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Woolwich, Kent, England



Location : Latitude: 51.4924996, Longitude: 0.06317138


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice Mary  Abt 1849Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664087870
2 Emily E  Abt 1872Woolwich, Kent, England I480089372
3 Fanny  Abt 1846Woolwich, Kent, England I97162
4 Margaret V  1865Woolwich, Kent, England I1750122029
5 Asprey, Alice JL  1883Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664088464
6 Asprey, Amy E  Abt 1883Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664090728
7 Asprey, Emily E  1880Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664092940
8 Asprey, LouisaM  1884Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664090660
9 Asprey, Stephen Charles  17 May 1878Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664090339
10 Asprey, William Stephen  Abt 1888Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664091396
11 Axe, John Arthur   I1748697564
12 Bonner, Edgar John  1886Woolwich, Kent, England I243783591
13 Bright, Frederick Charles  1 Mar 1878Woolwich, Kent, England I18021058
14 Chawner (nee Farrell), Annie Elizabeth Wolseley  1872Woolwich, Kent, England I103172
15 Cheverton, Emily Elizabeth  14 Oct 1913Woolwich, Kent, England I77402109331702
16 Clegg, Cecil J   I1748695212
17 Clegg, John WB  Abt 1889Woolwich, Kent, England I157936477
18 Clegg, Rheims ED   I1748695211
19 Cracknell, Albert John  1908Woolwich, Kent, England I226066217
20 Crouch, Charles Edward  15 Jun 1913Woolwich, Kent, England I136275623
21 Cusworth, Peter  Abt 1807Woolwich, Kent, England I77400352422955
22 Dewdney, Paul   I1748490056
23 Dewdney, Sally   I1748490057
24 Donno, Peter James  6 Jan 1945Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664228006
25 Ducker, Margaret  Abt 1850Woolwich, Kent, England I1748853156
26 Ducker, Margaret  1850Woolwich, Kent, England I122025694
27 Ducker, Thomas  Abt 1846Woolwich, Kent, England I1748853155
28 Ducker, Thomas  1846Woolwich, Kent, England I122025693
29 Eaglen, Hubert Arthur  Mar 1888Woolwich, Kent, England I95863
30 East, Sarah Jane  Abt 1840Woolwich, Kent, England I1750249324
31 Fegan, Annie Kathleen  Nov 1874Woolwich, Kent, England I18040655
32 Fegan, Clifford Pease  Abt 1870Woolwich, Kent, England I18040653
33 Fegan, Edward  1876Woolwich, Kent, England I18040680
34 Fegan, Ethel Sophia  Jun 1877Woolwich, Kent, England I18040656
35 Fegan, Gwendoline Elizabeth  Abt 1879Woolwich, Kent, England I18040657
36 Fegan, John Herbert Crangle  Mar 1872Woolwich, Kent, England I18040654
37 Fegan, Mary Crangle  Abt 1873Woolwich, Kent, England I18040658
38 Fegan, Richard Ardra  Sep 1869Woolwich, Kent, England I18040652
39 Fenney, Brian J  Jun 1942Woolwich, Kent, England I84682
40 Garman, Daisy  1892Woolwich, Kent, England I1748485688
41 Garman, Mabel Dorothy  1894Woolwich, Kent, England I1748479731
42 Genese, Joy   I77402648899590
43 Genese, Mary E   I77402648899584
44 Genese, William James  11 Dec 1893Woolwich, Kent, England I77402648899563
45 Glanfield, Elizabeth Emily  1867Woolwich, Kent, England I200848256
46 Haig, Sir Thomas Wolseley  1865Woolwich, Kent, England I1750060431
47 Harris, Alice ElizabethMargaret  1876Woolwich, Kent, England I9853
48 Hill, Florence  1899Woolwich, Kent, England I11052
49 Hill, George  1894Woolwich, Kent, England I11050
50 Hill, Reginald  1896Woolwich, Kent, England I11051

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Radcliffe, Ada  7 Nov 1849Woolwich, Kent, England I7739169711
2 Thomas, Sarah  1816Woolwich, Kent, England I39253
3 Walter, Robert  19 Dec 1873Woolwich, Kent, England I102430


