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Yorkshire, England



County/Shire : Latitude: 53.8201117, Longitude: -0.703125


Matches 201 to 250 of 1938

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
201 Barken, Jane of Spotthorpe, Yorkshire  1828Yorkshire, England I479197495
202 Barker, Elizabeth  Jun 1862Yorkshire, England I480096600
203 Barker, Henry  Yorkshire, England I77402664092926
204 Barker, John  1826Yorkshire, England I479781201
205 Barker, Mary  1831Yorkshire, England I479781202
206 Barker, Paul Nigel   I28340
207 Barker, William  1739Yorkshire, England I7738400658
208 Barrett, Martha  1712Yorkshire, England I479777434
209 Barron, Susan   I479776438
210 Barton, Anne  Bef 1715Yorkshire, England I3500447407
211 Bastow, Marry Ann  Abt 1808Yorkshire, England I121002517
212 Bateman, Elizabeth  Abt 1745Yorkshire, England I3499854550
213 Battey, Elizabeth  1786Yorkshire, England I77402664088209
214 Batty, Mary  Abt 1759Yorkshire, England I3499832120
215 Beamond, Margaret  Yorkshire, England I32127
216 Bean, Elizabeth  Abt 1762Yorkshire, England I3499832124
217 Bearder, Sarah Ann  29 Aug 1835Yorkshire, England I121001015
218 Bearpark, William  1745Yorkshire, England I22000226
219 Beaumont, Joshua  Bef 1804Yorkshire, England I480089336
220 Beaver, Thomas  Abt 1625Yorkshire, England I77402664089527
221 Beckitt, Mary Ann  Abt 1816Yorkshire, England I34406
222 Beckitt, Thomas  Abt 1620Yorkshire, England I9059
223 BELL, James  1856Yorkshire, England I77402664106065
224 Bell, Sarah  1800Yorkshire, England I1750123367
225 Bennett, Emily Dodworth  1841Yorkshire, England I77402664094789
226 Benson, Elizabeth  Abt 1779Yorkshire, England I1748861168
227 Bentley, Ann  1824Yorkshire, England I479779876
228 Bentley, Joseph  Abt 1780Yorkshire, England I1748486601
229 Bickers, Elizabeth  Bef 1814Yorkshire, England I1748584982
230 Bielby, Edward  Abt 1869Yorkshire, England I101028
231 Bielby, Emma Eveleyn  Abt 1884Yorkshire, England I101033
232 Bielby, Florence AW  Abt 1882Yorkshire, England I101038
233 Bielby, Herbert  Abt 1887Yorkshire, England I101039
234 Bielby, James  Abt 1876Yorkshire, England I101032
235 Bielby, John Henry  Abt 1865Yorkshire, England I101023
236 Bielby, Joseph Scaife  Bef 1874Yorkshire, England I101031
237 Bielby, Margaret Anne  Abt 1873Yorkshire, England I101030
238 Bielby, Mary  Abt 1871Yorkshire, England I101029
239 Bielby, William  Abt 1824Yorkshire, England I101019
240 Biggin, Ann  Abt 1832Yorkshire, England I53071
241 Biggin, Clarissa  Abt 1825Yorkshire, England I53073
242 Biggin, James  Abt 1829Yorkshire, England I53074
243 Biggin, Matilda  Abt 1821Yorkshire, England I53075
244 Bilbrough, Martha  1789Yorkshire, England I3500304727
245 Binks, Ellis   I1748693009
246 Binks, Molly   I1748693026
247 Birch, Frances  1833Yorkshire, England I479780115
248 Birch, Roger William  Abt 1912Yorkshire, England I77402664107878
249 Birkinshaw, Richard  Abt 1789Yorkshire, England I3499832233
250 Birkitt, James  Abt 1682Yorkshire, England I523

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Matches 201 to 250 of 262

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
201 TYNDALE, John  1640Yorkshire, England I77402664110324
202 Umpleby, Clifford  Mar 1913Yorkshire, England I077402664080960
203 Unknown  1 Dec 1644Yorkshire, England I77402664110512
204 Vollans, Ada  1948Yorkshire, England I712523
205 Vollans, Agnes  1872Yorkshire, England I712524
206 Vollans, David  1850Yorkshire, England I712541
207 Vollans, David  1916Yorkshire, England I712542
208 Vollans, Edward  1853Yorkshire, England I712548
209 Vollans, Edward  1862Yorkshire, England I712547
210 Vollans, John  1908Yorkshire, England I712566
211 Vollans, William  1812Yorkshire, England I712593
212 Vollans, William  1899Yorkshire, England I712594
213 WADDILOVE, Mary  1739Yorkshire, England I77402664110342
214 Wagstaff, George  1773Yorkshire, England I58845
215 Wagstaff, May  1942Yorkshire, England I5000898
216 Walker, Alfred  1921Yorkshire, England I40701
217 Walker, Anne  Yorkshire, England I1898
218 Walker, Betty  Abt 1865Yorkshire, England I40823
219 Walker, Edward  Sep 1652Yorkshire, England I77402664227430
220 Walker, Eliza  Apr 1908Yorkshire, England  I66326
221 Walker, Elizabeth  Abt 1856Yorkshire, England I1896
222 Walker, Enoch  Jan 2002Yorkshire, England I41831
223 Walker, Frederick Alexander  Apr 1874Yorkshire, England I77402664226912
224 Walker, George  Abt 1868Yorkshire, England I1883
225 Walker, George William  Abt 1930Yorkshire, England I77402664226893
226 Walker, Henry  Yorkshire, England I1900
227 Walker, Jabez  1742Yorkshire, England I77402664227588
228 Walker, Jane  Yorkshire, England I1894
229 Walker, Jessie Grace  Abt 1574Yorkshire, England I77402664227418
230 Walker, John  1593Yorkshire, England I77402664227423
231 Walker, John  Dec 1663Yorkshire, England I77402664227587
232 Walker, John  1841Yorkshire, England I77403887624597
233 Walker, John  Abt 1859Yorkshire, England I1897
234 Walker, Jonathan  1844Yorkshire, England I40730
235 Walker, Jonathan  Abt 1855Yorkshire, England I40728
236 Walker, Margaret  Abt 1690Yorkshire, England I77402664227435
237 Walker, Mary  Yorkshire, England I1888
238 Walker, Mary Elizabeth  Mar 1892Yorkshire, England I41241
239 Walker, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1928Yorkshire, England I77402664226891
240 Walker, Robert  Yorkshire, England I1899
241 Walker, Sarah  12 Apr 1941Yorkshire, England I40748
242 Walker, Susannah  Yorkshire, England I1895
243 Walker, Sylvester  Abt 1840Yorkshire, England I1886
244 Walker, Thomas  1851Yorkshire, England I77402664226953
245 Walker, William  1703Yorkshire, England I77402664227586
246 Walker, William  1837Yorkshire, England I40924
247 Walker, William  Abt 1850Yorkshire, England I1889
248 Walls, Hilda Scruton  Mar 1990Yorkshire, England I890768
249 Walshaw, Gad (George)  1899Yorkshire, England I77402664093266
250 Webster, Thomas Kite  1846Yorkshire, England I06931912557

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