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Wiltshire, England



County/Shire : Latitude: 51.324127, Longitude: -1.925668


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anne  1779Wiltshire, England I77402664228871
2 Marie  Abt 1612Wiltshire, England I77402664227239
3 Marjory  Abt 1642Wiltshire, England I77402664227237
4 Ruth  Abt 1672Wiltshire, England I7098273306
5 BERRY, Angel Elizabeth  Wiltshire, England I122019662
6 Brackley, Cyril   I77402447074562
7 Brackley, Robert  Abt 1878Wiltshire, England I77402447074172
8 Cadby, Benjamin  Abt 1801Wiltshire, England I77402664228872
9 Charlton, Thomas  1747Wiltshire, England I77402664111687
10 Davis, Ann  Abt 1790Wiltshire, England I480097531
11 de St. Quintin, Lora  Abt 1342Wiltshire, England I1750051116
12 Dowswell, Thomas  1784Wiltshire, England I1750120846
13 Dowswell, William  18 Sep 1823Wiltshire, England I1750121642
14 Flaerty Flaherty, Mary Ann Kelmsley  1816Wiltshire, England I77402664228873
15 Ford, Anne  Abt 1676Wiltshire, England I77400352436429
16 Foskett, Alice  Abt 1595Wiltshire, England I77402664227241
17 Gay, Michael   I47721
18 Goodfellow, Ann  19 Mar 1775Wiltshire, England I77402664111650
19 Goodfellow, William  Abt 1729Wiltshire, England I77400352436417
20 Hall, Eliza  1835Wiltshire, England I18035014
21 Hancock, Samuel  Abt 1823Wiltshire, England I58865
22 Harper, Elizabeth  Abt 1837Wiltshire, England I66158
23 Hayter, Pamual   I1748485914
24 Helps, Amelia  1786Wiltshire, England I1750120845
25 Hopkins, Edith B  Abt 1881Wiltshire, England I18025355
26 Hopkins, William Rutt  Abt 1856Wiltshire, England I18025324
27 Hunt, Arthur  Abt 1880Wiltshire, England I7001651276
28 Hunt, Ernest  Abt 1883Wiltshire, England I7001651277
29 Hunt, George  Abt 1876Wiltshire, England I7001651274
30 Hunt, Henry  Abt 1877Wiltshire, England I7001651275
31 Hunt, James  Abt 1870Wiltshire, England I7001651271
32 Hunt, Jane  Abt 1868Wiltshire, England I7001651270
33 Hunt, Mary  Abt 1873Wiltshire, England I7001651273
34 Hunt, Walter  Abt 1871Wiltshire, England I7001651272
35 Lamacraft, Stuart William George   I77402597822703
36 Lavery, John F   I480043726
37 Long, Eleanor  Abt 1618Wiltshire, England I79533
38 Long, Roger  1609Wiltshire, England I79531
39 Martha  Abt 1765Wiltshire, England I480088432
40 Mines, Grace  1795Wiltshire, England I1750404446
41 Montacute, Thomas 4th Earl of Salisbury  13 Jun 1388Wiltshire, England I1749983520
42 Musselwhite, Edward  9 Dec 1749Wiltshire, England I77400352436427
43 Musselwhite, Edward William  Abt 1907Wiltshire, England I77400352436268
44 Musselwhite, James  25 Jan 1746Wiltshire, England I77400352436428
45 Musselwhite, Mary  9 Jul 1834Wiltshire, England I77400352436580
46 Parker, James Joseph  1 Sep 1717Wiltshire, England I1865
47 Powney, John  21 Aug 1704Wiltshire, England I7098273307
48 Powney, Thomas  Abt 1678Wiltshire, England I7098273305
49 Powney, Thomas  27 Dec 1710Wiltshire, England I7098273303
50 Pritchard, Willliam  1836Wiltshire, England I1749981233

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Marie  Yes, date unknownWiltshire, England I77402664227239
2 Babbage, Elizabeth Jane  1948Wiltshire, England I77402447073658
3 Bell, Charles  1893Wiltshire, England I77402664088589
4 De Courcy, Lady Gunnora d'Aunou  Abt. 1044Wiltshire, England I107619
5 FitzRoy, William Henry Alfred Viscount Ipswich  23 Apr 1918Wiltshire, England I7739099233
6 Goodfellow, Ann  10 Aug 1831Wiltshire, England I77402664111650
7 Green, Fanny  1897Wiltshire, England I77402664093740
8 Lymath, Ernest John Doughty  Feb 1984Wiltshire, England I890831
9 Musselwhite, James  6 Sep 1828Wiltshire, England I77400352436428
10 Richmond, Mary  1575Wiltshire, England I21005631
11 Thomas, Christopher Henry  Jan 1909Wiltshire, England I77402664228600
12 Thomas, Isaac  Abt 1832Wiltshire, England I10991
13 Thomas, Moses  29 Mar 1843Wiltshire, England I10992
14 Thomas, Reginald Ford  16 Jun 1941Wiltshire, England I38577
15 Unknown  Abt 1580Wiltshire, England I77402664227245
16 Unknown  Abt 1605Wiltshire, England I77402664227243
17 WADDELL, Alexander Nicol Anton  1999Wiltshire, England I122026507
18 Walker, John  1668Wiltshire, England I77402664227238
19 Walker, Thomas  Abt 1570Wiltshire, England I77402664227244
20 Walker, William  Abt 1682Wiltshire, England I77402664227236
21 Yeats, Ellen Helen  19 Sep 1913Wiltshire, England I77400352436357


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Drake  Wiltshire, England I1750062433


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cadby /   Abt 1799Wiltshire, England F3333885078
2 de Somery / FitzGilbert  Abt 1181Wiltshire, England F672617231
3 Lusher / Copley  1496Wiltshire, England F121002363
4 Peeb;es / WILKINS  1860Wiltshire, England F3333821239
5 Powney /   Abt 1703Wiltshire, England F1389231006
6 Slade / Martha  Abt 1786Wiltshire, England F1840922
7 Tether / Williamson  1902Wiltshire, England F1943987932
8 Walker /   Abt 1635Wiltshire, England F3333884684
9 Walker / Tibles  Abt 1789Wiltshire, England F3333884679
10 Walker / Unknown  Abt 1582Wiltshire, England F3333884686