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 St. Mary's Church, Ilminster, Somerset, England


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The Walrond Monument to Humphrey Walrond abt 1580 St.Mary's Church, Ilminster, Somerset, England
The Walrond Monument to Humphrey Walrond abt 1580 St.Mary's Church, Ilminster, Somerset, England
Approximate translation of the Latin inscription:

"Here lies Humphrey Walrond under the shadow of dust.

Diseased aged thing that was green but one of piety.

A cleric to the Robas, did the office of the order of coiudicis.

With gifts of a man worthy of, the gifts worthy of the man"

The Walrond quarter is top left (3 bulls heads) and on the right is Ufflete (Usflete) of Devon, they becoming extinct on the paternal descent before the senior Yorkshire branches whom used 3 fleur-de-lis and other tinctures, yet very similar in design.

The quarter under Walrond (3 bulls heads) is Fishacre (6 fish), but in the written blazon it gives a tincture Azure (blue). Herald's Vist: 1620.

The quarter with a two headed bird in Gules (red) has been attributed to a few different family names, one would have to look at surnames of females connected to Walrond, or Fishacre, or Ufflett (Usflete), etc. It has 7 bars and this is a puzzlement, but if it is for the following family then the quartering on the shield has a mistake!. Speke (le-Espek) of Whitlackington, Bath, Somerset (but anciently of Devon). Blazon is "Argent (silver) 2 bars Azure (blue), over all bars an Eagle displ. with 2 heads Gules (red)". Another blazon is "Barry of 8 bars Azure (blue) and Argent (silver), an Eagle displ. with 2 heads Gules (red)". A junior Speke branch of Jordans near Ilmister: This branch has/had the blazon with 8 bars.

Also, if a painted shield has faded in tinctures, sometimes they may have been repainted wrongly, then the mistake repeated down the centuries.

An old style for the letter "s" looked more like a letter "f" or double "ff" in some cases and often "Usflete" (and variants of that) would be indexed and transcribed has "Ufflete" (and variants of this), but wrongly. However, a more correct sounding of the name would be Usflete or Useflete, just like the village of the family's origin at the outset, i.e., Ousefleet".

For more information please type Raymond E.O.Ella in a www.google.co.uk search box and click, then go to "Reedness & Ousefleet". 
    Agnes Fishaker
John Ufflett
Humphrey Walrond (d. 17 Aug 1580)