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Wincanton, Somerset, UK



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hill, Albert Fred  1879Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115158
2 Hill, Arthur  1880Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115159
3 Hill, Clement  1892Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115166
4 Hill, Edith Hannah  1882Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115160
5 Hill, Ellen Mary  1887Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115163
6 Hill, Herbert John  1877Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115157
7 Hill, Joseph Edwin  1887Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115162
8 Hill, Lucy Beatrice  24 Dec 1899Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115164
9 Hill, Walter Francis  1884Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115161
10 Jackson, Albert Joseph Stuart  1889Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115075
11 Jackson, Annie Marjorie K  1901Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115078
12 Jackson, Edgar Ezton  1884Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115073
13 Jackson, Elizabeth Dorothy May  13 Jul 1893Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115077
14 Jackson, Emily  1871Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115099
15 Jackson, Emily  1871Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115100
16 Jackson, Eva Agnes  1893Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115120
17 Jackson, Harold John  1889Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115118
18 Jackson, Henry Franklin  13 Dec 1892Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115076
19 Jackson, John  1905Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115142
20 Jackson, Joseph  1870Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115092
21 Jackson, Josiah Stanley  1883Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115072
22 Jackson, Kate Elizabeth  1888Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115117
23 Jackson, Mabel Doris V  1891Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115119
24 Jackson, Victor Treasure  1881Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115071
25 Jackson, Walter Reginald Joshua  1895Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115121
26 Jackson, Wilfred Jacob Gerrish  1898Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115122
27 Jackson, William Haine  1886Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115074
28 Jackson, William Joseph  1867Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115098
29 Lear, Ada-Lina Jane  1867Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115238
30 Lear, Amelia Ann (Annie)  1863Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115237
31 Lear, Augusta Ann  1853Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115231
32 Lear, Emma Jane  1848Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115230
33 Lear, Eugene Violet M.  1888Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115254
34 Lear, Henry Augustus  1860Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115235
35 Lear, Louisa  1850Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115067
36 Lear, Thomas  1856Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115233
37 Lear, William  1854Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115232


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Day, Carrie  25 Oct 1960Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115097
2 Gerrish, Lydia  8 Jun 1904Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115080
3 Gulliford, Alfred William  30 Mar 1952Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115128
4 Gulliford, Frederick Richard Charles  7 Aug 1974Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115127
5 Gulliford, Lily Mary May  Mar 1886Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115125
6 Gulliford, Richard Charles  29 May 1907Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115088
7 Jackson, Albert Joseph Stuart  13 May 1895Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115075
8 Jackson, Elizabeth Dorothy May  27 Mar 1895Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115077
9 Jackson, Emily  1870Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115099
10 Jackson, Emily  3 Jan 1933Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115100
11 Jackson, Eva Agnes  10 Mar 1975Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115120
12 Jackson, Hannah  6 Nov 1929Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115087
13 Jackson, Henry Franklin  26 Apr 1895Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115076
14 Jackson, Jacob  9 Sep 1881Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115079
15 Jackson, Jacob  27 Jun 1927Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115096
16 Jackson, John Gerrish  7 Nov 1922Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115081
17 Jackson, Joseph  28 Mar 1942Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115092
18 Jackson, Joshua  1918Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115086
19 Jackson, Josiah  29 Sep 1904Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115066
20 Jackson, Josiah Bernard  4 Nov 1958Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115105
21 Jackson, Lydia Mary  27 Dec 1943Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115101
22 Jackson, Ruth  19 Feb 1909Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115085
23 Jackson, Sarah  14 Mar 1946Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115089
24 Keates, Emily  1 Apr 1915Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115082
25 Laurence, Kate M  1965Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115170
26 Lear, Augusta Ann  May 1853Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115231
27 Lear, Emma Jane  Aug 1865Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115230
28 Lear, Louisa  Aug 1877Wincanton, Somerset, UK I115067


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bateman / Jackson  1927Wincanton, Somerset, UK F28294
2 Gulliford / Butler  1915Wincanton, Somerset, UK F28298
3 Gulliford / Butler  1916Wincanton, Somerset, UK F28299
4 Gulliford / Jackson  1876Wincanton, Somerset, UK F28284
5 Gulliford / Laurence  1918Wincanton, Somerset, UK F28295
6 Gulliford / White  1921Wincanton, Somerset, UK F28297
7 Hill / Jackson  1876Wincanton, Somerset, UK F28283
8 Huntley / Gulliford  1917Wincanton, Somerset, UK F28296
9 Jackson / Lear  1872Wincanton, Somerset, UK F28278
10 Jackson / Treasure  1880Wincanton, Somerset, UK F28280
11 Phillips / Gulliford  1923Wincanton, Somerset, UK F28302