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Writ of De Diem Clausit Extremum, Sir Richard Cogan, 1368 (1 of 8)

TNA ref C135/199/12/001

Edward, by the grace of God, King of England, Duke of Ireland and Aquitaine, to his beloved Thomas Cheyne, his Escheator in the County of Devon, greeting.
Whereas Richard Cogan, knight, who held of us in chief, has, we understand, died,
We order you to take into our hands without delay all lands and tenements of which the same Richard was seised in his demesne as of fee in your bailiwick on the day that he died, and to cause them to be safely kept until we command you otherwise in respect thereof,
And, by the oath of worthy and lawful men of your bailiwick by whom the truth of the matter can the better be known, diligently to inquire how much land in your bailiwick the same Richard held of us in chief, both in demesne and in service, and how much of others, on the day on which he died, and by what service, and how much those lands are worth yearly in all issues, and on what day the same Richard died, and who is his next heir and of what age.
And the inquisition thereof, clearly and openly made, you should send to us in our Chancery without delay, under your seal and the seals of those by whom it is made, with this writ.
Witnessed by me myself at Westminster on the fifteenth day of April in the forty second year of our reign.

Original Latin:
Edwardus dei gr[aci]a Rex Angl[ie] Dux Hib[er]n[ie] et Aquit[anie] dil[e]c[t]o sibi Thome Cheyne Escaetori suo in Com[itatu] Devon[ie] sal[u]t[e]m
Quia Ric[hard]us Cogan Chivaler qui de nob[is] tenuit in capite diem clausit extremu[m] ut accepim[us]
Tibi p[re]cipim[us] q[uo]d om[n]es t[er]ras et ten[ementa] de quib[us] idem Ric[hard]us fuit seisitus in d[omi]nico suo ut de feodo in balliva tua die quo obiit sine dil[aci]one capias in manu[m] n[ost]ram et ea salvo custodiri fac[ias] donec aliud inde p[re]cep[er]imus
Et p[er] sacr[amentu]m p[ro]bor[um] et leg[alium] homi[num] de balliva tua p[er] quos rei veritas melius sciri pot[er]it diligent[er] inquiras q[ua]ntum t[er]re idem Ric[hard]us tenuit de nob[is] in capite tam in d[omi]nico q[ua]m in s[er]vicio in balliva tua die quo obiit et q[ua]ntum de aliis et p[er] quod s[er]viciu[m] et q[ua]ntum t[er]re ille valeant p[er] annu[m] in om[n]ib[us] exitib[us] et quo die idem Ric[hard]us obiit et quis p[ro]pinquior heres eius sit et cuius etatis
Et inquisic[i]o[n]em inde distincte et ap[er]te f[a]c[t]am nobis in Cancellar[iam] n[ost]ra[m] sub sigillo tuo et sigillis eor[um] p[er] quos f[a]c[t]a fu[er]it sine dil[aci]one mittas et hoc br[ev]e
T[este] me ip[s]o apud Westm[onasterium] xv die April[is] anno r[egn]i n[ostri] quadragesimo secundo

Owner/SourceTony Coggan
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