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arrand, Leonard  18 Apr 1918Woolwich, Kent, England I69817
2 Baker, Harriet  26 Mar 1892Woolwich, Kent, England I77402109331372
3 Barne, Sir William  7 May 1619Woolwich, Kent, England I1750060352
4 Bennett, Edward Victor Roberts  Dec 1983Woolwich, Kent, England I18042928
5 Brown, Rev Henry  2 May 1875Woolwich, Kent, England I1750058295
6 Brown, Maria Georgina  Abt Aug 1878Woolwich, Kent, England I1750057994
7 Cawkwell, Walter Frederic  Between Apr-Jun 1920Woolwich, Kent, England I69050
8 Fegan, Mary Crangle  Dec 1873Woolwich, Kent, England I18040658
9 Giles, Anslow  Between and Oct 1920Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664089886
10 Haig, Capt Robert Wolseley  Abt May 1872Woolwich, Kent, England I1750060430
11 HORROD, Sarah Harriett  Dec 1916Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664227884
12 James, David  14 Jun 1941Woolwich, Kent, England I21088
13 Jones, Caroline  Jun 1900Woolwich, Kent, England I10932
14 Kelsey, Mary Constance  27 Jun 1946Woolwich, Kent, England I7739832602
15 Moore, Susannah  Mar 1881Woolwich, Kent, England I18040126
16 Naughton, William Henry  Abt 1921Woolwich, Kent, England I31522
17 Noyes, John Pearce  1 Mar 1874Woolwich, Kent, England I18029690
18 Noyes, William Emmanuel  1 Mar 1892Woolwich, Kent, England I18035245
19 Pease, Augustus  Apr 1837Woolwich, Kent, England I18040195
20 Pease, Emily Rebecca Elizabeth  Dec 1844Woolwich, Kent, England I18040154
21 Pease, James  1817Woolwich, Kent, England I18040123
22 Pease, James William  May 1864Woolwich, Kent, England I18040155
23 Pease, Joseph  May 1830Woolwich, Kent, England I18040147
24 Pease, Olinthus Augustus  Jun 1867Woolwich, Kent, England I18040196
25 Pease, William  Sep 1848Woolwich, Kent, England I18040125
26 Sincock, Albert James  1953Woolwich, Kent, England I45620
27 Smith, Rebecca  1794Woolwich, Kent, England I18040124
28 Taylor, Hannah  Mar 1939Woolwich, Kent, England I10939
29 Thomas, Charles Arthur  Mar 1922Woolwich, Kent, England I10938
30 Thomas, Charles Frederick  Mar 1969Woolwich, Kent, England I10943
31 Thomas, Edmund Charles  Dec 1919Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664226663
32 Thomas, ElizabethMay  Dec 1945Woolwich, Kent, England I35299
33 Towner, Samuel  Oct 1895Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664093440
34 Twysden, Elisabeth  2 Sep 1878Woolwich, Kent, England I1750046210
35 Welling, Ruth Ash  Abt 1891Woolwich, Kent, England I31523
36 Yule, Robert Duncan  11 Sep 1953Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664085784


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Butler, Sarah  05 Apr 1841Woolwich, Kent, England I1750211694

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Thornborough, Alfred Edward MM  Abt 1915Woolwich, Kent, England I99270


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Asprey, Amy  1891Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664089786
2 Asprey, Amy E  1891Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664090728
3 Asprey, Emily E  1881Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664092940
4 Asprey, Emily E  1881Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664092940
5 Asprey, James Arthur  1881Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664087953
6 Asprey, James Arthur  1881Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664087953
7 Asprey, Stephen Charles  1881Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664090339
8 Asprey, Stephen Charles  1881Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664090339
9 Asprey, William Charles  1881Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664090519
10 Asprey, William Charles  1891Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664090519
11 Asprey, William Charles  1891Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664090519
12 Asprey, William Stephen  1891Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664091396
13 Barne, Sir William  Woolwich, Kent, England I1750060352
14 Pantry, Charles Edward  1891Woolwich, Kent, England I07068313790
15 Richardson, Elizabeth  1881Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664092619
16 Tattershall, John  Woolwich, Kent, England I1750051345
17 Watts, Edith A  1881Woolwich, Kent, England I77402664089722


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Backhouse / Towner  10 Nov 1900Woolwich, Kent, England F3333814643
2 BULMER / FISHER  Dec 1936Woolwich, Kent, England F122014582
3 Chawner / Chawner (nee Farrell)  1891Woolwich, Kent, England F24016
4 Clegg / Parrick  1912Woolwich, Kent, England F582508
5 Dimaline / Catchpole  1943Woolwich, Kent, England F672669118
6 Dunn / Naughton  1905Woolwich, Kent, England F8560
7 Dunn / Parsons  Dec 1873Woolwich, Kent, England F8557
8 Fegan / Pease  Oct 1868Woolwich, Kent, England F28025997
9 Genese / Alstin  Mar 1910Woolwich, Kent, England F3333810877
10 Genese / Davies  Sep 1917Woolwich, Kent, England F3333810999
11 Harrington / Borner  1876Woolwich, Kent, England F582340
12 Haslam / Brown  Abt Aug 1884Woolwich, Kent, England F672628072
13 Hill / Thomas  Dec 1893Woolwich, Kent, England F266
14 Joll / Eminton  1884Woolwich, Kent, England F886408
15 Margetts / Jeffery  1 Dec 1873Woolwich, Kent, England F28023539
16 McEwen / Pease  Sep 1889Woolwich, Kent, England F28025912
17 McGowan / Sims  Dec 1916Woolwich, Kent, England F235
18 Nayler / Thomas  28 Aug 1898Woolwich, Kent, England F3333888048
19 Noyes / Donnelly  1 Dec 1885Woolwich, Kent, England F28021915
20 Nurrish / Maw  Jun 1892Woolwich, Kent, England F1389332776
21 Olivier / Crookenden  Jun 1898Woolwich, Kent, England F3333812779
22 Overbury / Brown  Abt Aug 1874Woolwich, Kent, England F672628071
23 Peasland / Genese  Sep 1913Woolwich, Kent, England F21903
24 Sherlow / Cordock  1903Woolwich, Kent, England F582363
25 Sincock / Squires  Sep 1915Woolwich, Kent, England F10051
26 Thomas / Giddings  Sep 1888Woolwich, Kent, England F3333888047
27 Thomas / Stunden  Dec 1885Woolwich, Kent, England F12341
28 Thomas / Taylor  Mar 1884Woolwich, Kent, England F190
29 Wackerly / BILLINGHurst  1903Woolwich, Kent, England F3333820846
30 Welsh / Naughton  12 Jan 1905Woolwich, Kent, England F271087
31 Westaway / Baker  17 Jan 1887Woolwich, Kent, England F3333807908
32 Westaway / Cheverton  1932Woolwich, Kent, England F3333808029
33 Westaway / Malem  27 Mar 1911Woolwich, Kent, England F3333811083
34 Westaway / Marsh  31 May 1911Woolwich, Kent, England F3333807903
35 Wheatcroft / Perriment  27 Apr 1915Woolwich, Kent, England F672668285