  Mar 1925Wales? F1101
2 Prosser Hancox / Rees  1914Wales? F12265
3 Thomas /   Abt 1847Wales? F12321
4 Thomas /   Abt 1862Wales? F12334