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Westbury, Wiltshire UK



Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jackson  Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115107
2 Jackson, Ann  1864Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115090
3 Jackson, Elizabeth  1862Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115093
4 Jackson, Elizabeth Ann   I115111
5 Jackson, Ernest Charles  1886Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115116
6 Jackson, Ethel  1881Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115113
7 Jackson, Hannah  25 Feb 1857Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115087
8 Jackson, Hedley Gerrish  1863Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115094
9 Jackson, Jacob  1865Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115096
10 Jackson, John Gerrish  1843Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115081
11 Jackson, Joseph  1866Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115091
12 Jackson, Joshua  1855Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115086
13 Jackson, Josiah  1852Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115066
14 Jackson, Josiah Bernard  1875Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115102
15 Jackson, Josiah Bernard  1879Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115105
16 Jackson, Lydia  1850Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115083
17 Jackson, Male  1877Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115103
18 Jackson, Male  1878Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115104
19 Jackson, Oliver Joseph  1885Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115115
20 Jackson, Percy George  1879Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115112
21 Jackson, Ruth  1853Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115085
22 Jackson, Sarah  11 Oct 1861Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115089
23 Jackson, Sarah Charlotte  1883Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115114
24 Keates, Emily  1840Westbury, Wiltshire UK I115082